If a tree falls in the woods… (or how to get way more out of your team’s corporate training)

shutterstock_127171412Picture this: you’re walking down a busy street; and, before you have time to catch yourself, you dive face first into hard concrete. You avoid hurting yourself, but your face still turns bright red as you wait for the wave of laughter in response to your not-so-graceful fall.

But, today is your lucky day, and you escape unscathed. No one saw your misstep – not even the birds in the trees tweet differently. You stand on your feet, lift your chin up, and feel no embarrassment at all.

Like falling on the street, many things seem more embarrassing in front of a crowd. Have you ever emailed a colleague or manager a question you prefered not to ask in front of the group meeting? Would you feel comfortable asking for multiple clarifications during a corporate training with your boss and colleagues in the audience? Have you gone along with the crowd even when you didn’t agree or needed more information to make a decision?

In traditional corporate training environments, groupthink, employee reporting structures and team dynamics can decrease engagement. In contrast, online corporate training can create a safe learning space where no one sees you fall on the street. It’s just you, an instructor, and a computer or mobile device. You’re still able to interact with and learn from colleagues, but you’re also able to watch particularly tricky segments as many times as you’d like.

Udemy knows that questions and mistakes increase engagement and lead to increased content understanding. With Udemy for Organizations (UFO), you can create a private training portal to enhance the learning experience of your entire team. Give your employees the best online training experience in the market, already trusted by over 900,000 students.

Sign up, fall on your own private street, ask questions, and make mistakes. You and your team may learn even faster than you thought possible.