INTP Relationships: Enchanting the Engineer

intp relationshipsThe mind of the engineer is a complex clockwork fueled by ideas and philosophical theories. While exploring the internal mechanisms that work together to create a unique and individualized significant other can be fascinating for those interested in pursuing a relationship with this personality type, it can also become frustrating. In the sections below, we will discuss the personality traits possessed by the INTP personality type, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of engaging in a relationship with one.

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INTP Personality

The key personality trait possessed by individuals who fall in the INTP type category is an intense admiration for analysis and theories. Logic is placed on a pedestal in the world of the INTP. Whether it be implemented in a novel solution for an ancient issue or a creative approach to a developing approach, logic is always at the forefront of the minds of these individuals. They find no difficulty in recognizing patterns unseen by their less observant peers. Ideas and intellectual pursuits are typically idolized while issues pertaining to the natural world are often pushed to the side by INTPs, deemed uninteresting and unworthy of further investigation.

Routine and simplistic work is not at all present in the lives of individuals in the INTP category. Instead, they prefer to work with difficult problems that require high levels of critical thinking and multiple attempts in order to gain success. New ideas and theories are often sought out and discussed by INTP types in a variety of situations, whether it be academic, work-based, or personal. However, this group often finds it difficult to convey their thoughts and opinions regarding these ideas to others because they feel their minds function on a level separate from that of their coworkers or friends.

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Benefits of Dating an INTP Type

Seeking out a significant other who falls into the category of an INTP type can greatly work to your advantage due to a range of personality traits possessed by this type, which can function to improve and maintain relationships. These attributes include:

  • Ability to Analyze and Think Abstractly. Abstract and creative thinking comes naturally to the INTP because this personality type finds no difficulty in assessing and analyzing relationships between different variables. This works to the relationship’s advantage because it allows INTPs to see the big picture and disregard minor disputes and discrepancies.
  • Honesty and Straightforwardness. INTP types value truthfulness above all else and view deceit as immoral and intolerable. They constantly strive to ensure that those around them are fully aware of how they feel about situations. This benefits a relationship because, when dating an INTP, you can always be sure that what they tell you is the absolute truth with nothing left out.
  • Objectivity. INTP Types operate on a more logical basis, which causes them to leave emotion out of major decisions. They tend to view situations very objectively in order to find a solution that is fair to all parties involved. This aids relationships in that it prevents arguments from becoming emotionally charges and escalating to unreasonable and hurtful heights.
  • Originality. The mind of the INTP is constantly in overdrive, analyzing and assessing the world around them, then using that information to discover unique and innovative solutions to modern day issues. As a spouse or romantic partner, the INTP will view the relationship as a project, which they can apply their imaginative nature to in order to ensure the survival of the bond.
  • Open-mindedness. INTP types are willing to acknowledge opinions and ideas that run contrary to their own, provided that they are heavily supported by facts and research. The objectivity possessed by these types allows them to easily take the other’s perspective and attempt to view situations how they may view them.
  • Enthusiasm. When the INTP is presented with a topic that they find extraordinarily interesting, his or her level if enthusiasm is unmatched by any other type. With regard to relationships, INTPs are likely to view a significant other as one of their interests and actively strive to ensure that that individual is happy and fulfilled. 

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Inconveniences of Dating an INTP Type

While entering into a relationship with an INTP type can be very fulfilling, there are also several compromises that need to be made. INTP personality traits that could prevent a relationship from flourishing include:

  • Absent-mindedness. The INTP mind often wanders from subject to subject, focusing more on the philosophical aspects of the world than what is real and practical. Due to this, the INTP as a significant other may often faze out of conversations and give off the impression that they are not truly listening.
  • Insensitivity. Because the INTP places so much emphasis on logic, they may become insensitive towards the emotions of their significant other, dismissing the reaction as irrelevant. Obviously, this is likely to upset the significant other and cause an argument.
  • Private and Withdrawn Nature. INTPs prefer to keep their ideas and opinions to themselves, often shutting out those closest to them in order to work and accomplish their goals. This often poses issues inside a relationship as the withdrawn nature is often misinterpreted as the fault of the significant other, rather than being personality based.
  • Condescension. INTPs often view others as unable to think on the same level as they do, which is likely to result in others viewing that individual as someone who thinks him or herself better than others.

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