How to Start Working Out for Beginners

how to start working outIt’s not common to be born with a love of the gym. Especially when you’re not in shape, every second you spend in a gym can be uncomfortable, awkward, and hurts even more the next day when you’re muscles are aching. Luckily, after a couple of weeks, and a regular training program, you’ll start to reach a point where it feels good to exercise. You’ll start seeing your strength, flexibility and fitness improve, and this will spur you on at the gym until you start making enough progress that people start to notice. That’s when you know you’re doing well!

When you start a fitness program, you need a baseline from where you can track your improvements. This recent post is great because it covers how to do a fitness program in your own home, before even setting foot in the gym. From here, you can only improve, so don’t fret if you’re not happy with your results. If you’ve never worked out before, you’ll have rapid strength gains as you progress through a beginner program.

The first goal you need to set is not to get huge, or drop 100 pounds. Aim at first to continue at the gym until you no longer hate exercise. Don’t push yourself too hard, and don’t try anything too unpleasant. The key is making your initial workouts so simple, easy and convenient to do that you feel silly if you don’t go and do it. Simply get to the gym, and get there regularly. There’s no room for excuses, and if you’re struggling these tips will help get you started working out.

Make a Commitment

Think deep down what going to the gym really means to you. Once you know why you want to exercise, make a commitment to yourself and stick to it. If you find you’re struggling on this point, make the commitment to your friends, or your family, and have them hold you accountable. You can also try a reward for successfully completing a week’s worth of gym, or a larger reward for successfully staying on track for a month.

Take it Slow

Don’t think you’re going to become superman on day one, make a training program that you can complete, challenging enough to keep you interested while not being discouraging. Fitness takes time, so cut yourself some slack, especially when you are exercising consistently. If you’re not comfortable in the gym yet, this course is great to start exercising at home.

Make Exercise Fun

Exercise doesn’t mean being confined to a gym. Pick a sport or an activity that you like, and do more of it. It could be climbing rocks, rowing in a lake, playing a game of basketball or getting out for a walk through a beautiful park. Start with what you enjoy, and work yourself up. This course offers a fun kickboxing workout that is a little different, great when you’re not feeling motivated.

Make It Competitive

Find a friend at a similar fitness level and with a common goal, and challenge them. Working out with a friend is great for your own motivation and commitment because it’s hard to say no to a work out session when your friend is waiting for you at the gym.

Join a Team

This is even better than finding a fitness buddy, especially if it’s a sport you love. When you join a team you commit to weekly practice sessions, amateur competitions, and may even make some new friends out of it.

Get Moving

Perhaps your schedule doesn’t fit with joining a team, but that doesn’t mean you can’t motivate yourself. Put together a playlist of your favorite songs, and use them to inspire and you when you’re getting ready for a workout.

Get a Dog

If you struggle for motivation, get a dog. They won’t let you forget you’ve missed their daily walk, and are an excellent reason to get out of the house and get a little bit of fresh air.

Have a Coffee

When you’re feeling down, especially after a long day in the office, you may not have the energy to get up and go for a workout. If you’re feeling like this, caffeine is your friend. Have a coffee, and after 30 minutes you’ll be full of energy and ready to get to the gym.

Buy a Nice Set of Workout Clothes

Let’s face it, you’ll feel better when you’re looking good, so get some new clothes so you feel like a million dollars when you’re working out.

Get a Trainer

When you’re just starting, have an expert show you through the machines and the moves you need to get your basic workout plan together. It makes it easy to feel confident in the gym, when you know exactly how to use them all.

Ask for Advice

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and once you know what your goal is incorporate the advice you’re getting. In the beginning, the details don’t make a huge difference, so get the main idea of your exercise together and get out there and start doing it!

Never Miss a Workout

The last point is critical, and that is to never miss a workout. If you’re not feeling up for one, do something lighter, but make sure you still get to the gym, get your body moving and work on your fitness. To truly build an exercise habit that sticks with you for life, check out this course. Missing a workout is very easy to do, and one soon becomes two, which suddenly becomes a month without any exercise. Do your best to never miss a single workout.

Starting to work out isn’t as scary as many people think it to be. It takes a little motivation, some expertise and commitment from your side and you’re on track to a much healthier and happier life. When you can exercise using courses like this in the comfort of your own home, what’s to stop you starting your next workout, today?