isfj careersChoosing a career can be difficult, and it can have a huge impact on your life, especially if you are going to invest time and money into getting a college degree or taking a training course of any kind. That’s why it’s crucial to know which career option is truly best for you. Using your personality type to help determine which career option is best can be a great way to ensure you are setting out on a path that you are well suited for.

Udemy’s 30 day career acceleration course can be great for taking your career to the next level, but you need to know where to start to make real advancement possible. To begin with, let’s examine what makes an ISFJ so special compared to the other personality types.

About the ISFJ Personality Type 

The ISFJ is known as the nurturer of the personality types for very good reason. These individuals are incredibly warm, and have a drive to take care of not only those closest to them, but anybody who is in need of assistance – something that plays a big part in all types of ISFJ relationships, of both a personal and professional nature. Incredibly sensitive to the feelings of others, they will do their best to promote coordination between all individuals in a group, which makes them especially valuable members of any sort of team.

The ISFJ is constantly absorbing and processing information, though it may not seem that way to outsiders. They are often endowed with incredibly rich and detailed memories, and can remember things that occurred even many years ago if it is of importance to a given situation. Their strong moral compass also means that they will work to ensure that things are as they perceive they should be, and they have a strong drive towards fairness in all respects.

Security is incredibly important to the ISFJ, which will generally lead them away from more experimental or risky career paths. They prefer tried and true methods of doing things, and tend to be less theoretical to their approach in problem solving, favoring more hands-on methods in whatever it is that they choose to do.

Their strong desire for harmony often extends to their living spaces and work spaces, and the ISFJ often places a strong emphasis on aesthetic appeal and comfort. Though they may have an artistic bent it is often applied practically more so than it is to areas such as the fine arts.

Responsibility and duty are incredibly important to the ISFJ, to the point that they may take on too much responsibility. Leadership roles can sometimes be difficult for the ISFJ, as they may find delegating tasks difficult. It is also challenging for this personality type to say no to any sort of task or responsibility that they are presented with. Because of this, a course such as Staying Strong, Saying No can be beneficial in helping the ISFJ avoid becoming overwhelmed by taking on too much, whether it is in the workplace or in any other area of his or her life.

When it comes to their careers, there are two main things that define the way the ISFJ operates. The first is their incredible ability to empathize with others and to determine how others are feeling. The second is their ability to create order in an environment. Thinking of these factors can help the ISFJ find a career path that they will excel in.

The Best Career Options for the ISFJ 

Those ISFJ personality types with a more creative bent will find that a job in design is often best for them. Their ability to create beautiful and harmonious environments as well as their desire to provide comfort to others often makes a career in interior design an optimal choice. However, any practical kind of design, such as fashion design, may also work well for the ISFJ.

The fact that the ISFJ is known as the nurturer of the personality types makes nursing an ideal career for many reasons. Not only will they enjoy the daily tasks of providing comfort and care to others, but the security of a nursing job is also a great benefit. Similarly, jobs in counseling, psychology, and even social work will allow the ISFJ to provide for others and to help create order, even in dysfunctional environments.

Similarly, many ISFJ personalities will find that their skills lead them to childcare, either in a daycare environment or as a teacher of younger children. Many ISFJ individuals can also happily work as nannies or as caregivers for individuals with special needs or senior citizens. While these jobs can be difficult, they can also be incredibly rewarding for the ISFJ.

While most ISFJs will not be comfortable in high level executive roles, jobs in management – whether in an office or in the retail sector – can be great for the ISFJ. These positions allow individuals to maintain harmony among diverse groups of individuals, something that they can succeed at easily. Additionally, the ISFJ personality can happily own and manage a smaller shop or business. For more information on entrepreneurship, learn how to start a business on Udemy.

Those ISFJ individuals who do choose to head into the world of business should remember to seek out roles that will put them in a position to help others. Administrative work is often a great option for this personality type, as are any positions in sectors such as human resources.

Regardless of the careers that they choose, ISFJ individuals should remember that they will usually be happiest in service-driven professions. They should seek out careers that will help them fulfill their need to help others above all else. For more information on changing your career, check out The YOU Plan for Career Change, which can guide you through the process and ensure that you are doing what is best for yourself as well as for the people that rely on you.

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