istp careersYour personality plays a big role in the type of career that will suit you best. As an ISTP, you like to get down to the nitty gritty of things – it’s important for you to understand exactly how things work, a trait that has led to ISTPs being called the “mechanics” of the personality types.

You’re a driven and methodical person, and you’re better than most at analyzing even the smallest details of a situation. While you can understand the big picture, and you recognize its importance, you know that it’s crucial to focus on the matter at hand, first and foremost. Whether you’re looking to embark on your first career or to redesign the career path you already have, something you can learn more about in this career redesign course on Udemy, these details are crucial in helping you make the right choices. But before getting into the careers that work best for ISTP personality types, let’s have a closer look at the personality type itself.

Understanding the ISTP Personality

ISTP stands for “introverted, sensing, thinking, perceiving”. What this means is that while the ISTP has an introverted way of thinking, they have an extroverted way of sensing things, and will make use of all of their senses to understand a situation.

Though they are analytical and enjoy keeping to themselves, the ISTP personality does enjoy adventure. This is because they have a great desire to experience the world around them – this personality type will go out of his or her way to try a new type of food or to hear a new type of music, just because it’s unlike anything they have ever experienced before. That also means that this type of personality is not adept at following rules or trends and they also tend to be fiercely independent, something that can play a big role in the types of careers that they perform best in.

The independence of the ISTP means that they don’t often do well in jobs that require them to be a part of a large team, nor do they usually do well as team leaders. However, they are very loyal to their colleagues. You can learn more about ISTP relationships on the Udemy blog.

Desk jobs are not for the ISTP, as their need to be doing something and their desire for stimulation can make this kind of work incredibly difficult for them. Their practical way of thinking means they may not understand or can become quickly bored with more abstract matters.

The Best Career Options for the ISTP

Perhaps the most famous fictional ISTP is Sherlock Holmes, so it’s no surprise that detective and police work ranks highly on the list as a career option for this personality type. ISTPs make for great detectives for a number of reasons. The ability to work mostly independently or with a partner is a major plus for many, as is the ability to engage in action on a regular basis. Their sense of logic and their high rate of sensory perception also makes them incredible detectives and police officers who are easily able to pick up on clues that others may have missed, also like their fictional counterpart.

Similarly, forensic pathology is an option that many ISTP personality types choose. Despite the grim nature of the line of work, the high level of analysis and the ability to stay cool under the pressure of dealing with these kinds of situations can make this career path something that they actually enjoy.

On the more technical side, the ISTP often does incredibly well working with computer systems, specifically in an analytical role. Whether its in diagnostics or systems analysis on a much higher level, there is much for the ISTP to enjoy about this particular line of work.

Unsurprisingly, one of the most common types of careers for the ISTP is engineering. However, it’s important for the ISTP to choose the type of engineering that they want to pursue carefully, as it is all too easy for them to become bored with some professions within the engineering field. Aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering and robots, and electrical engineering are just a few examples of types of fields that fall within this career path. Those who are interested in engineering may want to check out the Udemy engineering mechanics course for more information, or for a primer in this field that can help them determine if it’s right for them.

The thirst for adventure that an ISTP may possess can also make them incredible pilots, or even professional drivers or motorcyclists. This often goes hand in hand with the strong mechanical nature of the ISTP, as they can work on and repair their own equipment (and usually enjoy this task as much as they enjoy the thrill of the race).

And there’s one more option that the ISTP should definitely consider. Entrepreneurship is not for everybody, especially those who don’t have the personality type needed to take big risks and to analyze all the details of starting a business. However, those are traits that the ISTP possesses in a big way, which means that entrepreneurship could be perfect for their needs. If you think entrepreneurship might be right for you, be sure to head to Udemy’s Introduction to Entrepreneurship course to learn how to transform an idea into a lucrative career path.

Once you have decided on a career, or at least have an idea of the career that may be right for you, it is important to do a lot of research and determine how best to get started. With Udemy, you can learn how to accelerate your career in just 30 days, so there’s no time like now to get started, no matter what it is that you choose to do. As an ISTP, you love adventure, so why not take a chance on a truly fulfilling career that will get you where you want to go in life?

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