JQuery and ASP.NET: Object Oriented Web Development

jquery asp.netWith so many programs and frameworks available today, you have several options to choose from when you want to create your webpage. Some frameworks help make scripting and programming easier, by allowing you to create things with a unique approach. ASP.NET is one of those programs, and it is a form of technology that benefits greatly from the JavaScript library known as jQuery. Combined, you have a tool that can easily create dynamic server-side websites.

Both ASP.NET and jQuery have a lot of aspects in common, one of which is the fact that they both can be used with other programs to enhance the creation process. For example, they can both be used with Microsoft’s Visual Studio, which is a program that uses Intellisense to help fill in code for you.

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What is ASP.NET

ASP.NET may seem like a complicated form of technology, but when probably explained it is easy to understand and even use, although not as easy to master. ASP.NET is a server-side framework used for creating web applications. Many web developers use this framework to create web pages that are more dynamic. Because ASP.NET is server-side the web page created is controlled using an application server that processes scripts on the server. The processing of these scripts is given parameters that help decide how every web page is assembled.

All of the elements within an ASP.NET page or web form are treated like an object and they run on a server. There are several benefits to using ASP.NET to create your web pages, one of which is that the page loads much faster, especially when compared to the older ASP pages that took longer due to them having embedded JScript or VBScript that had to constantly be cached and interpreted.

Since its creation, ASP.NET has been a vital tool for web developers out there, and many websites are created using this technology.

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What is JQuery

JQuery is, when simply put, a JavaScript library that was designed to make scripting of HTML easier.  Not only is it free, but it also carries an MIT license. The jQuery syntax is designed to help make things such as navigating through documents, selecting document object model elements, handle events, and make animations easier.

One of the major components of jQuery is that it allows developers to create their own plug-ins that users can install along with the JavaScript library. This allows developers to create a lot more for their web pages while doing much less scripting.

There are many resources you can use to not only learn about jQuery, but also learn about the plugins that can be downloaded for it, such as text effects that can make your web pages more interactive.

A Guide to Using JQuery with ASP.NET

Using these two together is really easy. In fact, Microsoft programs come bundled with jQuery so you can use it with ASP.NET. One such program is known as Visual Studio that combines the JavaScript library of jQuery, with the web page creating capabilities of ASP.NET to help you create easily.

Through Visual Studio you can use ASP.NET and simplify the scripting that you have to do with the jQuery library. Intellisense, which provides you with hints and suggestions on what you should code next, is updated with jQuery to ease the burden of coding even more, and using ASP.NET, your pages can load more quickly than if you were to create something using jQuery alone.

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Augmenting ASP.NET Pages

If you’ve already created ASP.NET pages and you want to change them with jQuery or enhance them, then you can do it easily. ASP.NET and jQuery are very compatible with one another, and by layering the JavaScript library on top of the ASP.NET functionality that you already have, you can make your web page more impressive while allowing it to run more smoothly.

Enhancing User Experiences with JQuery and ASP.NET

JQuery and ASP.NET can improve upon each other in terms of performance and functionality. ASP.NET will allow your web forms to perform at a steady rate that is fast and responsive, while jQuery will give you a higher level of polish and functionality that comes prepackaged into the program.

The jQuery library already houses a ton of code, and it is all efficient and high level, this helps reduce the amount of work you have to do and allows you to focus more on what ASP.NET does in the background while jQuery handles the front end of your web page.

Once you have gained mastery over ASP.NET and jQuery you can focus on bridging the gap between the two and creating a website that uses the best of both programs seamlessly without sacrificing performance or interactivity and enhancing the experience of the user while they are visiting your web page. If you need to start with the basics, Udemy can help. Check out the JQuery Fundamentals Training that teaches you some of the basics of jQuery, and how you can make good use of the program.