How to Print Instagram Photos: Snap Happy!

how to print instagram photosNowadays, it seems like you cannot do anything without Instagramming it first.  Similarly, if you never Instagrammed it, it may have well just never happened.  I have a friend who cannot go one block without taking an Instagram photo and sharing it (and most of them are just selfies).  In a weird way, Instagram helps people validate and authorize their actions in the same way that putting a stamp of approval or obtaining a certification might do.  The popularity of Instagram does not have much to do with the quality of its photos (filter, filter, #nofilter!), but instead, the sociability and community that it creates and the responses that it can solicit.  C’mon, we all like a little approval now and then — it just makes you feel good.

So, what happens if you actually take a picture that you like?  For instance, a really good “selfie” while hiking up to Yosemite’s waterfall, or a cute picture of you and Kobe Bryant on the same flight to Los Angeles (what are the odds!)  Chances are, you are going to want to print out those pictures, and stat!  Luckily, you can do just that in a few simple steps.  Set down your phone so we can show you how.  Or, better yet, take an Instagram!

Printing Your Instagram Photos

Due to Instagram’s popularity, there are a number of online applications that you can use to print your photos.  For the meantime, we are going to use Portagram as an easy example.

  1. Log into with your Instagram information.
  2. You will be asked to authorize the website in order to access your pictures for safety issues.
  3. Choose 12 pictures that you have in your gallery by simply checking them off.  These will be added to your photo roll.
  4. Once you have one roll chosen, you can choose to add another roll of 12 pictures if you would like.  If so, repeat step #3, and if not, continue on to the next step.
  5. Select which paper type you would like your photos to be printed on.  Your prints will be sized in 3×3 inch squares.
  6. If you want to get fancy, you can choose to make a scrapbook, wedding gift, personal cards, stationary, or calendars from your Instagram photos.  Be creative!
  7. Provide your mailing information.  Portagram provides free shipping to: Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei.
  8. If you have a coupon code, apply that now.
  9. Make your payment with a credit card or with a PayPal account.  The standard price for 12 Instagram prints on Portagram is $6.
  10. Wait patiently for your photos to arrive!

Some More Fun Ways to Use Your Instagram Photos

There are various other ways that you can turn your Instagram photos into permanent handheld memories!  Here are some other useful places that you can use to make your Instagram photos everlasting.

PostalPix:  This iPhone application can be used to print 4-inch pictures from your photo roll for $.30 each.  PostalPix provides a matte finish on their photos, professional quality and can be easily accessed from your mobile phone.  If you want to frame your little photos, they also offer cute 4-inch wooden frames for your convenience!

CanvasPop:  If one of your pet peeves about your Instagram photos is the quality, try CanvasPop.  They provide high resolution 12-inch or 20-inch squares stretched into a canvas sized print.  The 12-inch runs at $30 and the 20-inch square will cost you $60.  They are pricey, but are a fun way to accessorize your room in a memorable fashion.

Blurb:  Photo albums are not a thing of the past — at least not with Blurb.  Blurb aims to bring back the classical style of looking at photos by offering soft cover books filled with 20 pages of your favorite Instagram photos.  These cost around $11.

Postagram:  Love sending postcards?  Postagram can help you do that with your Instagram photos!  Postagram will mail a postcard that includes a pop out Instagram photo and message to your friend of choice for $0.99.

Stickygram:  Tired of seeing pictures of your siblings all over your parents’ fridge?  A great idea to get your face on there is to use Stickygram.  Stickygram will provide you with a set of 9 photo magnets of your favorite images for $15.  Happy sticking!

Casetagram:  Want to be able to see your picture whenever you pick up your phone?  Check out Casetagram.  Casetagram will create a custom case for your iPhone with your favorite Instagram photo.  You can use a single picture or create a collage of your favorite images.  This will run you around $35.

Boo Box:  If you are in need of something for your mantle piece or at the center of your coffee table, Boo Box will help you put your favorite Instagram photos in a bamboo shadowbox.  Talk about unique!  These frames will start at $20.

Instagoodies:  Instagoodies are just what they say they are — instant pieces of goodness!  Instagoodies will print you books of one-inch stickers of your favorite Instagram photos.  It will remind you a lot of photobooth photos.  You can stick your Instagoodies on anything from your computer monitor, to your phone case or car dashboard.

how to print instagram photosTips For Great Instagram Photos

  • Consider buying a lens accessory for better photos.
  • You can remove the border from the filter app by touching  the frame icon.
  • You can combine multiple photos for a fun looking collage.
  • Find other Instagram users that take photos that you like and follow them for inspiration!
  • Do not just post pictures of food (you are not going to want to print those out anyway).
  • Try not to use too many hash tags for the sole fact that it can get annoying.

Start Snapping Away!

With all these fun ways to use your Instagram photos, you will wonder why you ever kept your images just on your phone.  Additionally, you will probably also want to take a lot more photos!  Take these tips and bookmark some of the above sties, and go Insta-crazy!