importance of technologyWe use and enjoy technology every day. Many of us can barely pull ourselves away long enough to sleep, with smartphones, tablets, and TV consuming our attention throughout most of our waking hours. But when’s the last time you took a step back and really looked at how big of an impact technology has made on our lives?

From medicine to education, business to travel, it’s made everything faster and easier along with making entirely new experiences possible in ways that we could have never imagined. If you didn’t have the advantage of growing up with personal computers or just can’t seem to master the Windows 8 operating system, consider this course that will introduce you to both so you can start using them today.


Technology has allowed us to take huge strides in the way we learn, both in and out of the classroom. It’s a requirement – and has been for years – that students take courses that utilize and teach them about computers. They’re also needed for much of their work, such as typing out and submitting essays and research papers.

The internet has completely changed the way assignments and other materials are researched. The vast supply of information available at our fingertips has made it faster and more expansive. We’re no longer forced to search out physical books in libraries that may have a limited selection. Even the books we do read today can be downloaded almost anywhere and read on electronic devices. Some schools are even introducing tablet computers to their students.

Not to mention how much more accessible courses and degrees are to people with the rise in online learning. Whether you’re looking to supplement or replace a college education or simply learn something new, sites like Udemy provide tons of courses on a huge variety of subjects. Expanding your mind has never been easier than it is now, with the ability to learn almost anything without even leaving the house.

For more information on the subject, be sure to read through the interview in this blog post that’s all about integrating technology and education.  And if you want to learn to teach with technology yourself, this course will provide some great ideas and help you get started.


Looking back 10 or 20 years, did anyone really think that some of the biggest companies of today would be based completely online? More people than ever are doing tons of their shopping on the internet. The unmatched selection and low prices available online simply can’t be beat by most brick and mortar retailers.

Even the businesses that don’t offer their products and services over the net at the very least have their own website. That’s because of how important an online presence is for being successful in today’s marketplace. People rely on internet searches, recommendations, and review sites for feedback on where to shop, eat, or vacation.

Beyond how consumers and businesses connect, technology has shifted the way these companies operate internally as well. Video conferencing is common and allows meetings to be held between participants all over the globe. Remote work arrangements are even possible in some industries. This course is an amazing tool for learning about management information systems and how to apply them to your business.

Plus, marketing is even more expansive today and analysts are able to gather information on vast customer bases to help influence and choose their strategies for enticing buyers.


Today, people with poor vision can opt for laser surgery and finally see clearly without glasses. The deaf  can get cochlear implants and hear music, birds, and their loved one’s voices for the first time. Prosthetic limbs can be 3D printed and an irregular heartbeat can be corrected with an electronic pacemaker.

Individuals suffering from paralysis can communicate through computers that mimic human speech. Robots are capable of performing surgeries with a precision unmatched by doctors. They can remove clogs from our bloodstream before they cause issues or even just help dispense medication and complete other menial tasks needed in every hospital.

Just as important as our advancing treatment methods is the ability to diagnose health problems sooner and more accurately. Not only are there new and improved scans, x-rays, and the like, supercomputers with vast databases of medical information can help and train doctors find the cause behind a patient’s symptoms. The average person even has an entire medical library at their fingertips online.


Remember that time you went to the grocery store and there wasn’t any food? Probably not, since advances in technology have elevated agricultural standards to a high enough level that food shortages are only a vague memory for most developed nations. Farming is completed quickly and more efficiently than ever before.

Automated assembly line manufacturing allows companies to mass produce everything from automobiles to kitchen appliances amazingly fast and without sacrificing quality. Robotics are used to make the process run smoothly and efficiently. Deposits of natural resources are located more accurately and the extracting and mining process is even more streamlined, wasting less and reducing the impact on the environment.


Never has it been easier to keep in touch with loved ones, friends, acquaintances, and pretty much anyone else you can think of. Between texting, social media, video calls, messaging apps, and dating sites, you can connect with either people you know or total strangers from almost anywhere. Our e-mail inbox becomes more and more important while our physical mailbox grows even more obsolete – even bank statements and tax forms are available online.

The latest news is available instantly, leading to people being much more informed and active on many different topics. Your wireless internet connection puts the world at your fingertips – and it’s more widely available than ever. Free wi-fi is offered in restaurants and coffee shops. Cell phone networks are constantly expanding, allowing even more rural areas to tap into the world wide web.

Websites, social media, and forums allow people to link up with the like-minded. Whether it’s starting a group for local food lovers or organizing a revolution, anything is possible with our current technology. So don’t be clueless when it comes to social media any longer. This course will breakdown social media management and marketing in a way that’s easily understandable.


Traditional video rental stores have gone the way of the dinosaur, knocked out of business by more convenient vending machine inspired rental kiosks. The push to streaming video services also played a part and are even giving cable companies competition. And the movies we’re watching are filled with advanced special effects directors and producers could only have dreamed of in the past.

Video games are startlingly realistic both in graphics and gameplay mechanics, with publishers making efforts to delve into virtual reality in the very near future. If you want to turn your love of video games into a career, this course will tell you exactly what path to take to make it happen.

Remember the days when you’d watch music channels all day just to catch your favorite video? Now, we can access music from artists around the world in seconds and watch videos as often as we want. Flat screen, high definition TVs are the norm and picture quality is better than ever. And you can record and rewind all of the shows you watch with the click of a button.


It used to take months to travel across one of the major oceans, with primitive boats filled with people who contracted diseases along the way. Now you can make the journey in a matter of hours while eating full course meals and watching the newest movies on the tablet in the headrest in front of you. Cars are not only faster but more safe and fuel efficient.

Countries like Japan continue to push the limitations of railway travel and their current magnetic-levitation train project will be capable of speeds over 300 miles per hour. And when you get to your destination, it’s even easier to find good deals on places to rest your head. You can even connect with people who will put you up for free. Just make sure you stay safe throughout all your globetrotting with the tips presented in this excellent course.

Plus, on the business side of things, better and faster transportation lets us import and export goods from all over the world. It’s why you can buy tropical fruits and exotic fish at the grocery store or goods that are more affordable because they were made in other countries.

To the Growth of Technology

Even the most skeptical should now be convinced of the many advantages that technology brings into our lives. That doesn’t mean you have to keep your nose in your smartphone or update your social media account by the minute, but dismissing technology completely would be a huge mistake. That being said, don’t be blind it’s the potential dangers – use this course for strategies on keeping your wireless network safe and secure.

Page Last Updated: May 2014

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