Introducing Udemy’s 5 Millionth Student – Evan Freed

2Name: Evan Freed

Location: Kansas City, MO

Age: 24

Education: Graduated from Cedarville University, 2013; degree in management of information systems

Occupation: System Engineer, Cerner Corporation




Udemy Courses in progress:

Evan Freed is an entrepreneur to the core. In high school, he started a company with a friend doing linux hosting and web consulting for small businesses and people in his hometown in Lisbon, Iowa. They kept the business running through their sophomore year of college when their school workloads didn’t allow them enough time to focus on the business. Now that Evan has graduated and launched his career, he devotes time every day to learning new skills that will help him excel at his current role and allow him to potentially pursue many other specialities in the field of IT.

Evan heard about Udemy in November when he saw a deal for the SuperLearner course on the Lifehacker website. As a system engineer, he does software upgrades for hospital technology systems. IT changes almost daily, Evan said, so it’s critical that he is constantly learning and familiarizing himself with the latest technologies.

“I have always practiced self-teaching,” Evan said. “Udemy provides some structure to that self-teaching. It keeps me on track for the few hours I have every day after work devoted to learning.”

It’s also important in IT to have experience in many different areas and a willingness to learn. Evan strives to have a well-rounded set of technical skills to defend himself against getting too specialized in one area, and thus limit his future career options. He has found a Udemy web development course to be helpful in filling in gaps in his knowledge. He also recognizes that web development jobs will always be in high demand, so having those skills could help him down the road.

Evan is also taking Udemy courses in pursuit of some personal passions. He travels every couple of months for work and is taking a travel hacking course to learn a variety of tips from others to maximize this experience. Evan took four years of Spanish in high school and doesn’t want his Spanish skills to slip, so his has been listening to a conversational Spanish course in the car on his way to work. As a previous business owner, he’s interested to learn from others’ experiences starting businesses, and he’s excited to tap into the expertise of Udemy’s pool of entrepreneurial instructors.

Photo Credit: Allie Coyle Photography