How To Raise Money Fast: Top Ways To Fundraise For A Good Cause

how to raise money fastYou’ve probably seen signs at grocery store checkout lines, in community bulletins, or even on social media sites asking for some money for a good cause.  Often times, there are situations that need to raise money fast, whether it is to help someone with medical bills, travel plans, or for a local charity, and everyone involved is going to have to learn how to be creative.  However, no matter how important the cause, it can be hard to ask for money without giving anything in return.  If you have got a situation that needs quick money assistance, take these helpful tips on how to raise money fast and you will begin to see those coins and checks coming in for a good cause.

Ways to Raise Money Fast For…

If you need to raise money fast, we are going to break it down for you into four parts to cater to cater to any situation that you might be presented with.  We are going to show you how to raise money fast:

  • For adults
  • For kids
  • Through crowd funding
  • For anyone

Let’s get started!

For Adults

  1. Hold a garage sale:  Selling items that you might not want anymore or clothes that you have grown out of is a great way to raise money with a lot of items.  Go through your garage, closet, and ask for others to donate items to you that they do not want anymore.  If you have anything leftover, go ahead and pass those on to charity.
  2. Food:  You might love to bake, and we respect that, but baking can be time consuming, too detailed, and expensive.  If you need to raise money fast, go for food items that can be cooked quickly in large quantities and that do not require much hassle.  For example, hot dogs or hamburgers can be quickly grilled up on a barbeque or frying pan.
  3. Photo Offers:  Most people enjoy taking pictures and having something to remember a day or event by.  Create a family day or event with a local business and recruit a local photographer to take pictures for you during the event.  Have them provide prints or digital files for participants and ask them to donate for the cause.
  4. Create a cookbook:  Here is a fun way to get everyone in your community or organization involved with the cause: ask for everyone to bring a recipe of their choosing and consolidate all of the recipes in a cookbook.  Sell those copies or put together an eBook that can be sold online.
  5. Volunteer Services:  Recruit some volunteers in your organization and get together some useful services that you can offer people.  For example: mowing lawns, painting rooms, or walking pets.  Sell these vouches from door to door or at local businesses.
  6. For professionals: If you’re looking for substantial donations and/or investments for a business or organization, you’ll need a sophisticated strategy. Learn to create a fundraising plan, and raise money by getting loans, grants, donations, investments, and other ways. 

For Children

If you are helping to raise money for a child’s cause, here are some great ideas that can get other kids involved as well!

  1. Sleepovers:  Kids love sleepovers, and parents can get some free time while their kids enjoy some time outside of the house.  Ask a teacher or parent chaperone the event at a large gym, lounge, or school cafeteria.  Have the kids play games, see a movie, and eat some yummy snacks before bed.  Have a set fee that you can charge each child.
  2. Talent Shows:  You may not know what other people had in them!  Hold a talent show at a local school and allow students and teachers to sign up.  Charge a small fee for the talent show admission.
  3. Grow plants:  Have children bring in a small can or pot and have them decorate it to their liking.  Then have them plant some seeds or flowers inside the pot and watch it grow.  After some plant growth, hold a community sale to sell the newly potted items!
  4. Dog Walking:  Make sure that the child is old enough to walk a dog by themselves, and if they or not, have a parent accompany them.  A fun way to raise some money is by walking dogs around a neighborhood one at a time.  You can put fliers up in local stores, supermarkets, and online to advertise your services.

For Anyone

non-profit fundraising ideasHere are some great fundraising ideas that anyone can try out, adults, teenagers, and children alike!

  1. Car washes:  Car washes are a tried and true fundraising idea, so why not keep the tradition going?  If you do not want to do the typical car wash, try a little more detail, such as offering to vacuum, wipe down seats, or Windex the windows for a larger price.  To make things interesting, you can even add some nice scents to the car’s interior as well.
  2. Dance-a-Thon:  Instead of holding the regular walk-a-thon, consider doing a dance-a-thon.  During a dance-a-thon, participants will see how long they can dance while having a sponsor, friend, or family member give money for each hour they are on their feet.  You can hold this event in a school gym or large room.  Make sure to recruit a DJ or a band for the event!
  3. Raffles:  Raffles are another classic fundraising tactic that can help raise money.  However, if you need to raise money fast, make sure that you are raffling off a big enough prizes to get your money flowing in.  For example, a weekend at a beach house, tickets to the local zoo, or a new bicycle.  Go around your community and see if there are any places that would like to donate their services, tickets, or products for a good cause.
  4. Be crafty:  Have you been on Etsy lately?  If you have not, take a look around the website to get some ideas of homemade art and what people can offer online.  You will see things from handmade jewelry to knitted scarves and beautiful frames.  Take some of these ideas and use them yourself to create beautiful pieces for a fundraising event.  Make sure that you let your buyers know that the money is going to a good cause, and they may be likely to give more.

Crowd Funding:

Another idea to raise money fast is through crowd funding.  You will need to have access to a computer for this.  Here are some steps to go about crowd funding:

  1. Find a website that is used for online funding and sign up.
  2. Have a plan in mind and share your ideas with those who are helping you with your fundraising efforts.  Make sure you have thought everything through and planned ahead
  3. Have an incentive for people to donate.  It is harder to get people to donate online if they cannot see faces or what they are donating to.  In this case, think up some ideas where you can give back to those who have given to your cause.
  4. Update the website often to let people know how the cause is going, and how close you might be to meeting your fundraising goal.  This will help keep people interested and engaged in your cause.
  5. Interact with those who donate on your website.  Be quick in sending thank you emails or notes.  Additionally, keep these people personally updated about the cause’s progress by sending newsletters and pictures to allow them to see how everything is going along.

Be Thankful

With these helpful ideas for fundraising, you will be sure to get some backing and support for your cause.  With fundraising, it is always important to be gracious and grateful towards everyone who has donated, no matter how big or little their support might be.  If you need some extra help with ideas or tactics used in effective fundraising, head on over to one of these courses that will give you a quick jump into how to raise money fast for your cause!