javascriptclassesLearning Javascript will allow you to develop interactive web pages that engage your visitors. Javascript is used to collect information from users through online forms, and present information in much more interactive way than can be achieved using HTML and CSS.

Online Javascript classes are a great way to learn. In the five courses listed below, expert Udemy instructors present key concepts in video lectures, while exams and exercises test students’ knowledge and understanding. Take a look at these five courses to see how much you could learn online.

1. Learn Javascript Basics

This free Learn Javascript Basics course by Ben Fhala is a quick and simple introduction to Javascript. Beginning with a brief explanation of the uses of Javascript, this course proceeds by introducing object oriented programming, variables, and functions. This is a whistle-stop tour of Javascript’s main features. Due to the speed of the course, it is best suited to people with some previous programming experience.

2. Javascript for Programmers

Another great option for programmers is the course Javascript for Programmers. This course uses the Jasmine development framework to teach Javascript by building on the concepts that programmers are already familiar with. If you already have some experience of programming, this course will quickly bring you up to speed with Javascript. However, it may not be the best option for newbies.

3. Javascript for Beginners

What if you have no prior knowledge of Javascript? Don’t worry – you have not been forgotten! This Javascript for Beginners course starts from the very beginning, assuming no existing knowledge of programming at all. After several introductory lectures, this course walks students through the creation of their first ever working script. You’ll learn how to integrate Javascript into an HTML web page, get familiar with the various features of the language, and create a form to capture information about visitors to your website. The focus of this course is on equipping you with the practical skills you need to develop effective commercial sites.

4. Javascript Basics: Part 1 and 2

One of the most comprehensive Javascript classes available on is Javascript Basics – a two-part course that gradually walks students through the various features of Javascript, as well as providing a brief introduction to XHTML and CSS. This course was created by Paul Deitel, who has co-written some of the world’s best-selling textbooks on programming. Students get access to extensive code examples to experiment with. Students who reviewed this course called it a “great introduction” and said they would highly recommend it to other learners.

5. Advanced Javascript Programming

Once you have developed a basic working knowledge of Javascript, you can further hone your skills by taking this Advanced Javascript Programming course. This teaches advanced topics such as using regular expressions, creating jump menus, and using Javascript to manipulate CSS. The aim of this course is to take people who know a little Javascript and turn them into scripting pros. With 88 lectures to learn from, this course will seriously enhance your knowledge.

These five online Javascript classes cover all the bases, from courses aimed at complete novices to advanced courses. If you have taken any of these classes, let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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