Inner Healing: Peace is Closer Than You Think

inner healingStress comes in many different forms. Take a second to think about something that is bothering you. Maybe you have a big thesis project due, maybe you owe tons of money in taxes, or maybe your car just failed inspection and you need to buy four new tires in the next few weeks (not like that just happened to me or anything…) The point is, everyone is stressing about something at any given point in a day.

But sometimes that stress and discomfort comes from somewhere deeper. You’ve finished your thesis project, you’ve paid all of your taxes, and you bought all new tires. Yet, you still don’t feel quite right. Through inner healing, you dig deeper into your memory to find instances in your past that have not yet been resolved. Instances that, while they may not be on your mind all the time, are causing a feeling of unrest in your everyday life. Though commonly thought of as a Christian method of healing, inner healing can be applied to people of any religious background. By resolving old conflicts and forgiving those who have hurt you in the past, your soul will feel free and rejuvenated once again.

Why Inner Healing is Important

Even if you have blocked certain memories from your mind, they affect your day to day life in ways that you may not even realize. An argument with a parent when you were a child, a traumatic breakup as a teenager, even being knocked over by a large dog can affect the way that you view and respond to various situations. As an example, think back to your worst relationship (I’m sorry)! Think of the way that person treated you. Did these experiences cause you to act strangely in future relationships? Was your sense of trust completely ruined, were you constantly anxious that you were doing something wrong or did you gain a jealous side? It’s common, when trust is broken in a serious relationship, to constantly be on edge and suspicious of anyone else you may think of dating afterwards. But is this thought process healthy? Of course not! When you think and act this way, you are letting someone from your past negatively affect your future.

Signs That You Have Yet to Heal

Inner healing is a long, emotional process that involves digging up old memories that perhaps were hidden for a reason. And oftentimes, you cannot embark on this journey alone. Even if an old memory doesn’t come to mind, do you find yourself exhibiting any of these symptoms?

  • You get easily irritated or frustrated over very small matters.
  • Even when everything seems to be going right, you still feel empty or sad.
  • You tend to bottle up feelings and ‘explode’ at inopportune moments. Whether it be yelling at your significant other for forgetting to buy your favorite fruit or crying when you can’t find your favorite pair of pants.
  • You get especially sensitive about particular topics. Whether it be an event in your past or a broad idea, there is a memory relating to it that has yet to heal.
  • You find that you tend to hate yourself more than others.
  • You turn to negative behaviors in order to escape. Whether it be alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex addiction, you feel as though you need something to numb your pain.
  • You want to constantly feel in control. Maybe you’ve become so immersed in your work that you can’t focus on anything else, maybe you’ve developed an eating disorder or maybe you constantly nitpick those around you.

Try Meditation for Self-healing to get started on your road to recovery.

The Inner You

Take a sheet of paper and write down every negative aspect of yourself or your life that comes to mind. You can start off simple, with something like “I’m irritated by others easily”. Write down negative traits about your behavior or thoughts, and then try to think about a time in your life where you exhibited that behavior or were consumed by that thought. If you’re irritated easily, what is the earliest memory you have of being really irritated? Growing up, did you feel as though your older or younger sibling was favored over you? Did you get irritated when your parents paid for their sports equipment but didn’t have enough money to enroll you in guitar lessons? Did this situation cause you to feel less worthy than your sibling?

Small realizations about yourself can lead to memories that you haven’t thought of in years. It’s important to dig around in your mind for these memories, because they are what you need to resolve in order to heal yourself.

Forgive and Forget

Once you dig up these memories, you may realize that the time you lost the spelling bee or got picked last for basketball at recess is a small piece of the puzzle. More traumatic memories, such as losing a loved one or enduring sexual assault may take more time to conjure up and heal. In these cases, consulting a therapist may help you face these memories and let them go. When a new memory appears, don’t try to remember more until you resolve the problem that has persisted due to that particular memory. Take a deep breath, and reflect on how that memory has affected you and continues to affect you. Let that breath go, and imagine all of the negative aspects leaving your body with that breath. Take another deep breath, and think about how you forgive that person for what they did to you. Let that breath go, and get rid of the rest of your negativity. Don’t dwell on negative memories, but rather let them go and replace them with peaceful thoughts.

More hurtful memories will take longer to heal and come to terms with, but don’t let this get you down. The more negative energy you release from your body, the stronger and more positive you will feel. This process does not happen overnight, but happens slowly, day by day, as you let it. The process may differ from person to person. You may need to write everything down on a sheet of paper and then shred or burn it to feel the peace. You may need to speak directly to those who have hurt you, or you may need to find peace in your own form of spirituality.

Whatever path you choose, inner healing can help heal long-forgotten wounds and bring you happiness, peace and understanding in your daily life.