Illustration Inspiration for All Your Favorite Artistic Projects

illustration inspirationThe world is a wonderful place filled with beauties and beasts, life and laughter, bright colors and dark corners, and everything in between. All of it can fill your imagination with inspiration to recreate it, distort it, or even take it completely out of this world and into another. Your mind can set you free, and everything around you can be your trodden path. Take the looking glass outside and see what you can find to help guide you through the rabbit hole and into the wonderful world of illustration. The Secrets of Drawing is a great way to begin, and can help you understand the fundamentals of creating excellent drawings so you can create at your best.

Making Decisions

Finding inspiration for drawing can seem difficult, but the key to inspiration can be finding what you want to draw in the first place. Do you want to draw people? Or would you prefer to draw landscapes? Making these decisions can help you figure out where you want to go to find your inspiration. If portraits are your thing, try going to a coffee shop and people watching. If you want to do a cityscape then go into town or find a picture of a city that you like. These decisions will guide you through where you might easily find inspiration for your work.

Sometimes your inspiration can come from work that has already been created. Try looking at some of the images of your peers and predecessors; these will often give you new glimpses into where the mind can take the pencil. If you are new to the world of art and illustrations, try learning some creating art basics, here you will find some great information on learning how to draw, different color methods, and elements of design.


If you would like to find some portrait inspiration, then you need to understand people. A game that is easy to use to get your creative juices flowing is to go to a shop or café and find a person who is sitting there. They may be at the same place or somewhere across the street, but find someone who you can sneakily pay attention to. Once you have found this person, try to come up with their story. Try to figure out their background or what occasion has brought them to be sitting there now. Take a look at the things they are wearing. Do they have a wedding ring? Are they sitting with a friend, or is that person their spouse?

It is amazing how many interesting things you can find out about people when you just look. Coming up with some theories about the person will give them different dimensions and facets that you would not have noticed otherwise. Has that person lived a hard life or one of leisure? These things will give you insights to what the lines on their faces mean, and will help you see faces in a different way. Once you can grasp the different aspects of a person’s features, then the next time you draw a portrait you will be able to draw in not only what you see on the outside, but what you can envision from the inside. This will add depth and dimension to your work. Portrait drawing can be difficult, but also can be very rewarding as an artist. Your inspiration will come from people and their stories, so try to immerse yourself in culture and see what interesting things you can find.

Figure Drawing

Figure drawing can be applied to many aspects of art, and can help you define your work in many mediums. Whether you are a pen and ink artist or a painter, you can benefit from learning to draw figures and bodies correctly. There are also many places to find inspiration for figure drawing, and they include places in the world around us well as in the art community. Do you play a sport? Or do you go to yoga classes? These places can be great ways to find inspiration for your figure drawing. Yoga especially can help you see how the body works in different positions.

If you want more action then you can try going to a karate studio or a boxing class. These places will allow you to see how the body works in motion. The 7 Secrets to Figure Drawing can help you realize your full potential at drawing bodies and anatomy. Take these ideas with you to the next sporting event that you attend and see if you can apply them to the athletes that you are watching. Just like any other art, you can also find great inspiration in contemporary and past works. The ancient Greeks were known for many of the great figure drawings of athletes in the Olympics; try using some of those works to guide your art across the page.

Cartoons and Comics

Illustrating cartoons can be a fun and expressive way to draw. Here you can use your imagination more than in portraits or figure drawing to express anything you can think of. From aliens to pets you can illustrate whatever comes to mind, and when you look you can find inspiration all around you. History is always a great place to start when you are trying to find something to draw. There are so many tales or wonder and heroics it is hard not to be inspired! Think of a time period, or even your favorite novel, and try to draw some of the characters as a cartoon. If you are not sure how to get started in this style, try Drawing Cartoony Cartoons.

Comics as well are amazingly fun to draw and create. They always have awesome back-stories too, so history books or novels would be excellent for inspiration here as well. Your characters could be pirates, or classic super heroes; it all depends on your imagination as to where your characters can go. There is also a wealth of information and comics that are available today that you can take inspiration from. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money, just go into a comic book store and look around. There are many comics to choose from, but also toys and gadgets as well. Any one of them can provide the spark you need to create an awesome character.

Go Exploring

Any one of these methods can help you find your inspiration. In fact, the ways in which you can be inspired are endless. The common theme among them is that you need to get up and go exploring. The world around you has so many ideas that are waiting to be discovered, and all you need is to find one good one to use as your jumping off point. Reading a book, people watching, or going to a museum can all help provide you that spark of inspiration that you need. It is difficult to get creative just sitting in your house; take the time to go outside and explore your surroundings and it will absolutely pay off with your end result.

Go speak to someone you’ve never met, or listen to music you have never heard. Go to the public library and people watch. Human beings are amazing creatures, and are almost certain to amaze you if you wait long enough. Doing things that will fire up your neurons will help you realize your full potential. The world is your oyster, and the more you see of it the better you will understand how to put those things to paper. If you have the money, then consider taking a vacation. A change in scenery may be just what you need to get inspired, and meeting new people will help you think in different ways.

Even if you can’t afford to go across the country, try going across town, or drive to the next city over. Changing your surroundings will also help open your eyes to different ideas. It isn’t always easy taking those ideas that you get and putting them on paper, but the first step is trying. Take a sketchbook with you wherever you go, this way you can start sketching everyday life as it comes at you.

Practice your craft and put yourself in new situations, the inspiration may come when you least expect it! Whether you are drawing for fun, as a hobby, or just to be creative, you can find some more inspiration with 7 Ideas for Awesome Things to Draw. And if you’d like more information on becoming more creative with your illustration, be sure to check out Unleash Your Creativity, a great course that can guide you through the process of finding your inspiration, no matter what you’re seeking to create. Finding what you want to create is not always easy, however with practice and time you can always find what you are looking for.