How To Teach English Online And Earn Supplemental Income

teach english onlineFor many college graduates, teaching English overseas is a popular career choice. I’ve had friends teach English in far away places like South Korea and China, and it is also common for graduates to teach English in Latin America or even Europe. That being said, some of us want to stay within the borders of home. If you’re interested in teaching English and earning a supplemental income while doing it, then you may want to consider teaching an online English course through the Udemy platform.


Get Paid For Your English Skills


There are few jobs for which your only required skill is understanding correct English – at least, while you’re in the United States or England. Sure, you can be an English teacher at a local high school, but that’s a very particular career for which you need professional degrees. Nevertheless, there is a way for you to leverage your near-perfect English skills without that college diploma in English or Education.


The answer is to teach English to non-native speakers! The English language is admittedly complex, with Germanic, English, and French influences all complicating the situation. English grammar is its own mystery for many, and there are many sub-niches for which a person could teach English and earn supplemental income.


For example, many people need to know how to speak English for business success. Others want to know enough English to be able to travel in the United States, Canada, or the UK. Still others want to learn proper grammar, or maybe just correct pronunciation. There is a wide variety of niches for which you can creatively apply your English-speaking talents in order to teach others. What English language courses can you come up with?


Where To Teach English To Earn Income


You can certainly advertise to teach English in your local community. You’ve probably seen flyers advertising language instruction at your local coffee shop, and you can do the same. This is especially popular in college towns or major cities. But what if you don’t live in a major city? And, what if you want to reach a broader audience? Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives that can help you teach English that are more lucrative, including teaching English online. More on that in a moment.


Teaching English Online Versus In-Person


The problem with teaching English in-person is that you can often only teach a limited number of people at a time. If you are meeting in person rather than teaching English online, then as a tutor you can only teach a select few people at a time. And even if you host a classroom, you can still only teach English to a couple dozen people at most.


Contrast that to what happens when you teach English online. You prepare your course once, and do your best to deliver an outstanding, high quality education for your students. Then, you post your English course on Udemy, the number one online learning platform. People come to Udemy for learning opportunities from all over the world, so immediately you gain access to thousands of potential English language learners in international countries.


That means you can teach English to foreigners without leaving your house, and the best part is you teach the material once and earn money on it forever. So if you were looking to both teach English and earn passive income (meaning income not directly related to your time), then teaching English online could be a profitable alternative. I should mention that if Udemy features your course, then you just might see your English courses reaching hundreds or even thousands of people at a time! That’s a far more effective way to teach people English than two or twenty people at a time.


Teaching English Online Can Lead To A Flourishing Career


Many twenty-somethings (and to be truthful, thirty-somethings…) are notably unsure of their career direction. Even if you did not major in Education in college, teaching English online could lead to a promising career in either the education or communications fields.


Allow me to elaborate. When you teach a subject matter, you learn how to become a more nuanced communicator. Different people have a variety of learning styles. And in order to teach for the sake of understanding, you often need to simplify your teachings. What you will find is that teaching greatly accelerates your ability to communicate effectively. You learn how to manage emotions (both your own and the emotions of your students), and you learn how to improve your communicating so that you are better understood.


Therefore, teaching English online could be a lead-in to a career in communications and marketing. Businesses around the world are seeking intelligent and savvy communicators, and credentials as an instructor of English on Udemy could be the resume boost to both get you the interview and help you land a cushy job in communications.


Additionally, you may discover that you have a passion for educating. Teaching online could inspire within you an interest and desire to teach others in a variety of areas. The more you teach, the more you realize that doing so is an incredibly rewarding career path. You get to make a positive difference in the lives of hundreds of people. Think of your favorite teachers from high school and college. They inspired you, made you laugh, made you question things, and made you think. You can do that for others with your teaching.


Teach English Online At Udemy


If you’re serious about teaching English, and want to both achieve financial independence while reaching a potentially global audience, then you should be teaching English via an online course at Udemy. You will gain access to thousands of students who are already looking for courses such as the ones you can teach. And you immediately align yourself with the tools you need to earn cold, hard cash while teaching something you’re already an expert in – the English language. Become an instructor of English on Udemy now.