Inspirational Speakers as Udemy Instructors – The Perfect Platform for You

inspirational speakerIf you have an inspirational story to share, Udemy is one of the best platforms to broadcast your message to an audience. Rather than paying to book auditoriums or looking for sponsors to pay for your lectures, you can set up your very own Udemy course to inspire people all over the world.  With Udemy, you can achieve your dream of becoming an inspirational speaker without the occupational costs of leaving your home – paying for expensive hotel stays, scheduling tours, managing sound systems, and so on. By creating a Udemy course with your inspirational messages, you can reach a global audience, or have the option of targeting to a specific demographic of your choosing.

However, there is another interesting option to consider: you can actually use the Udemy platform to teach others how to become inspirational speakers.

Teach Your Skill to Inspire Others

Today, the best inspirational speakers can make a decent living sharing their messages with audiences all over the world. Ever since Daniel Pink wrote A Whole New Mind explaining how as humans we learn from our stories, inspirational speakers have received a serious career boost, justifying the necessity of sharing inspirational lessons told through storytelling. If you know how to give inspirational speeches, why not develop a course to teach others how to do the same?

Create a How-To Course on Giving Inspirational Speeches

If you feel like you are ready to add your speech to the Udemy collection, simply visit the Udemy course creation page, plan your course, and begin teaching. The page will help you set-up your course. The blog posts at Udemy are designed to help people like you learn how to better run your Udemy courses. The Competitive Analysis blog post gives future instructors a good idea about what to do in the early planning stages of starting a new Udemy course.

Working Reliably with Udemy and the Internet

The Internet has become a reliable workplace for many people. With sites like Udemy, anyone can create a course and work from home according to their own schedule. Because of Udemy’s global marketplace of students, courses can be sold and viewed 24/7, even when the course creator is asleep. The course lives on the Udemy platform. With Udemy’s global popularity, you could have viewers purchasing your speech in every time zone all around the world.

Sharing Your Course with Social Media

Your social media connections can help you spread the word about your Udemy course. When you share your Udemy course with your social media connections, you can begin spreading your inspirational message to everyone within your direct network. These circles simply continue to grow as content is shared among your contacts, and more people are exposed to your inspirational speaking techniques on Udemy. Those who take your course on Udemy can also share your course through their social media connections. From Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, your course can quickly go viral.

Inspiring People to Follow Their Dreams and Develop Happiness

There are several men and women who are already working as inspiration speakers and life coaches on Udemy.  Life coach and Yoga Instructor Lindsay Lewis has taken her story and built a inspiration story about Dreaming Big. She has had nearly 1,200 students take her course on Dream It and Do It. Her affordable pricing made her inspiration speaking course accessible.

Another example of an inspirational speaker offering a useful product is The Science of Happiness: Hacks & Skills to Flourish by Stella Grizont. Her inspirational program shares her knowledge of positive psychology to help reduce bouts of depression, stressful feelings, and increase happiness and productivity. Her course has had over 2,000 students who have engaged in the four hours of content that she created. The 30+ lectures are short, with helpful topics. You can watch them in any order, at whatever time works best for you.

Planning Your Inspirational Course

You do not have to be a well-known inspirational speaker to offer your services on Udemy. You simply need to create a course that has high value to the buyer. Authenticity and real life experiences in inspirational speaking can go a long way in teaching others how to kickstart their career in inspirational speaking. Tips on how to avoid pitfalls, how to engage an audience, and speaking styles could be seen as very valuable content. From a Marketing perspective, a catchy title, clear explanation, and attractive graphics can help draw interest to your course. Clearly labeling each video, defining your audience, and sharing the successes of your ideas will help people understand what they are purchasing. Creating a demo video to serve as a preview of your course will help buyers make an educated decision on whether to purchase without giving away the trade secrets of your course. If you can encourage people to leave reviews, those reviews will help build your audience, too.

Create a Thorough and Factual Biography

Along with a thorough course explanation, you should provide an biography about yourself and your level of expertise. Share as much relevant knowledge as you can without unnecessary embellishment – its good to keep in mind that credentials and awards can provide an added level of expertise, but some students would benefit even more from learning from a self-starter.  Share the places you have given inspirational speaking lectures and the media outlets where you have been mentioned – even if those are local outlets. If you have written a book or you have a website with more inspirational ideas, you can share that in your Udemy biography, too. Continue to update your Udemy biography, especially as your following grows and if you add any new credentials.

Visit Udemy to get started and create your course. With over 2.5 million students ready to learn, your inspirational speaking course can inspire lives and open up new career opportunities for students around the globe.