How to Start a Youtube Channel and Make Money

how to start a youtube channelMaking money On Youtube – is it the only option?

You’re a star in the making. A diamond in the rough. And you know it.  If there ever was an expert in the “Video Game Programming” niche – it’s you. And you can deliver that knowledge with passion and humor, making lines of code and sleepless night actually interesting.  Well, maybe it’s time you took your message to the airwaves or “internet” waves to be more specific.  Youtube has been around for years.  Billions of hours of content are uploaded on the site.  An average of 72 hours of content is uploaded every minute! And people are making money while doing what they love. Youtube is a great option in making “how to” or instructional videos for some coin – but is it the only option?

The “Youtube Partner” program allows its members to make money for every view they earn or subscriber they accumulate on their site.  There are many people who have quit their day jobs and switched over to making videos full time. Is it right for you? And how is it done? Let’s take a look at the steps:

  1. This seems like an obvious but set up an account on Youtube. In setting up an account, also think about the keywords you’d use to help potential subscribers to find you.  If you play video games, then video games may be a great keyword – along with Playstation, controllers, Mario…you get the idea.
  2. Invest in some standard web cam technology.  They are inexpensive and widely available. As you get better at filming, upgrade the equipment. Learn from your mistakes.  Try filming with some actual lighting.  Maybe the sound is muffled. Practice makes perfect.  Everyone’s first Youtube video was rotten. But by their 100th video, things were looking a tad “Speilbergish.”
  3. Notice the comment section below the videos? People will critique your posting (sometimes rudely) and  it is wise to talk with them. Interacting with the community will make them feel like a part of the show – and that’s a great way to attract a loyal following!
  4. Make sure you tell Youtube it’s okay to monetize your videos in the setting bar.  Some people aren’t in it for the money and don’t want any ads.  Forget to click that and well – this was all for naught.
  5. Make sure to set up a Google Adsense account.  This is where you will make a small amount via people clicking on ads from your video.  The amounts are minute but with a big enough following it will really start to ad up.
  6. Share, share and then when you don’t feel like it anymore – share one more time.  Ask people to subscribe in your videos too.  Asking will remind them to click the “subscribe” button under the video.  The more subscribers, the more money. So it is definitely okay to ask at the end of every posting.

The most successful Youtubers didn’t get that way overnight.  It takes years of dedication and self promotion to build up a steady fan base.  Facebook, Pinetrist, Twitter and every other social media avenue you can think of must be utilized to begin to push up that subscriber base.  And word to the wise: Youtube watchers like steady content. If your uploading once a month, they will soon forget you. Dedication and time is key along with having something interesting to say of course.

 The top 1000 Youtube channels average roughly $23,000 a month in income and have 11.7 billion views according to  Big chunk of change right? Well – There are a lot more then a 1000 Youtube channels out there. So breaking into the top 1000 can be an arduous task. The average monthly take home on a relatively successful Youtbe channel (call it 1000 or so views a month) is $7.35.  Okay, so we need one to go viral to make some dough. We get it. Is there another way?

One such possible solution to creating content that is designed to teach and make money is  Udemy was created to allow professionals in just about any field to create an online course full of videos and lessons and sell it to the millions of students taking advantage of the site.  A big positive of Udemy is you create the content and name your own price. If you bring on a new student who buys your course, you keep 100% of the revenue. Udemy themselves also actively markets their course and will work hard to attract the right crowd to you as well.  If Udemy brings a new customer on board for you, you keep 50% of the revenue from the sale.

 It is an exciting alternative to the standard way of producing online lessons and building a following on Youtube.  Udemy also offers a massive amount of online tools for producing your content, online support and marketing strategies and help guides.  It is a thriving community that so far has reached millions of “students” across over 190 countries.  And whether it be “Fly Fishing Tips” or “Cooking For the Holidays” there is a category for every Jack of Their Trade.

Think about this for one second – “The average Udemy instructor earns $7,000 on Udemy…” That is A LOT of Youtube views.  One such success story is Miguel Hernandez.  His course has over 5000 registered students who have taken his course and $250,000 in revenue later, Miguel is a happy man.

Now, this doesn’t mean that Youtube doesn’t have its place in creating awesome content and sharing it with the world.  Some of the top earners on Youtube are living their dreams.  But they aren’t the only ones and it isn’t the only avenue toward success.  Creating an online course in your specialty may just be the ticket to something greater.  And with the tools provided, the guidance handed out and the marketing handled, now may just be the time to do so on