Invitation Wording for Weddings

invitation wordingAre you lost when it comes to invitation wording for your wedding? Many couples feel challenged when it comes to creating the wording for their invitations. Creating your invitations shouldn’t be complicated and stressful. Your wedding is a time to have fun and celebrate who you are as a couple with your family and friends.

That may mean adhering to strict etiquette guidelines or breaking tradition. Sit down with your partner and decide what type of wedding you want to have. Make sure your planning schedule gives you plenty of time to plan your wedding without creating a lot for crazy stress.

Once you have your realistic schedule all set you can move on to the invitations. You can’t put together your invitation wording if you don’t know who is going to host it, when it is, or where it will be. Besides picking out things like a good photographer  and wedding venue is something fun you can do together. Once you have a better vision of your wedding it’s time to focus on the invitation wording.

Formal Wording

Do you come from a traditional family background? Are your parents helping pay for the wedding and want it to be a formal affair? Answering these questions will help you figure out what type of invitation wording you want to have. Here are a few things that formal wedding invitations should have.

  • Wedding hosts’ names. (Tradition dictates this is usually the parents of the bride.)
  • Bride and groom names
  • Ceremony date (Day of the week and time)
  • Location
  • Reception information

When planning out the invitation place the names of the wedding hosts at the top. If the bride’s parents are married you can write them as “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. Mr. and Mrs. are the only things that should be abbreviated on the invitation wording. If her parents are divorced then you would stack the names on top of each other and not include the “and” between them.

After the parents’ names you should have “Request the honor of your presence” on one line, followed by “at the marriage of their daughter” on the next line. “Request the honor of your presence” is usually reserved for weddings in a house of worship.

Spell out the full first, middle, and last name for the bride and groom next. It should be “Bride’s full name” to “Groom’s full name”. The bride and groom’s names should be stacked with the “to” in between them.

Next list the date, time, and location. Again remember to spell out all numbers and do not abbreviate dates or use state abbreviations for the location.

Finally add in a line for the reception, if it is at the same location, like “Reception to follow”. If you plan to have the reception at a different venue you will want to think about adding in a reception card. That card will have everything guests need to know about the reception and how to get there. This formal style invitation wording is sure to please your parents and your guests when they receive your beautifully created wedding invitation.

Informal Wording

If a formal wedding is not your style, you don’t have to send out formal wedding invitations. Remember you want to pick a wedding invitation style that reflects who you are as a couple. If you are going for an invitation wording that is less formal you may want to stick to something simple. If you are having a non-traditional wedding you don’t want your guests getting confused by elaborate invitation wording. Stick with the details and make it straight forward, with a little bit of fun thrown in.

You can still include the original items in the formal list if you want to. Many items like date and location will need to be in there anyways. You can also start your invitation wording with a cute saying or quote before you get into all the details. For example, “Because you have believed in them, your love and friendship have, helped us become one.” Then you would write the hosts names and continue the invitation. Your list of what should be included will vary depending on the following types of invitation.

  • Family Hosted (Parents) – If you plan to host your wedding with your parents and everyone is pitching in you may want to start your invite with, “Together with their parents”. You could also include this after your opening statement like the one listed above. Then you would put the bride and groom’s names, followed by “Ask you to join us, as we celebrate our marriage.”
  • Bride and Groom Hosting (No parents listed) – If the bride and groom are paying for the wedding you don’t need to list your parents at the top. You could do something like start with a fun phrase about joining you to celebrate the marriage of two people. Then list both of your names and follow it with the details of the ceremony time and location.
  • Casual (Fun wording with the details) – If your wedding is going to be a very simple affair you don’t need very formal invitations. Keep your invitation wording as light and fun as your wedding. Try something like, “The bride and groom invite you to celebrate their love and commitment.” Then list the date, time, and location below. This type of wording would work great for an invitation with your pictures on it.
  • Themed Wedding – If you and your partner have decided to do a themed wedding you can add a line at the bottom about it. It is helpful to choose an invitation design that will help you relay that theme to your guests as well. If you want people to dress up in costumes for your Halloween wedding, make sure you state that at the bottom with the information about the reception.
  • Just the facts – This is a very simple, straight to the facts invitation wording. You would place the Bride and Groom’s names at the top followed by a simple line like “Are getting married!” Then add an invitation line, “Come celebrate with us:”, and the important information about the date and location.

When going with an informal wedding you can choose an invitation design that is as fun and casual as your wedding. Choose your invitation wording wisely if you don’t want people showing up to your t-shirt and jeans wedding in a suit. Also have fun with the typography, and feel free to use abbreviations and numbers. You have plenty of options when it comes to informal invitation wording.

Now that you have all of this helpful information you can decide on your final wording for your invitations. You may even decide to go a step further and create your own wedding invitations. Learn more about typography in order to make your invitation wording really sand out. If you find that people are asking you where you got your invitations, and are amazed when you tell them you made them yourself, you may want to think about selling your designs. Share your great invitation wording with everyone by opening your own invitation store online.

Remember to relax and have fun planning your wedding day. Take some time to learn something new, like how to give an awesome massage. You may not think this is part of wedding planning but your partner will thank you on your honeymoon! Your wedding will only be as fun and enjoyable as you make it. Don’t forget to relax and have fun!