How to Start A Beauty Blog in 7 Easy Steps

how to start a beauty blogHave you heard of Michelle Phan?  Michelle began her career as a simple beauty blogger by posting her tutorials on her Xanga.  Seven years later, she has over 6 million subscribers to her Youtube channel, her own cosmetics line, and is the sole creator of FAWN (For All Women Network).

Sure, we might not all be able to rise to Michelle’s success through a blog, but if you love makeup, cosmetics, fashion, and all things beauty, you might be interested in knowing how to start a beauty blog.  If you have the passion to be a beauty blogger, then starting a blog can be a great way to jump start a profession, side job, or fun hobby.  To prepare you and your blog, we are going to go over 7 steps you will need to take to get started with successful beauty blogging.

Step 1:  Come up with your concept or niche

You should already have this step under your belt: beauty.  When you are starting a blog, you want to ask yourself what you love, care about, and want to share with others.  So in your case, it should be beauty.  Now that you have your concept, you will need to find your niche.  Your niche will be the thing that you focus on in your blog posts or videos, depending on how you choose to reach your audience.  Beauty is a very broad topic, and it can span over many different areas.  For instance, beauty can have to deal with makeup, fashion, or even hair.  If you decide to classify yourself as a beauty blogger, some things you can write about are:

  • Makeup, makeup drugstore products, or high end makeup products.

The key in finding your niche is focusing on one specific topic so that you can gain readers in that area.

Step 2:  Find a purpose for your blog

Now that you have your concept or niche for your beauty blog, think about how you want to broaden your subject area by informing or teaching your readers something that you are knowledgeable in.  This is going to help your blog develop a sense of purpose.  For example:

  • Teach:  As a beauty blogger, you can teach your readers how to apply winged eyeliner, mascara, or foundation for certain occasions.  Narrow your ideas down so that you can develop an audience.
  • News:  Makeup companies and stores are always coming up with new products and makeup lines.  As a beauty blogger, you can decide to write posts providing the latest news and trends that you find interesting.  By doing this, your readers can come to view you as someone with insider information or knowledge on new beauty products.
  • Entertain:  If you are funny, consider mixing humor and beauty.  Maybe you have an interesting fashion sense.  You beauty blog could focus on your quirky, yet captivating fashion style.
  • Inspire:  Have you – or are you – working to overcome an illness or a life experience?  Use these challenges that you are facing to inspire others while blogging about beauty.  Maybe you were bullied while growing up.  If you feel comfortable, consider sharing these stories and intertwining them with why you are into makeup or beauty now.

Step 3:  Research

  • Look through other beauty blogs and take a look at your competition.  What do these bloggers do that you like and how can you do things differently from them while still reaching your audience?  Find things you can do to set yourself apart from the competition.
  • Research keywords that people use pertaining to the subject of beauty that people will use to land on your blog.  Be sure to check the keywords from time to time while you are writing your blog post.

Step 4:  Set up your website or blog

There are a few different sites that you can use for your blog.  Some popular ones are: Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress.  Check out each one of these and figure out which one is going to be easiest for you to use.  Once you have picked out where you want to create and host your blog, go ahead and sign up, and launch your blog.  Once you do this, you are doing to want to make sure that your blog is visually pleasing.  Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Design a banner for your blog that is going to interest your readers and tell them a little something about yourself.
  • Place social media icons around your blog site to give your readers the chance to interact with you.
  • If you feel so inclined, feel free to hire a professional to create your banner or add some more aesthetic touches to your blog.  However, when you hire them, make sure that they understand your vision as a beauty blogger and know what you want.

Remember that a good blog layout will keep your readers coming back for more.

Step 5:  Start writing

Once you set up your blog and have a layout that you are happy with, you are going to want to start blogging as soon as possible.  It can be easy to set up a blog and not follow through with regular posts, so it is important to think up a blogging schedule so that you can remain dedicated to blogging.  When writing, keep in mind that no one likes to read things with a ton of grammatical or spelling errors, so make sure that you proofread your blogs before publishing.

Step 5:  Learn about advertisements

A great incentive for bloggers is affiliates and advertisements.  For beauty bloggers, a lot of cosmetic and beauty companies will look to bloggers if they want to promote some of their products or have bloggers write reviews for certain things.  Here are two types of ways that you can earn revenue from your beauty blog:

  • Affiliate marketing:  Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product and receive compensation for your promotions.
  • Advertisements:  Advertisements on your blog is when companies will pay you to put an ad up on their site.  The most sought after company is Google Adsense.

Step 6:  Receive Free Products

If you are a regular, successful and efficient beauty blogger, you may be able to pick up some free products.  Beauty companies look for people to advertise what they have to sell, and write positive reviews about their products.  A lot of companies will send bloggers free products under the condition that they blog about them.  However, you will have to mention that you received the products for free in your blog post or vlog.  Here are some tips for reviewing products you receive for free:

  • Give your honest opinion about the product.  Do not try to seem like you are being forced to like something just because it was free for you.
  • Try to sound like you really enjoy the product.
  • Sound as professional as possible.  If you do, it is more likely that other companies will reach out to you to review their products.
  • A good place to search for companies or individuals who want to get their products some exposure would be on Etsy or Storenvy.

Step 7:  Interact with your audience

how to start a beauty blogThink about the blogs that you frequent.  What makes certain blogs stand out more than others?  A good answer to that would be bloggers who are open and seem down to earth – which means that they interact with their readers on a more personal level.  Readers enjoy bloggers who are more than just words, but seem like actual people.  When you respond to comments from your readers, you are connecting with them.  Even if the commends are rude, act professional and nice; responding negatively will just bring you down to their level.  Always have a positive attitude while writing, because no one likes a negative Nancy.

Best Beauty Blogs Online

If you are in need of some inspiration, it is easy to search online, as there are plenty of beauty blogs on the internet that you can check out to get your beauty-wheels turning.

  • BlogdorfGoodman:  If you love perfume and different fragrances, then you will want to check out this blog and read what blogger Annie has to say about all things fragrance.
  • Lipstick, Powder ‘n Paint:  This is an urban girl’s guide to makeup and beauty based out of British Columbia.  It is also packed with product reviews, new makeup trends, bath items, and more.
  • All About the Pretty:  Feeling Southern?  This blog is “A Southern girl’s guide to all things ‘beautimous.'”
  • Christina Loves:  Blog owner Christina Jones gives fun and lively product reviews, dos & don’ts, and how-tos on her blog up to several times a day.
  • Shake Your Beauty:  From a former beauty editor of Teen People, this blog gives great tips and advice on hair and makeup.  It also has great product reviews catering towards African-American makeup, skin, and hair.
  • Jack & Hill:  This is a fun blog for entertaining reviews of makeup, fashion and beauty news.
  • Product-girl:  This site is packed full of practical products and reviews.  It mostly focuses on makeup.
  • Eyeshadow Government:  This is a beauty website geared towards anyone between the ages of 16 and 32.

A Beautiful Start To Blogging

Beauty blogs are expanding all over the internet, and now that you have some steps and inspiration on how to start a beauty blog, you can begin your own.

Start your own WordPress beauty blog today with this course today!