JohnNichols_Eliot Arntz_UdemysuccessstoryDo you think it’s possible to teach 18,000 students and earn $100,000 in one month on Udemy from your courses?

How about $100,00 two months in a row? Well, that’s exactly what John and Eliot did. See their earnings (net to them) below, and find out why their course was insanely successful.

January (launch month): $983

February: $120,649

March: $122,900

Before publishing their course on Udemy, the bitfountain founders offered their course as an in-person, 3-month immersive program. When they published on Udemy, they watched as external partners and tens of thousands of Udemy students went crazy for their course.

Why was The Complete iOS 7 Course such a big hit? 

  1. Their course is on an in-demand topic—iOS 7 (and any subsequent versions of iOS) is a programming language that developers want to learn. Mobile application development is a hot topic.
  2. Their course is comprehensive—contains over 36 hours of content (!) and 429 lectures.
  3. Their course takes a project-based approach and advertises a tangible result—they promise to help you develop 14 (yes, 14!) apps by the end, with the final result resembling the popular app Tinder.
  4. They leveraged the power of the Udemy marketplace to sell their course at different discount levels to different audiences. Since their course fit the demands of Udemy partners and existing students, our internal marketing team sent targeted emails to the right student segments, offering it at the right price. This was a huge success and drove tens of thousands of students to their course in a week’s time. We also worked closely with an affiliate partner focused on technology and design products, and they helped drive additional students.

So, what’s next? 

The things John and Eliot enjoy most are creating content and interacting with students.

“Eliot and I don’t really love the sales process. That’s why we’re kind of falling in love w/ Udemy. It’s not the 100% burden on us that it is with hosting our own site like we used to do.”

John and Eliot are migrating their courses to Udemy and keeping a YouTube channel to convert viewers to their Udemy course. And look out for their next course on Gaming, launching in April! (Let’s see if they can break their own earning record!)
How can this help you?

As Udemy’s marketplace grows, you have an even larger opportunity to differentiate yourself from other courses in your category. Think about how you can offer and communicate the distinctive value you’re offering your prospective students.

Here is a list of top performing courses that do an excellent job offering and communicating their distinctive value:

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P.S. Students love John and Eliot’s course, too!

Here’s one of the over 100 glowing reviews. This one is from student Garrett Nothern.


This course has been fantastic so far. At least for my desire in learning, I couldn’t ask for a better pace. It’s just fast enough – allowing you to really dig into concepts and learn them, while still feeling challenging.

I have very little expeience (I’m fluent in much design and music software, but as far as coding is concerned, the closest I’ve gotten to anything related is some of the most basic HTML work).

They understand the importance of fundamentals, and I find the lessons building the knowledge piece by perfect piece to me actually being able to build commercially competitive apps.

There are two things I’ve enjoyed more about this course than any other I’ve taken online:

1. This really is a CLASS. It feels much more like a term-long class than a set of tutorials. What I find with many online classes or tutorials is that you can follow along and get the same result that the creator did, but god forbid you want to know exactly why the steps created that result, or want to take the steps you took and apply them in a different way to make something entirely different you have in your mind. Here, I’m really learning.

So far (I’m about 60 lessons into the total of 413), the apps we’ve made would be pretty unimpressive and boring if shown to someone not taking the course. And I mean that as a compliment. Instead of rushing through steps, start to completion of different apps that employ completely different concepts or processes, thus not allowing any real learning, we’re starting with the slow “boring” fundamentals, which is exactly the way it should be if you want to master something. Put it this way, I hated the first five years of piano lessons. Then I was suddenly able to express myself on the piano and many other instruments because of all that time I spent learning the fundamentals of music. This class is the same way, except I don’t hate it at all. Even though I’d never go showing off the apps I’ve made so far, the learning is exciting, and it really is coming together.

2. You can tell they’ve put a lot of time into this class. They could easily be forgiven for maybe answering a question every once in a while, but otherwise washing their hands of working on this any further. That is what they could’ve done. But they haven’t. If I ask a question in the message board, not only do I almost immediately have answers by others farther along in their knowledge than I, but I will usually have a response from one of the two instructors within 24 hours (not that I usually need it – by then I’ve typically already gotten an answer from someone else).

Not only that, but get this: based on our feedback, they’ve literally ADDED lessons to this after many of us had already started. So for no additional funds, they’ve added content – and not content that made the original feel lacking, but simply based off feedback THEY ASKED FOR on other things we may want to learn. Ridiculous amount of value and dedication there.

This has fostered a great and supportive learning environment unlike any I’ve seen online – others have come close, but not to this level.

If your passion is driving you toward creations for iOS, there is no better place to go. Get it. Looking forward to being the guy that answers one of your questions in the message boards.

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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