intj careersThe INTJ personality type is often called the “Scientist”, and for very good reason. Their unique combination of traits, which makes them one of the most rare of the personality types with only 1-2% of the population calling themselves INTJs, gives them an analytical and inquisitive nature that plays a big role in the types of careers that work best with their nature.

If you’re looking to choose a college major, or even to switch into a new job (something you can accomplish by taking a course to help you take charge of your career), knowing the careers that work best for someone of your personality type can help make the right decisions. To help you figure out what some of those decisions may be, let’s have a look at the INTJ personality. 

Understanding the INTJ Personality

The INTJ personality can be difficult for some to understand or figure out, in part because they are so different than many of the other personality types. INTJ stands for “introversion, intuition, thinking, and judgment”. This makes them a little more creative than other scientific types, which also means that these types of personalities are often at the core of developing new ways of thinking about the world.

At the very core of the INTJ personality is a love of logic, science, and theory. They tend to think in terms of the “big picture”, often leaving many of the minor details to other personality types to take care of. They see difficult scientific problems as a challenge, and have an innate ability to understand even deeply complex issues.

The INTJ personality type also differs from other more analytical personality types in that they are natural leaders, despite having a bent toward more introverted thinking. Though they may not head up a team on a regular basis, they can – and will – step in when needed to put the people they work with on the right track toward finding a solution to whatever problem they are working on.

They thrive when the things around them are rational and ordered, and make decisions based on logic and reason. However, their natural intuition can lead them to make a decision first and to find the factual evidence needed to back up their theory afterwards. Essentially, to the INTJ, the scientific method is applicable to any real world situation.

All of these factors make the INTJ individual very confident, both in their opinions and in their ability to perform in whichever career that they choose. They have a tendency to be much more ambitious than other scientifically minded individuals as well, which means that they will often climb their career ladder to its utmost peak with relative ease. (On a side note, this makes it imperative that the INTJ does choose a career that has a definite career ladder, as not doing so can leave them feeling unfulfilled.)

The Best Career Options for INTJ Individuals

Unsurprisingly, the most common career option for an INTJ individual is as a scientist in whatever field interests them the most. However, for the most part, the INTJ is interested in sciences that have more theoretical or abstract concerns. Fields such as biomedical research or the medical field may be too concrete for them, whereas they often excel in fields such as astrophysics. If the right problem comes along, an INTJ individual may be happy spending years – or in some cases, the majority of their career – studying and researching a single theory or phenomenon. When entering college and choosing a major, the INTJ may consider checking out the sciences and making plans to attain a Ph.D. in the field of their choice.

Those INTJ personality types with a more practical bent may also be interested in pursuing a career in engineering. There are numerous different types of engineering, something you can learn more about in this Udemy course on the engineering profession.

Similarly, working with computers and other types of technology can be a great challenge for the ambitious INTJ personality type. However, those who choose this option should do their research and pick a path that will allow them to focus on things like development and programming, as basic tech-level jobs may not be fulfilling enough for their needs.

And don’t think that just because the INTJ is the “scientist” of the personality types that he or she can only be happy working in research. Many INTJ personality types succeed in the business world because of their leadership abilities, their drive, and their ability to process any situation in a rational and logical manner. The best business related careers for the INTJ individual include those in corporate strategy, in business administration, and in higher levels of management.

In fact, there are numerous jobs outside of science and technology where an INTJ can do great. For the most part, these are professions where a high level of logical thinking as well as some natural intuition is needed. Examples include careers in law – especially more challenging areas of law – and military careers.

As an INTJ personality type, you are likely to want to do all the research possible on these various careers before making any decision on the one that will shape your future. As an INTJ, you are also more likely than others to choose a career right now and to stick with it, even if this requires many years of school to complete. Check out Udemy for information on being accepted to the college of your dreams if you’re ready to start the process.

Udemy’s Career Mind Mastery course can help you learn what steps you need to take to land your dream job, whatever that may be, so be sure to check it out to help you as you develop your career plan. Just remember – as important as this decision is, you should always choose the career that you truly believe will make you happiest and lead you to the most fulfillment in your life. Nobody, even the analytical INTJ, should settle for a job just because it brings home a paycheck.

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