humidifier vs vaporizerFor the millions of people that have issues with their sinuses, or any other nasal problems brought on by allergies, dryness due to arid surroundings or cold weather, or you just have a cold, you might want to think about investing in either a humidifier or a vaporizer to make life enjoyable again. These machines can be a godsend to those prone to these issues, but you’ll want to buy the one that’s right for you and your particular situation. Sometimes these machines are recommended for babies, but great care should be taken, as the one that may be best for them may also be potentially quite dangerous.

So take a seat, pull out a hankie, and get ready to learn all about these incredibly helpful machines. Besides these two machines, there are other natural ways to attack a sickness, and these courses on acupressure, part one and part two, can help to relieve headaches and back pain, in addition to allergies.


Just like the name suggests, humidifiers are used to humidify, or moisten the air. They’re most beneficial in places where the air is dry, such as arid climates, or in the Winter, when the air starts to dry out, and affects people’s sinuses, resulting in difficulty breathing, itchy nose, and even nose bleeds. There are several types of humidifiers, but the two most popular are the cool-mist variety and the ultrasonic type. Cool-mist humidifiers release cool water into the air from a rapidly turning disk located in a reservoir in the machine. The ultrasonic humidifier emits vapor by creating ultrasonic vibrations in the water. If you’re interested in the machinery that runs these and other mechanisms, then you may want to check out this intro course on engineering.

Typically more expensive than vaporizers, a humidifier can run anywhere between $30 up to $100 or so. In addition to the purchase price, humidifiers also require replacement filters and other general upkeep.

Both types of vaporizers use no heat (though there is one type that does), and are ideal for using in a baby or child’s room. However, the cold water can be a magnet for bacteria, mold, and mildew, causing more damage than good, and must be cleaned on a daily basis (the ultrasonic type is slightly cleaner than the cool-mist one). While tap water may be used in any kind of humidifier, distilled or mineral water is better, because the water’s nutrients can become infused into the vapor and help those using it.


As opposed to the moisturizing effects of humidifiers, vaporizers are utilized to create steam and hot vapors. This can help if someone is stuffed up from a cold, and even medications, plant extracts, herbs, and other inhalants can be added to the water to help ease allergy or sinus symptoms.

A cheap, mobile vaporizer can be purchased for about $10 or $15, but fancier models will cost more money. Not only are vaporizers cheaper to purchase than humidifiers, they also require less upkeep.

The biggest disadvantage of vaporizers is that their heating elements make them dangerous for use by small children and babies, as they can easily be burned by them if tipped over or if they get too close. However, because water is being boiled before being sent out into the room, there is no mold or bacteria growing in the reservoir, and as a result, is a cleaner, healthier experience. Even though these tend to be cleaner than humidifiers, they still need to be cleaned on a daily basis. There are also many different types of vaporizers, coming in different sizes, different add-ons and accessories, and various types of heating sources.

As you can see, these two machines are used for different situations: humidifiers for dry environments, and vaporizers for sickness. No matter what each may be used for, they help to treat very uncomfortable issues, and can come as quite a relief to the person afflicted with these problems. If you feel like you get sick way more than you should, then you may want to consider changing what you put into your body, and this course on making healthy food taste great, and this article on the benefits of green juice will help you turn your diet around.

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