Instagram Ideas: From Personal to Business!

instagram ideasOne App to Rule Them All

If you own a smartphone, then you have undoubtedly been introduced to the most popular photo app known to man.  Apple, Inc. states that Instagram is currently at over 150 million users- a number that is sure to grow as the popularity and uses for Instagram are seemingly limitless.  The app provides a highly accessible and simple way to not only capture, but share, your world’s best moments and embrace any and all Instagram Ideas.  With a number of ways to customize your own personal photos and videos with one of the several aesthetically appealing and custom built filter effects, any smartphone user has the ability to transform everyday moments to works of modern art.  With Instagram, that is not just a plate of fries…it is a Lo-Fi filtered snapshot of American greatness! We here at Udemy understand the power and impact of Instagram and together, we will make your use of Instagram meet its true potential, whether it’s for personal enjoyment or for building a business.

Have a business and can’t figure out how to get more eyes on your product? Let this guide to Instagram success for business maximize your marketing strategy and show you how to not only reach but obliterate sales expectations.

Sharing is Caring

While the ability to take (at a moment’s notice) pictures with any smartphone and immediately edit seems enticing enough, the beauty in Instagram is the sharing and communal function the app embraces.  Instagram provides a platform to share your photos and videos with friends and followers from Bangkok to Miami – all over the world.  With the addition of Instagram Direct, picture messages became both immediate and personal and provided even more avenues for possibilities.  As Instagram continues to grow, the app is not merely a community of photographers, but also a means of visual communication in a society which is now increasingly anchored to social media.  From a photo of your morning coffee, to a sunset shared on a picturesque beach, every Instagram moment offers a piece of what you deem special – a feeling that can be instantly broadcasted to all of your followers or a single recipient as the “share” button is pressed.   Instagram allows for inspiration and connectivity on a massive global scale.  Every time you open Instagram, you will be able to see new photos and videos from your friends, businesses, and creative people from around the world.  With this type of photographic connection, imagine the possibilities and opportunities if harnessed properly.

Business Building and Branding Through Instagram

Have a great concept but are struggling to get your product out there? Or have an idea and want to test the market?  Instagram offers both these opportunities when utilized fully.  Udemy offers instruction on how to accomplish both- and push farther than you could have ever imagined. With Udemy, you will be able to learn how to build your brand and reach more clients, build relationships and market with Instagram Video Marketing. A valuable course in creating a brand and maximizing the most of out of Instagram is at your fingertips.  Taught by Martina “Sparkwisdom” Portis who is the author of the frequently #1 Business & Investing International Best-Sellers YouTube Video Marketing, her success is translated from her success with YouTube and with Instagram’s vast audience, the possibilities of being seen are multiplied.  For example this course on social media marketing covers social media planning and marketing, and provides instructions on how to build a presence and target the most effective social media networks for brand depending on your audience.  While exploring all social media outlets, Instagram is especially emphasized, because of the size of potential viewership.  So much can be strategically customized to draw in viewers, from the creation of custom text in Instagram for your pictures for business use, to exploring more creative ways of using videos in Instagram for your business, to maximizing the use of Instagram to help your business expand, to cultivating and growing a following, and finally, leveraging Instagram photography and video and create videos that show client appreciation.  You already have the product, dream, and the drive.  What’s missing? The expert guidance and strategic approach from one of these courses could be the last piece in your success puzzle.

Make a Difference

Even if you aren’t driven by the almighty dollar, why not make a difference as a result of your Instagram ideas?  We all have a passion and with Instagram, those passions are able to be shared with hundreds of millions.  If you are passionate about creating social change, Udemy offers instruction on how to make a difference like never before.  If you want to harness the power of social media for social change, this course uses examples from the world’s top change-makers offers instruction and guidance in making an impact in the digital age for any cause that stokes your inner passion.  Udemy offers a way to create and increase opportunities for social change through giving and collaboration around the world, through the use of Instagram.  These courses offer new ways to enact social change, on a scale that has never before been dreamed of.

Let Udemy Show You How

Udemy is your guide to harness all that Instagram has to offer. After mastering the basics of Instagram’s simple yet powerful form of visual communication, why not find a way to benefit from an app that offers so many possibilities?  Whether you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, dog groomer, or professional photographer,  Instagram provides a stylistic way to showcase your abilities and talents and then, with a press of a touchscreen, have access to share your greatness with over 150 million users worldwide! Instagram allows for you to explore the personal and public aspects of photography and whatever your favorite Instagram idea, we’re here to help you exponentially grow your audience.  The possibilities with Instagram and your personal success through the app (whatever that may be), are yours for the taking.

Instagram Awaits

It’s time to turn that simple photography app into a marketing juggernaut for whatever your heart desires.