Interesting Facts About Girls: A Guide for Guys

interesting facts about girlsThe opposite sex can be very confusing when you’re used to a certain way of thinking. However, girls don’t have to stay confusing. Use these interesting facts about girls to expand your knowledge on the opposite sex. You’ll likely discover that knowledge really is power when it comes to dealing with women. Take a course in dating, and have better success when approaching the opposite sex.


A girl’s mind is a confusing place, as even a girl can tell you. If you’re looking for some insight into a girl’s mind, consider these interesting facts below.

  • Girls don’t always say what’s really on their mind.

More often than not, what a girl says is not what’s really on her mind. This is because she wants a guy to chase after her and try to find out what she really means. Going after a girl really makes her feel like you care enough about what she’s really thinking. If you really want to know what’s on her mind, focus on the hints she drops. Also, focus on what she’s not saying – read her body language. You can take a course in body language for relationships.

  • Girls always think they could look prettier.

Twenty-first century media has presented an image of women who are thin, flawless, and sexy. Not all women come in such a perfect package, and girls frequently feel like they fall short of this distorted view on a woman’s beauty. You should always make sure your girl knows that she’s beautiful. Take an interest in her outfit, and compliment her natural beauty.


Girls are the more emotional of the genders, but they also tend not to say anything about how they truly feel. They’ll say the opposite of what they’re really feeling, and their emotions have a tendency to get away from them. Here are a few key facts to look out for when trying to decide how your girl is feeling.

  • Girls will often answer “Are you okay?” in the opposite way of how they really feel.

Yes, movies joke about the ominous answer of “I’m fine” when a man asks her girl if she’s okay. Chances are, if the two of you were recently fighting, she doesn’t feel like things are settled. Your best bet for translating “I’m fine” is to think of it as, “How do you think I feel after that, you jerk?” Always try to figure out what you can do to really make things better between the two of you because girls will let things fester, and a small argument will turn into a huge blowout.

  • Girls usually get embarrassed far more easily than men.

The one thing you never want to do when your girl is embarrassed is tell her that it’s no big deal. It’s a big deal to her, and that’s all that should really matter to you too. Just listen to her, and try to understand why she was so embarrassed. Showing that her feelings are important to you will definitely win you brownie points in her eyes.

  • Girls will frequently answer “What’s wrong?” with “Nothing,” which is usually a lie.

One of the best ways to find out if she’s lying is to read her body language. If she’s smiling and seems relaxed, she’s serious when she means nothing’s wrong. However, if she looks tense, and she’s refusing to look at you or avoiding contact, it means that something is in fact wrong. Try to talk to her, and ask her about it. Letting her fester will only make the problem worse. Take a course in communication to help you talk to your girl.

  • Girls have strong emotions.

Don’t ever break your girl’s heart. If you do, things will never completely be the same again. Just as her strong emotions can be a bad thing if you make a mistake, however, they can work to your advantage if you’re a good guy. Maybe you have a stutter that you’re nervous about, or you might not really understand style. Your girl will completely overlook those small flaws because she’s in love.


Pleasing your girl could be very simple. They love nicknames and gifts, but they also love taking care of their guy. Here’s some more information on making a girl happy by fulfilling her desires. Create deeper connections with an online course.

  • Girls love nicknames.

You probably have a nickname for your girl already, and she more than likely loves it when you call her by it. If you don’t have one yet, keep these tips in mind. Avoid a nickname that puts her on a pedestal like “angel” or “princess.” Cute names like “baby” or “snuggle kitty” almost always win out over sexy nicknames.

  • Girls just want a shoulder to cry on.

When it comes to her problems, don’t always try to fix them. Sometimes, she just wants you to listen. If you keep telling her how she can make it better, you’re probably just going to irritate her. She’s not in the mood for a solution right now; she just wants to vent. Let her vent, or she’ll take her frustrations out on you instead.

  • Girls love doing things for their guys.

It is a rare girl that doesn’t want to take care of her partner. She probably buys you things, and she gets just as much joy getting it for you as you do in receiving them. If she cooks for you, it’s because she wants to. Don’t think that she feels obligated to take care of you; she just wants to do it to show you how much you mean to her.

  • Girls want a guy who will put them first.

Does your girl love to dance? If she asks you to dance, do it. Whether you know how to or not, she’s going to be touched that you set aside your own comfort for the sake of her happiness. Be protective of her, but don’t be jealous. Just because a guy is flirting with your girl doesn’t mean she’s going to run off with him. She’s probably just being polite. Take every chance you get to just cuddle your girl and show her affection.

  • Girls want gifts.

Buying your girl a gift is a great way to show you care, but don’t think that she’s a gold digger because she wants some material object. Your gift doesn’t even have to be expensive as long as it’s from the heart. Buy her a butterfly key chain because you remembered how much she loves butterflies. It might have only cost you $5, but it’ll be precious to her.

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