Intense Cardio Workouts for a Healthy Living

intense cardio workoutsIn today’s fast-paced world where everyone is constantly on the go and you need to keep running if you want to keep up, the one thing people tend to neglect is, well, running. People work so hard that when they return home they rarely want to go back out for a run or spend time at the gym. The need for home workouts has increased to accommodate people’s schedules, but you can’t take your DVDs everywhere.

The solution? Online fitness courses that can improve you workout consistency which is actually more important than duration. A great workout you can do without equipment is the No Equipment, No Excuses Workout you can complete right at home. This workout will increase your energy especially when done in the morning before you get ready to go out for the day. I recommend exercising as you wake, before your shower, and doing a quick workout when you return in the evening from your day before you settle in at home. If your schedule isn’t traditional, sometimes the gym is not the right answer due to problems with hours of operation. Though 24-hour gyms exist, it is not always convenient or close by. So you can work your fitness and intense cardio around your schedule. If you have times on your days off, you can go to the park for exercise and do intense, functional exercises in cardio to strengthen your body and mind.

Intense Cardio Workouts you can do at the park:

First you must warm up a bit to avoid injury and do not try these exercises if you have any injuries as they can become aggravated by intense exercises. Start with a light jog, then settle into stretches to loosen up your muscles.

Sprints – Probably the most well known, common forms of intense cardio exercise that can be done virtually anywhere outdoors and can be your best friend on the road to a healthier life. Sprints are valued for their intensity and the key to getting the most out of sprints is to sprint short distances multiple times. If you set your sprints about 20-40 feet apart you can get the most out of your exercise. The most important thing to know is that you may feel tired, but do not give up. Push past the initial fatigue to engage your muscles fully and you will start to sweat in no time. When finished hydrate by drinking water or your preferred sports drink.

Push-ups – Push-ups are the quintessential “guy workout,” but it is becoming rapidly more popular for women as well. Push-ups engage your whole upper body and will really tire out your arms and shoulders. You can do the push-ups slow to tire your muscles faster, but the idea behind intense cardio workouts is to prevent you from fully recovering. In this case, you should do your push-ups quickly and try to do as many as you can until your arms will not hold you up any longer or the time it takes you to push yourself up takes too long. Remember to be careful not to push to hard so you can avoid injuries. Hydrate, then move on to the next exercise.

Crunches – Crunches are good for your core muscle groups; abs, obliques, and lower back. Doing crunches are a good way to keep yourself feeling tired while you workout while giving your arms time to rest after doing so many pushups. Lie on your back and place your hands behind your head. You should have your knees bent slightly and ankles crossed in the air above your hips. Bend your head up towards your knees then back towards the ground. Your feet should not touch the ground, not should your head. Resting your knees on one side or the other while doing these will work your oblique muscles on either side of your abs. Do them until your stomach burns and you cannot so anymore then roll onto your stomach. Keeping your hips and legs flat, push your upper body up like a push-ups to stretch your mid-section. Hydrate and move on to the next exercise. Get a lean, strong body with crunches and more with this course.

Burpees – Burpees are every kid’s nightmare. You start with standing with your hands at your sides. You drop down on to your stomach with your hands in the push-up position, push yourself back up to your feet and jump into the air with your hands above you. Land on your feet, then repeat as fast and as long as you can. Be careful not to fall onto your stomach. Lower yourself carefully, but quickly, hydrate, then move on the the final test; The Gauntlet.

The Gauntlet – The Gauntlet is a combination of all of the workouts. Using your 20-40 foot area you used for sprints you will sprint one way then sprint back, sprint again, but this time you will do push-ups, the run backwards to the starting point and do more push-ups. 10 push-ups usually works well to keep the exercise tough and flowing, though 5 will work if you are tired. After the push-ups, without a break you will sprint again and drop into crunches this time doing 10-20 and returning to do the same. The last sprint is the same with 5 or ten burpees at either end and one full sprint to the end and back to end The Gauntlet. Now you can hydrate, go on a short jog to loosen up and stretch again. When you return home, have a banana, a protein shake, or small meal to replenish your energy.

These exercises will help you burn calories quickly. Intense cardio workouts can be very useful only if you embrace the workout and maintain the lifestyle. You must not think of working out as something you have to do, but more of a part of your day. Just like brushing your teeth in the morning is part of your routine, so too, should your exercise. Maintaining is hard and there are courses in setting your mind up to incorporate exercise into your life such as, finally losing weight without a gym membership or a way to lose fat, gain muscle, and maintain your weight with No Bull Fitness. If your style of working out is more suited to say a 6-week challenge, where workouts are shorter in duration and spread out over 6 weeks then that works as well. The hardest part of fitness and lifestyle change is keeping yourself motivated. This is also the most important thing for you to focus on.

Positivity is very important in weight loss. Your body actually reacts to your moods, causing good and bad things to happen depending on your mood. Intense cardio workouts are not only about thinking you must workout, it is about believing that you will get results. Imagine what you will look like when you are done and envision your success, make it real. The positive attitude, the increased energy from your added exercise regimen, and your new look will make the intense cardio workouts completely worth it! Beyond the different mental and physical state of your body, you will have increased confidence knowing that you have made yourself a stronger and better person. You can help others workout with you. Especially when doing the physically-hard exercises, having a partner/competitor/friend with you will motivate you to push harder and longer leaving you stronger. If you are tired of being tired, sick of feeling sick and fed up with feeding negativity, get off of the couch and get your course started!