human resource certificationIf you’re considering pursuing a career in the field of Human Resources, certifications will help to set you apart from the rest of the pack.  As a Human Resources professional, you will be required to work with a variety of different personalities who may all have a varying degree of education, experience, skills, and emotional intelligence.  The Human Resources department is a main company component and your responsibility in the department will vary depending on your education and experience.  Basically, the more education and experience that you have, the more of a role you will play within the department.

As a Human Resource practitioner you will create employee recruiting and retention programs to help strengthen the company as a whole.  Your job is not just to protect and look out for the company’s best interest, it is to help strengthen and protect the company’s longevity by searching for, hiring, and retaining great talent. One of your most important work related duties could include interviewing prospective employees and dealing with personnel related issues.  Learn how to attract, hire, and retain the best employees possible by enrolling in our Startup Hiring course.  Human Resource professionals serve as the voice of management when having to implement new business policies and procedures.  They must also act as employee advocates when employees have issues and / or concerns that need to be discussed with upper management.  Working both sides of the fence can be challenging.  A strong knowledge of  human resource laws and company personnel policies are of utmost importance.  You are both the employees voice and the companies management representative.

If a career in Human Resources is still something that interests you keep reading to learn more about it and what you can do to excel at it.


human resource certificationIn order to have a successful career in the Human Resources field, you must complete an education.  If you are just beginning your college education as an undergraduate, you should pursue a balanced curriculum that includes behavioral sciences, social sciences, and the liberal arts.  Courses that strengthen your written and verbal skills will also help you communicate more effectively in your future position.  Use our Advanced English Grammar course grammar skills course to learn the advanced skills necessary to succeed in the business world.  Human Resource students should try and structure their schedule with a focus in economics, general business, business and labor law, accounting, marketing, management, and statistics (which is a higher level math).  Enrolled in a statistics course and need to get some extra practice in to ace that exam?  Our Descriptive Statistics course allows you to learn the concepts, calculations, and applications of descriptive statistics at your own pace.

Completing your undergraduate degree and deciding to continue your education and pursue your graduate degree will help you to enhance your opportunities in the Human Resources field.  Pursue a Masters degree in human resource management.  Choosing to complete a Masters in Science in Human Resources with an emphasis in industry relations, organizational development, or organizational behavior will help you to be prepared and ready for a career in a complex field.


We all have heard or know first hand how hard it is to get our foot in the door for a good job when we have no experience.  Most gainful employment now a days requires you to have a minimum of 1 to 2 years of experience as well as your degree.  How are you supposed to get the experience that you need without a job?  Well, you could intern.  I know that the idea of an unpaid job does not sound glamorous or like something that you would want to do unless it was absolutely necessary.  Stop thinking of it as a waste of time and start thinking about it as an investment in your future.  Check with your college or local businesses to see whether they have any internships programs that you may be ready to apply for.

Grow Your Network

Finding your first paying job in the Human Resources field may be a scary feat.  Just read any book on job hunting and you’ll more than likely run across a statistic that says that between 60 and 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking or personal contacts.  Don’t let these things discourage or frighten you instead get creative in your job search.  Research major companies on the Internet and see if they have any recruiting programs for recent graduates.  Reach out to your professors and ask if they would be willing to write you referral letters or if you could possibly list them as references on future job applications.  Improve your business contacts by using social media.  Learn more by joining hundreds of others who want to also grow their networks by enrolling in our Leveraging Links course.

Earn Some Cred

Earn your certification in Human Resources Management.  A Professional in Human Resources is an industry certification for people that work in the Human Resources profession.  The certification is awarded by the Human Resource Certification Institute to individuals that possess theoretical knowledge and practical experience in human resource management.  An exam is administered and only those individuals that show mastery of the field with a satisfactory score on the exam receive the certification.  The Senior Professional in Human Resources is an honor that is only awarded to those who can demonstrate mastery in the Human Resources field.  Not just anyone can attempt to take the Professional and Senior Professional certification exams.  Interested parties must have a minimum of both educational and work experience to be eligible to qualify for the exam.

Human Resources can be a very complex and rewarding career path.  Focus on your education and then begin your career with a company that you believe in.  Complete certification exams to help to further your education and meet your career goals.  Develop your skill and become an asset that your company cannot live without.

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