Importance of Yoga: Get Healthy, Fit, and Happy!

importance of yogaThere are some things in life that pack more punch and benefits than we may realize.  Take yoga for instance.  When I first tried yoga, I fell asleep on the floor with my feet propped up in the air.  I forgot what move I was doing, but whatever it was, I was doing it all wrong.  I went into yoga thinking that it was a sleepy type of exercise, and I treated it as such.  What you should know about the importance of yoga is that it has the ability to change your life.  Yoga is mystical and mysterious in such a way that it offers physical and mental benefits that have the power to happiness and encouraging mindfulness and positive thinking.  With this balance in mind, why wouldn’t you want to try your hand at yoga?

To give you even more incentive to try out this form of physical art, we are going to go over the importance of yoga and the benefits it will offer.  Soon enough, you will be joining hundreds of other students in our online courses eager to reap the benefits of the powers of yoga.

Benefits of yoga

Body sculpting:  If you begin to do yoga regularly, you will notice that your body and its muscles will completely change.  For instance, you will become longer and leaner, and your body will shed any excess fat.  You will also notice that your pants might start getting loose, as it will likely take a few inches off problem areas.  While yoga leans you out, it will also help you become more in tune with your body, your muscles, and what they are capable of.

Breathing:  If you find yourself breathing fast and your heart rate going up when you are under stress or anxious, yoga will teach how to control your breath. Breathing has a lot to do with how our bodies feel, and learning how to get your breath to “go with the flow”, will help you in no matter what circumstances you are faced with in life.

Stress Management:  No matter who or what our circumstances are, we are faced with stress on a daily basis.  Once you get your breathing down, you may notice that you are not as stressed anymore.  Yoga will teach you certain exercises and breathing techniques that can help you cope with any situational or unexpected stresses in life.

Vibrancy:  You know how people say that pregnant woman have a certain “glow” to them?  Well, yoga will give you a glow too!  Will all this new relaxation and revitalization that you are feeling, you will notice that there is a little pop in your step and a glow to your skin.  How does this happen?  Although we might think that yoga has “magical” healing powers, it is really just the blood flow that you get from doing yoga exercises that will help to clear and rid of any harmful toxins from your body.  In turn, this will give your skin a nice healthy glow, and leave you feel more energized than ever before!

importance of yogaConnections:  Have you ever heard of Yogis before?  These are simply groups of people who do yoga.  Once you start exposing yourself to yoga, you will notice that you want to share you experience with others, or be around people who are experiencing the same life-changing benefits of this exercise as you.  By finding like-minded people who engage in yoga as well, you can cultivate healthy and positive friendships based on similar interests, experiences, and lifestyles.   There is nothing better and healthier than feeling a part of a community or collective of people that continually work on better themselves.

Slowing Down:  In today’s world, everything is instantaneous.  We have the internet, smart phones, and navigational systems to answer our questions, post instantly, and stream everything live.  No one has time to wait for anything anymore!  The problem with this is, we get too caught up and our minds become engulfed in the past or the future, but never the present.  With yoga, you will learn how to stop, slow down, breathe, and appreciate living in the present.  Yoga will teach you to be aware of what is happening now rather than running (or clicking) through life without truly experiencing it.

Let go:  There are probably a few things in your life that you could do without.  Not only does yoga strengthen our bodies, but it also strengthens our will to let go of things in our lives that are not serving us properly.  Once you are met with the relaxation and peace that yoga has to offer, your mind will become clearer and you can release negative friends, abusive relationships, or bad habits.

Developing Your Voice:  Oddly enough, as yoga puts you more in tune with your body and mind, you will begin to hear your inner voice.  By strengthening your body and relaxing your inner spirit, yoga can help your thought process and dreams become clearer and help you realize what you truly want out of life.  Next time you complete a yoga session, go home and write down a list of some goals that you hope to achieve.  You might see things on there that you did not know you wanted to do before!

Grab Your Yoga Mat!

Before you go, we are just going to put this out there: yoga can be for everyone.  If you think you are too anxious a person, too athletic, or too stressed and busy with life to do yoga—think again.  You will find that there are types of yoga for everyone, and there are classes that cater to each generation, fitness level, and situational factor (for example, pregnant women).  The main thing to remember is that once you begin a class, whether it be online or in person, yoga will make you feel accepted and included.  So grab your yoga mat and start off with a yoga class online, and join other like-minded individuals looking to find a mind and body balance.