“I Need to Make Money Today!”

i need money todayGot a cash crunch? If you need to make money right now, here are some great ways to get cash in your wallet ASAP. The internet has opened up countless ways for you to get more income everyday, and there are hundreds of courses to teach you the ins and outs of how to profit from online businesses you can do at home.

Clear it Out

If your cash shortfall has come on because of a few too many trips to the dollar store, start by cleaning house. Sell high value items like designer clothing, antiques and collectibles on Ebay or Craigslist. You could make anywhere from a couple hundred bucks to a thousand bucks depending on what you’re selling. And you get the added bonus of an uncluttered home. As for your other personal items, put the stuff up at a well-advertised garage sale. Get your neighbors in on the action to pull in more peeps, and hope for good weather. And if you want to turn selling on Ebay into your everyday business, this course tells you how to get access to great products at wholesale prices, so you can make a tidy profit online.

Return Your Recent Buys

America has some of the most consumer-favorable return policies. If you’ve picked up something you can do without, dig out the receipt and take it back to your retailer, if it’s still in new condition. While you can probably get by without that toaster or new trousers for a few weeks, you probably can’t get by without gas in the tank.

Head to Your Favorite Resto

Restaurants have incredibly high turnover in their staff. They often never know when they’re going to be short-staffed. It’s not uncommon to have people walk off the floor mid-shift. If you need a job to make money today, try your hand at being a server, host, or dishwasher. Tips are usually paid out at the end of each shift, so you should get cash fast. Clean yourself up, pull together a basic resume and show up on their doorstep with a winning attitude. Never show up during the lunch or dinner rush—go at the in between times.

Think Teen Business

From babysitting to dog walking, teens are masters of finding jobs that other people don’t have time to do. And most don’t require skilled labor. Housesitting, mowing lawns, cleaning house or gardening…these are all great ways to make decent cash today. Can you tolerate toddlers? Parents are always desperate for a night out and the security of knowing their child is in safe hands. At around fifteen bucks an hour, babysitting incredibly lucrative. If you think you’re ready to go pro, a good nanny can make a real solid living.

Rent Out Your Stuff

Whether you’ve got a couch or a parking spot, there are items you have that other people will pay for. Take in a boarder. Move in with your partner for a week and rent out your room. Take a commission from helping people rent out their holiday homes or sublets. See if you can make a profit on your parking spot. Just be savvy about who you let near your toothbrush.

Internet Opportunities

It’s unbelievable how much money people make on the internet. Isn’t it time you got the web working for you? Check out these ideas on how to increase your cash flow with internet businesses.

Get Creative

Turn your handmade scarves or hat-making hobby into a profitable business by selling your wares on sites like Etsy.com. You don’t have to be a sewing guru to sell stuff. Anything handmade goes. Homemade soaps and custom essential oil scents can also be well and truly profitable.

If you’ve got star quality, but no one knows it, set yourself up on YouTube. It helps to have some sort of niche or expertise, but that can be anything from applying make-up to woodworking. If you do take this road, remember that being an active part of the YouTube community is the best way to pull viewers to your channel. Here’s a guide to create a presence on YouTube and to learn how to market your unique mojo. If you have musical talent but haven’t yet been discovered by the big labels, check out this course on how to turn your talent into profits.

Everyone has an iPhone app idea that’s been running around their brain. Making it happen is not as hard as it seems. Take your app idea and make it a reality.


If you need money to get your dream gig off the ground, consider crowdsourcing your idea. Sites like Kickstarter.com can help you get what you need if you have a decent network of people and good sales pitch. If you’re desperate for cash, consider peer to peer lending. It’s a much better deal that traditional pawn brokers or other payday loan outlets. But keep in mind it is still a legally binding loan and you need to pay it back or the IT supervisor might break your knee caps.

The Write Stuff

The internet is desperate for creative and clever content. Ever looked at those hilarious top ten lists from your favorite buzz site? Anyone can write those. If you’ve got a funny bone or a clever new perspective on a universal truth, the internet wants you and pays reasonably well for strong content. Check out this guide to freelance opportunities to get started.

Sell Domains

Trading domains has become a popular way to make profits, but it only works if you know what you’re doing. Sometimes you can make money selling domains to companies that are often willing to pay six figures for the right domain.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

With Amazon Mechanical Turk you get paid for doing stuff that companies haven’t figured out how to automate. Many of these are rote repetitive tasks that pay only pennies, but if you sort by ‘reward amount’ you can find jobs that pay upwards of thirty dollars. One recent post offered thirty bucks to transcribe a two hour long audio file. Only you and your skill set can decide if these things are worth what people are asking.

Grants and Scholarships

If some of your cash crunch comes from paying tuition, you or your dependent may be eligible for any number of obscure scholarships. All sorts of organizations offer scholarships to members or descendants of members.  The peanut butter brand Jif will give you $25,000 if you can come up with the most creative sandwich. $25,000! Willing to wear a Duck Tape prom dress? There’s $5,000 in it. (Source.) The number of little-known benefactors is astounding. It’s definitely worth checking your region, school or club for possible opportunities. Or just Google ‘Obscure Scholarships.’

Seasonal Labor

From retail shops to tourist attractions and courier businesses, there are a ton of companies that bulk up their staff during certain periods. Sometimes it’s Christmas; sometimes it’s summer; Sometimes it’s during the annual sale. Check around for local business who need more hands on deck for a busy period. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door for a permanent positions. Even if you don’t have sales experience or the exact skills they need, you can often get a position helping with excess stock. Hey, money is money.

Sell Metals

From rusty anchors to gold earrings, metal is usually worth something. Pick around the local junk yard, and see if you can find something for the salvage yard. Before you pawn the irreplaceable gold ring, granny passed down to you, check the other options here first.

Super Desperate?

You can sell the things your body makes naturally. From sperm to blood plasma and possibly breast milk, most major cities have a demand if you’re willing to be the supply. Obviously you’d need to be drug free and in good health to even be considered as a donor for most of these banks. And we’re definitely not advocating any black market organ trade. Stick to the legal stuff like hair and sperm.

Get Out of Debt

One of the best ways to make money for yourself is to get out of debt. Being in debt means you’re paying money to people that you could be keeping for yourself. If you’ve gone beyond your means, check out this top-rated class: The Debt Diet.

There are lots of opportunities out there for people willing to roll up their sleeves and put in a hard days graft. If nothing here suits you, don’t sit around; volunteer. You’d be amazed what you receive when you get out there and give.