How to Promote Your Music

music promotionBeing a new musician can be tough. You have to come up with lyrics, design the music, and then you have to put it all  together using your instrument of choice. Once you create your music, however, how do you reach out to potential fans? You have to promote your music, and you might not know how to do that. You can use these tips below to help  you promote your music.

Know How to Make Money With Your Music

A  big key to promoting your music is knowing how to make money with your music. There are many different ways that you can make money from your music. One of the simplest ways is to take a guitar or  other easily mobile instrument to your local grocery store or other stores to play in front of it. Be sure to check with your store’s policy because some stores do not allow soliciting. If you do not want to take that route, you can  try this class on making money as a DIY musician. This class will give you many ideas on connecting with your fans and gaining more attention for your music.

Use Social Networking

People use computers on a daily basis in this modern age, and the newest fad with likely fans is social networking. One of the best ways to get your music out there to them is to join as many as you possibly can.  A short list of the popular ones include Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. If you already have an account for these sites and have already shared your music on them, you should consider learning how to grow your social networking presence. To set up accounts on each of the sites, check out their individual help pages for help setting them up. If you are interested in using Facebook to advertise your music, you can take a class on Facebook advertising. For more help on using Twitter to promote your music, you can take a course on using Twitter for business. There is even a class to help you get more traffic on your Google+ site.

Keep a Blog

You might not have realized yet, but people do not read newspapers or magazines as much as they used to. Instead, most people tend to read blogs for the newest information on topics they’re interested in if they aren’t getting that information on their social networking site. One way to keep your fans up to date on what’s going on with your music is to keep a blog. You can give sneak peeks to songs not quite ready for production and even list concert or performance dates and times. If you need help creating a blog, you can try an online class that will show you how to write content for your blog.

Create a Website

Even if you only have a few fans, creating a website will help you reach more fans. You can have your music playing on the site, include pages with the lyrics to your music, and even have a page where fans can contact you. You can also add a forum so fans can chat. If you plan to use social networking and a blog, do not forget to add links to your social networking profiles and your blog. Some great places where you can start with a free website include Web and Wix. Once you start making money with your music, both sites make it very easy to create a paid website with its own custom URL. If you need more help creating a website, you can try an online class.

Go to Events

If you hear of a large event happening with a lot of different bands playing from the same style of music you like to play, go to the event. Bring flyers and demo CDs, and pass them out to potential fans. It’s very common to see starting-up bands walking around events like Vans Warped Tour passing out CDs or giving out postcards with a date and place where they will be playing. Even if you can’t afford to pass out CDs but instead pass out business cards with your website on it where they can listen to your music for free, you are still reaching a possible fan that you did not even have before. Vistaprint is always having deals on business cards, or you could have postcards made up instead. You can also try playing out in public at places where many artists gather.

Don’t Just Let Them Hear, Let Them See Too

This goes along with the idea about using social networking. Instead of just letting people hear your music and read your lyrics, you can show them who you are with videos. One great way to do this is to create simple music videos and post them on YouTube. This is a very popular site that even famous bands use to send out music videos to their fans. However, you can do more than just send out music videos. Many bands do behind-the-scenes videos involving their music-making process. You can do that very same thing. If you need help creating your videos, try an online class on creating awesome videos.

Final Words

It’s important to remember that gaining fans is not something that is going to happen overnight. It takes time, so you must be patient. Your fans will find you if you put yourself out there. The key is to use as many things as you possibly can to reach as many people as possible. Maybe some fans will find you on Facebook, but others will find you on Google+. You might end up connecting with other fans on your blog, or some might start leaving comments on your website. Maybe you will find your most fans by standing outside your local grocery store playing and passing out business cards, or you might find them by attending an event and passing out demo CDs. It might even be your behind-the-scenes videos on YouTube that finally get them. You never know how you will find your fans.