intp careersFinding the right profession that suits your personality is very important for building a successful career and reaching your objectives. Whether, you are a student still undecided on the career you want for yourself or an established professional wondering if this is what you wanted to do in life, understanding your overall personality, strengths and weaknesses helps you shape a rewarding career. Finding out what you’re passionate about, setting objectives and understanding the various traits that you possess equips you to take control of your career path and build a life that you envision for yourself.

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There are various career assessment tests that you may have found on the internet but seldom do they give a complete understanding of how you must proceed with the observed results. To truly understand the various career options that will suit your personality, you need to first know the kinds of personalities that exist, their behavioral patterns and which of one those personality type defines you the best. Well, you’ll be amazed to know that there are 16 personality types that were defined after thorough research and study by the mother-daughter duo of Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers. These findings and studies, based on the famous psychiatrist Carl Jung’s theories, are the foundation of the modern-day personality assessment tests. Based on our nature of being extraverted or introverted, intuitive or sensing, feeling or thinking and judging or perceiving, these tests help us find out what kind of person we are and which career path will be the most satisfying. Here, we will discuss the various career options suitable for the INTP personality type, so that you can take charge of your career. In  fact, in this course, we walk you through the key steps to taking charge of your career.

The INTP Personality

If you’re new to the concept of personality assessment, then you must be wondering what INTP stands for. Well, INTP is the personality type of a person who is Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Perceiving based on the framework developed by Briggs Myers. People with this type of personality are independent and original thinkers, who try to find the truth behind everything and trust their own reasoning as against the opinions of others. They are very creative and highly intuitive; following very high standards of performance and prefer to work alone. The INTP personalities are usually observed to be in deep thought, exploring concepts and trying to find answers to everything around them; they are rightfully called the Architects!

Careers for INTP Personality Type

Since these personality types love their independence, free-thinking and autonomous nature of working atmosphere, they are most happy while working in careers that involve creativity, analysis of a subject, reasoning, developing something new etc. They will excel in bringing new ideas, thinking out of the box and discovery of the truth rather than working on a practical application or a fixed routine. The various careers that are suitable for the INTP personality type are:

Career as a computer software designer, programmer, research & development scientist, system or business analyst, product developer or conceptualizer, new market or business developer, management consultant, investment banker, strategic planner, network integration specialist etc. This course can help you jump start a career in the IT domain.

INTP personalities will excel as a lawyer, legal practitioner or mediator, architect, psychologist or psychiatrist, financial analyst, economist or statistician, private investigator, corporate attorney etc.

Academics involve free and independent thinking; the several academic careers that are good options for INTP personalities are historian, philosopher, university lecturer or professor, archaeologist, researcher, economist, interpreter or translator, faculty administrator etc. You can also build a career teaching online, with this amazing course.

Fundamental sciences, life sciences and health care are great career options; if you are an INTP personality, then you will succeed as a scientific researcher, physicist, chemistry or biology researcher, neurologist, pharmaceutical researcher, biomedical engineer, veterinarian, plastic surgeon etc.

If you are an INTP personality and looking for a career in arts and the creative field, then you will find several career options that’ll interest you. Options could be photography, creative writing, musician, dancer or choreographer, artist, inventor or creator of new things, fashion designer, entertainer, information graphics designer, 3D-animator, sketch artist and more.

Whether you are looking for a career in the artistic, scientific or academic fields, you must try to introspect and understand what activity gives you the maximum joy. It’s not wrong to make a career out of your hobby too. The hobbies that an INTP personality would most likely be engaged in are chess and strategy games, reading books, writing, art & craft, hiking and adventure sports etc. Apart from knowing your personality, you must also assess your strengths and weaknesses to get a complete picture of what you truly desire. Once you’re clear on those, it’s much easier to get the career you want (and if you need a little help, this course can help you accelerate your career in 30 days)

Famous INTP Personalities

History has given us many famous INTP personalities like Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Thomas Jefferson, Madam Marie Curie, Socrates, Abraham Lincoln etc. to name a few. Their ingenuity, independent thinking and rebellious nature gave the world path-breaking discoveries and inventions that have shaped the world as we know it today. Be it their scientific research and inventions, theories and ideologies or their single-minded dedication to finding the truth; these famous personalities truly inspire us to aim for the highest goals.

In short, INTP personalities are very passionate about their creative thinking, logical reasoning and analysis; they will go to great lengths to find innovative solutions and are not ones to follow the conventions. If you are an INTP personality type, you would have surely chosen a career path that excites and motivates you. If not, we hope that now you would’ve gotten a good idea on the various careers that are suitable for your personality. Whether you are a student, an executive or a professional at the cross-roads of life, learn more about the INTP career options to build an enriching career-path.

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