8 Jewelry Design Ideas for Fun and Profit

Jewelry Design IdeasJewelry is an excellent accessory to any outfit, and there are so many different items that can be used to make jewelry. The most popular craft right now is the rubber band loom that allows children to create bracelets with small rubber bands. If you create jewelry, you might be looking for some new jewelry design ideas.

You can start by designing jewelry using CAD, and you can use the eight jewelry design ideas below for inspiration. Remember, practice makes perfect, and if you don’t like your first design, take apart the design and start again. That’s the good thing about jewelry: you won’t waste supplies by practicing!

Wire-Wrapped Found Objects

Any jeweler can tell you that purchasing stones and items to use as pendants for jewelry can run quite expensive, and sometimes, it can take some time to find the right object. However, if you take walks and simply look around for things, you can easily find great objects to wrap in wire to create pendants. There are so many amazing objects that can be used to create pendants – bits of glass, beautiful stones, old coins found on the side of the road, keys that no longer have locks they belong to, feathers dropped by birds in the area, small bits of metal, and gears from old watches and things. You can wrap some in wire, just punch holes into others, and even just string some of them onto the chain or other stringing material.

If you want to learn more about wire wrapping found objects, try an online class.

Creating Wire Jewelry

Sometimes, the most beautiful pieces of jewelry do not even include beads or other objects. Wire jewelry can include beads and pendants made of glass or other materials, but often wire jewelry is made of nothing more than just different colors of wire. Using special tools like Bead Landing’s Thing-A-Ma-Jig, you can create pendants, beads, and whole pieces of jewelry without using anything more than wire. Charm bracelets can be designed with each charm being specially designed from different colored wire. You can create pendants for necklaces and earrings, and you can accent your wire jewelry with just a little bit of glass beads or stone beads.

Just be sure that if you do plan to use other materials with your wire jewelry that they accent the wire rather than take away from it. The idea behind wire jewelry is not for the wire to simply be the item you are stringing the beads on, but rather it should be the main piece.

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets have always been popular. Even now, larger jewelry companies like Kay Jewelers and the like offer their own take on charm bracelets. The charm bracelet usually involves a simple chain with different charms attached to it using clasps. The idea is that you can add to the bracelet without opening the different links on the chain. However, you can put your own twist on the traditional charm bracelet by adding beads to the chain. You can put them on the links or create a bracelet that includes both the usual chain links of a charm bracelet and some wire.

You can string beads on the wire and attach charms to the links. Learn more about stringing beads with an online course. You can also create charm necklaces with the pendants each on separate clasps so you could change up the look of your necklace with just a simple flick of a clasp. Even earrings can be designed this way so that you can always change your jewelry to match the look you are going for. You can even use found items that have some kind of meaning to you to create a bracelet that will always inspire you in some way. If you’re looking for more jewelry design ideas, try Modnitsa Atelier’s video series for jewelry design.

Sewing Beads Onto Ribbon

Another unique idea you can try is sewing beads onto a length of ribbon. You have likely seen ribbon used in jewelry before, usually as a way to tie a choker or with nothing more than a beautiful pendant on it. If you have some skill with a needle, you can sew beads onto a piece of ribbon to create a unique design. You would have to know exactly where you want your beads to be, and you would string them on as you sew your way through the ribbon. Start by creating a knot in the thread and pushing the needle through the back of the ribbon to the front. Slip on a bead then push the needle back through to the back once more. You can continue in this way for as long as you like and even create different designs like flowers with beads sewn in clusters.

Using Thread Crafts to Create Jewelry

If you are looking to create a lacy design for your jewelry, you might want to consider picking up a thread craft like tatting or crochet. Both of these crafts can create beautiful lacy designs when using thin thread, like embroidery thread. You will be shocked what you can create from thread when you learn how to use these thread crafts. Check out Pinterest for ideas on what you can make with thread crafts after learning tatting or crochet.

Rubber Band Bracelets

If you have children, this is a great jewelry design idea that you can do with them as well. The kit is simple enough to find at your local craft store, and even places like Target and Walmart carry them now. Rather than create them the same way that everyone is creating them, you can experiment with different things like adding beads or a bit of chain link, or you can even add charms like the charm bracelets above. If you have a child who is really interested in your jewelry design, this is a great starter project that is expensive and can allow them to start taking off with their own jewelry design ideas. If you create jewelry to sell at craft shows, you could create your own take on rubber band bracelets to sell as well. If you want more ideas for marketing your jewelry for craft shows, try an online course.

Using Hemp String

If you live in a coastal area, it is likely that you see a lot of hemp jewelry. Most of it is designed with shells and small stones strung on it or weaved into it. However, you can make your hemp jewelry unique by using the found items idea from before. Find bits of glass and old coins at the beach, and create a hemp look that is all your own. You can even create hemp charm bracelets by stringing the charm on instead of using the usual clasp. Once the charm is strung onto the hemp, continue working the knots of your pattern to keep the charm in place where you want it. You can even paint the bits of glass to create unique, hand-designed pendants that no one else will have.

Make Beads, Pendants, and More with Clay

If you really love working with your hands, you might want to consider making your own beads and pendants out of clay. You can easily purchase clay that you can bake in your oven, and you can use it to create beads, pendants, and even charms. If you are interested in using clay to create jewelry items, be sure to sketch out what you plan to make before attempting it. Paper and pencil is a lot more forgiving than clay. This is also another great idea to use if you have children because they would probably love to create beads out of clay. Once the pieces are baked, you can purchase a special sealant that will really make the clay shine. If you prefer the look of the baked clay, you can just start creating your jewelry.

Tips to Keep in Mind

When working with small items like beads or rubber bands, it is important to have a good place to work. A well-lit place where you can sit comfortably preferably with a table you can work on is best. If you want to look at a pattern before you spend time stringing it, you can purchase a bead board that will include small areas where you can store your beads and grooves around those areas where you can lay out your patterns as if you were stringing it on the material. Remember, you can always take these projects and put your own twist on them to make them uniquely yours.

Check out more jewelry courses on Udemy for instruction for making your own jewelry and even turning it into a business.