infp careersThe Myers-Briggs Personality Type indicator might sound like a bit of hocus pocus, but it’s based on sound science. Through the deep analysis of numerous questions designed to test the way you see the world and respond to certain stimuli and situations, this test can put you in one of 16 categories that can predict details about your personality.

The INFP individual is one of the most rare personality types, making up at most only 5% of the population. INFP stands for “introversion, intuition, feeling, and perception”, and all of these things together indicate that if you are an INFP, you are an individual who tends to be withdrawn, who tends to rely on your gut instinct to make decisions, who often experiences and relies on deep emotions for information, and who prefers to take in the world around them rather than to make judgments about those around you. If you take these personality factors into account, you can find the perfect career for your needs. Once you know the career you want, you can get started right away, or check out this great Udemy course on changing your career if you’re looking to switch to a new industry.

How the INFP Personality Type Affects Career Options 

While the INFP shares many traits with the other emotionally charged personality types, they differ in that they do want to make connections to other people. More than that, the INFP wants to somehow make the world a better place.

They have an innate drive to find deeper meaning in anything and everything that they do, and will not settle for a career that does not inspire within them some sense of higher purpose, whatever that higher purpose may be. That being said, the INFP will likely never settle for, or be happy with, a career that is nothing more than a paycheck.

The INFP personality type often finds him or herself doing everything that they can to please the people around them. This people-pleaser quality means that they are often drawn to service-oriented professions. Younger INFP personalities may find some comfort and success working in retail or sales positions. However, a deep desire to avoid conflict can make it difficult for INFP individuals to keep these types of jobs for the long term.

INFP individuals will often find that the place to begin when seeking a career is with the things that they are passionate about.  Many are drawn to the creative professions, or to the creative world in general. Others find themselves wanting to work with people or organizations that have special meaning to them in some way. In the end, what is important for most INFP individuals is being able to make their own personal values and beliefs fit into the career that they ultimately choose.

Some Common Careers for INFP Individuals

Perhaps one of the most notable types of careers for the INFP is writing. It has been said by proponents of the Myers Briggs test in the past that the majority of the world’s great writers throughout history have been shown to be INFP individuals. Writing as a career works well for people with this personality type as they are able to seek out the isolation and quietude that makes them comfortable while still reaching out to others and affecting a change in the world around them.

You might think that writing is all about poetry and novels, and that’s a perfectly valid career to want to pursue. Just be sure to check out a good creative writing course, such as those offered on Udemy, so you know everything you need to know about turning your ideas into publishable work. However, do keep in mind that in the modern world, you can also find work as a writer in marketing, blogging, and much more.

The INFP personality type may be naturally drawn to creative professions such as art and music. However, many find that they simply are not fulfilled by creating art alone. Many individuals can find that fulfillment by combining art or music with another profession, such as teaching or counseling. Both art and music therapy are great careers for certain INFP individuals.

Of course, any type of counseling or therapy in general is a great career path for the INFP, and certain fulfills the need to give back that drives so many of this personality type. Any individual interested in counseling or therapy as a career path may be interested in checking out this course on cognitive behavior therapy. Social work is another great option, as is psychiatry for those who want to enter into the medical field.

Those INFP individuals with other career interests may find that they are best suited performing any of a range of tasks, from administrative work to marketing work, in the non-profit sector, especially if they are able to find a job with an organization that is near and dear to their hearts. These can include organizations for animals, for promoting awareness and raising funds for medical research, and much more.

And finally, many INFP individuals will find their calling working in the clergy, by performing mission work, or otherwise finding work within a religious organization. This is another great way to combine other interests with your passion for outreach, one example being music ministry.

Check out some of our other blog posts for more information on INFP personality types, such as this great post on INFP relationships. And once you have made a decision about the type of career that you would like, strongly consider taking an Udemy course that will give you the essential tools you need to take charge of your career. It’s important for any individual to have a career that makes them happy and that helps them to feel fulfilled, but for an INFP personality type fulfillment in one’s career is crucial.

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