importance of teamworkBeing able to work productively with a team is one of the most crucial aspects of achieving success in a business setting. It’s incredibly important for increasing creativity in the workplace, improving the quality of work, and also fostering healthy and productive employee relationships. Teams can accomplish work more quickly and effectively than people taking on projects on their own and collaborative work also keeps employees accountable to each other, which increases motivation.

Sure, there are certain jobs that require individual focus and attention, but a vast majority of projects will only benefit from assembling a team to tackle them together. Employees that have the ability to work together are usually better able to serve their companies needs. But after having established the importance of teamwork in your office, what if you still have some employees who are reluctant to work together? Here are some great tips to improve the efficacy of teamwork at your workplace.

Set Clearly Defined Goals for Everyone Involved

One of the biggest hurdles in accomplishing goals in teams is that sometimes the distribution of work isn’t clear and certain objectives can fall through the cracks. Everyone wants to feel like they have something important to accomplish, so when you’re dividing the work, make sure it is organized into clearly delineated roles with tangible directives and goals. The members of your team should realize what role they are playing in working toward the end goal and understand how their role is crucial to meeting that goal. This course on building high-performing teams offers more advice on setting team goals.

Don’t Micromanage

Although you want your team to have a clear sense of exactly what they need to accomplish, you also want to give them the autonomy to approach it and complete it however they work best. For example, you don’t want to send them emails every day asking about their progress or treat them like they’re not capable of finishing their own tasks. The number one factor associated with happiness in the workplace is autonomy, and a happy employee is a productive one! Give them the benefit of the doubt and see what they can do without strict supervision. You will likely be impressed! For other leadership tips on working in teams, try this leadership course.

Have Meetings Often

One of the best parts of working on a team is that you get to get feedback and insight from other people, not to mention that it can be really fun! Schedule weekly or bi-weekly meetings to let people get together and talk about what they’re doing – this gives people the chance to ask questions or ask for help if they need to. They can also share their experience of the project so far – things that might be working well or not working at all, and a team leader can make adjustments accordingly. If you’re operating a small business, you might benefit from a course on leadership and team skills that help with small business success.

Give Positive Feedback

Whether working independently or alone, your staff needs positive feedback on their work. No one likes to slave away on a project only to have their work get ignored, and this is something to be especially aware of with a team project where the hard work of certain members is more likely to get overlooked. Make sure you are keeping track of what every member is doing and finding a way to say thank you or offer recognition. If you’re unhappy with the work of a certain member, find different ways to incentivize them or think of ways to give feedback on their performance in a constructive way that will make them eager to work harder. For tips like this in the startup world, consider a course on becoming a startup founder that offers expansive advice on management and teamwork.

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