IT Skills: Top 5 Skills You Need To Have

IT skillsAccording to Computer World’s 2013 IT forecast survey, 33% of the 331 IT executives who completed the survey indicated that they would be actively hiring new talent in 2013. That trend continues to grow as data management and deployment becomes increasingly complex. In fact, the data complexities relating to big data and cloud computing have shifted the IT landscape significantly. The reality is that companies aren’t simply hiring anyone with a degree in computer science or data science. Now, IT professionals need to procure some new skill sets to ensure that they stay competitive in today’s IT marketplace.

Let’s take a look at the top five skills that every IT professional should have.

1. Mobile & Web Application Development

Mobile applications are no longer just for consumers and gamers, they have made their way into the IT environment. IT departments are in need of mobile developers to meet the needs of internal IT-based mobile applications and customer-facing mobile applications. Every mobile application developer should have a solid command of mobile development languages and best practices. This includes everything from debugging problematic applications  to navigating development protocols for every major and minor mobile operating system (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc).

2. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is quickly becoming a central component of every organization’s IT infrastructure. Whether this is through cloud-based storage, or other types of infrastructural technologies, the cloud is here to stay. Since a large chunk of cloud computing is about saving on money and other important resources, cloud computing experts will need to know how to manage and deploy public and private clouds while keeping costs down. Beyond the management of clouds, cloud experts should also serve as consultants on cloud services. This involves comparing cloud providers and giving the IT department heads recommendations based on expert knowledge.

3. Project Management

As IT projects grow more complex, the need for highly qualified project managers is becoming a necessity for many organizations. While understanding the key components of effective project management is one piece of the puzzle, attractive PM candidates will need to have a solid track record of managing successful projects with either few hiccups, or at the very least, a history of effective problem solving.

4. Cloud Data Security/Encryption

As we speak, cloud technology is rapidly evolving into something so complex it is virtually uncontainable. More and more enterprise organizations are migrating all or some of their data to a cloud-based platform. Yet, one of the biggest, if not the biggest, concern is wrapped up in data security. Tomorrow’s IT professionals need to understand data security and encryption, or better yet, be full-fledged security experts. Not just that, but IT pros need to be trustworthy experts. These days data is more than just a commodity, it is a value proposition. Data security experts are tasked with holding together terabytes upon terabytes of valuable mission-critical data in the cloud.

5. Database Consultants

Odds are you have heard the term “Big Data,” and for good reason. Data is huge. With all the interconnectedness of social media, web video and geocached web applications, organization of any size need experts in complex database management and deployment. Database experts should have a solid understanding of both relational and non-relational databases, like NoSQL, to meet the needs of modern Big Data management applications.