How To Start A Love Letter to Express Your Feelings

how to start a love letterIt can be hard to express ourselves in words, especially when it comes to love.  Love forces us to explore the most vulnerable parts of ourselves, so these are the expressions that are the most difficult and require time, effort, and commitment.  When it comes to starting a love letter, it can be easy to feel tongue tied or frozen when you try to express just how you feel.  To help, we are going to go over how to start a love letter and finish it, in just seven simple steps.  Before you know it, you will be professing your every emotion articulately and with ease.

Step 1:  Find a subject

This might sound silly, but before you start writing, you are going to have to determine who you are writing to.  A love letter does not just have to be for a significant other.  It could be to someone you are already close to and have a strong bond with, such as: a parent, a crush, or a best friend.  Usually, it is best to write a love letter to someone who already is aware that you have strong feelings for them –romantic or otherwise.  However, you can use a love letter to express your feelings to someone who does not know that you are in love with them yet (if you have the guts!).

  • Evaluate your relationship with the person whom you want to write a love letter to.
  • Think about whether or not you are at the point where you want to tell them that you love them.
  • Ask yourself a few questions to determine the direction the letter is going to take, such as: What is my goal in writing this love letter?  What do I want the other person to realize?

Step 2:  Get your material

Determine how you are going to want to send your love letter.  You might be doing it through the mail or through email – although we suggest the classic handwritten letter.  If you do intend to send your love letter through the mail, you are going to need:

  • Paper, an envelope, a pen or pencil, correct postage stamps, and the address of the person who you wish to send it to.

When you are choosing the paper and writing instrument that you are going to use, keep in mind that this is what the other person is going to see instead of you.  So if you want to make a good impression over paper, make sure that you write as clearly and legibly as possible with a decent and strong pen.  Pick a clean sheet of paper, and not one that looks ripped, crinkled, or has water marks.

Step 3:  Write Your Purpose

Begin your letter by stating the reason why you are writing it.  For instance, you can begin with, “I was thinking about how much I missed you…” or “I wanted to tell you how much I loved you today and I didn’t get the chance…”. This is going to let the other person know right away that they are on your mind and you want to make it clear to them that you want them to know that.

At this point, your love letter should be started.  Read on below and follow the remaining steps to write the body and ending to your love letter.

Step 4:  Provide Examples or Memories

Since you are telling the other person that you love them and you are thinking about them, you are going to want to give them examples that will spark feelings or memories in their mind as to why you two share this certain love.  Find reasons and memories that the both of you have shared together that is unique to your relationship.  Once you are able to conjure up feelings of love in the other person, it will encourage them to feel the same way about you.  If you want to be more specific with your memories, you can use specific examples.  For instance, “I still remember that time when I saw you walking down the stairs in your yellow dress.”  This is going to demonstrate to your love that you still hold on dearly to little things about them that were special to you.

Step 5:  Write What You Love About Them

How To Start A Love LetterSince you are writing a love letter, you might as well write all of the things down that you love about this person.  Before you start constructing your sentences for this step, it can be helpful to just make a list on a separate sheet of paper of the things you love about your subject.  Think of certain personality traits, character traits, and physical characteristics that make you go weak in the knees.  For example, “I love the passion that you have when it comes to your writing” or “The smell of your hair and the touch of your skin are what keep me coming back for more.”

Step 6:  Touch on the Future

If you have not seen this person for awhile, then you might want to write about the things that you are looking forward to doing together once you are reunited.  If you are already in a relationship with them, talk about your goals, dreams, and aspirations that you see your future life with them encompassing.  Talking about the future is a great way to get someone to know that you are committed to them for the long term.

Step 7:  Reaffirm

After you have gone through the meat of your letter, you are going to want to sign off with a bang.  Do this by reaffirming the love that you have for this person, or letting them know how happy or changed you and your life has become since you have met them.  Once you have done that, sign your love letter with a “Love Always”, “Forever Yours”, “Love”, or “Kisses” and your name.

Write Your Heart Out

Not a lot of people write letters these days, so this makes writing a love letter to someone you care about a surefire way to let them know that you are thinking about them and want to express your love.  To keep your love strong, enroll in this course to learn the secrets of true love soul mate relationships.