How to Resolve Conflict with Body Language

Practicing body language techniques can transform your sense of confidence and self-esteem instantly.

Not only will those you’re communicating with be convinced by your body language, but so will your own mind…

…and that’s the most important part!

For example, if you adjust your body to sit or stand in a “high-power” position, you’ll actually feel more confident, giving you the power to resolve conflict and win the respect of your listeners.

Effective body language is a skill that anybody can learn – check out these cool tips you can start using right away to improve your relationships in the office, at home, and everywhere else in between.


We have the ability to shift our body language to not only communicate positive messages, but to actually change the way we feel.

Learning this form of nonverbal branding communicates your confidence so others trust you, your product, and your service. If you maintain control of your body language, you can gain control of any social interaction you find yourself in.