tumblr_n367jeSqBo1tx3dsoo2_1280It is important to know how to optimize your website for Udemy course sales. If it is done correctly, it can help you formulate the highest converting channel, an email list. In this article, we will walk you through optimizing your website for Udemy course sales. If you do not have a website, you can create a sales page. The ideal landing page for Udemy course sales would be a hybrid of a sales page and a squeeze page. You want to provide an email opt-in, along with the option to “buy now!” In the second part of this article, we will walk you through setting up and optimizing your landing page for Udemy course sales.

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Accent the things that make you unique. If you play the piano well, you really want Mr. Right to appreciate it. If you run in marathons, a couch potato is not a good match. If you love art, you really don’t want a man who thinks Picasso is an ice cream flavor.

Describe the things that are vital in your life. If volunteering is the one thing that makes you feel useful and worthwhile, you want someone who would, at the very least, support you if not join you in your volunteer projects. When you get beyond superficial things, you will attract men who share your values.

Invest in your online profile by hiring a professional photographer for your first online picture. This is so important. The picture is the FIRST thing men see. The second thing is that they read what you have written about yourself. Some online dating sites even provide you with a list of photographers in your area that specialize in online dating site photos.AUGUSTA, Maine A revised Maine state budget that covers a $65 million gap between revenues and spending is now law.

Gov. Paul LePage signed the bill last Thursday. The House and Senate approved it after the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee revised the governor proposal and gave its unanimous, bipartisan support.

Most of the $65 million gap resulted from overruns in the state Department of Health and Human Services. The budget addresses spending in fiscal 2011, which ends June 30. A two year budget for the two years starting July 1 is still being deliberated.

The budget rewrite is the second supplemental appropriations package lawmakers considered for the current budget cycle.

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My idiot husband’s jailhouse penpals keep showing up at our house. How do I keep them away?My feelings about Uncle Sam: It complicatedSmearing poop on walls doesn’t seem like natural human behavior, so why do people keep doing it?Matching wits with a pesky bearThanksgiving gridiron battle 100 years ago pitted Penobscots against Bangor boysWe all know the stereotypes, but the popped collar rugby player decked out in Ralph Lauren chinos from Dublin 4 versus the shell suited football player from the northside of the river is neither fair nor accurate to either side.

Residents of the northside suburb of Clontarf however, tend to be quite happy to let the stereotypes perpetuate.

Clontarf’s charms are hardly what anybody might call a secret quite the opposite to be honest but the fact cheap jerseys remains that a well refurbished period home looking out on to the sea on Clontarf’s promenade, is in every way a match, if not superior, to an equivalent property across Dublin Bay, and yet it rarely commands the same prohibitive price tag.

Sea Haven at 222 Clontarf Road, Dublin 3 is one such property.

This three bedroom home looks out across the bay, providing a view that, on a clear day, could be anywhere on the French Riviera. Nice’s Promenade des Anglais cannot hold a candle to Dublin’s seafront on a clear winter morning, even if the seafront here tends not to be populated by women in fur coats and 500 sunglasses.

Given the wholesale jerseys location and the ambience of the surrounding area, it is perhaps not surprising that agents Douglas Newman Good claim to be “proud” to offer what they call a “magnificent” property to the market.

Sea Haven has been renovated from top to bottom and now white is the main colour throughout.

The property has had its price reduced to some 835,000 in line with the wider market but is still seen as an ideal family home.

Setting the right price for a house such as this has been difficult to say the least in post bust Ireland.

As the market kept falling, there was no sign of a bottom, and without a bottom, it became almost impossible to price houses in certain areas accurately.

With the market beginning to show some signs of stabilisation, however, prices in Clontarf have begun to rise again, and setting that asking price has become a much more manageable task.

The 1,916 sq ft property is a double fronted, early Victorian/Regency family home, which dates from 1836.

Back then the house would have been most likely used as a summer or country residence for a wealthy family. Nowadays it is a mere 25 minutes from the centre of the city centre and that sort of location has made Clontarf so popular for city workers.

In this case though, both halves of the couple who currently own it have installed their own office space in the building.

Upon entering the property it is clear that while the house is nearly 170 years old, the fittings and appliances inside are a far cry from the nineteenth century.

The home has been “magnificently transformed” inside by the current owners, claim DNG, and it is not hard to see how.

Clearly no expense has been spared on redoing the house from top to bottom.

The changes have resulted in what is described as a “beautifully restored and versatile family home”.

Cream and white are the main colours throughout the house in its current form.

The house features what DNG describes as “generous” reception and bedroom accommodation.

A wealth of period detail has been maintained by the vendors, including original fireplaces, high ceilings, cornicing and architraves which are blended with the modern comforts and contemporary design buyers expect to have available to them today.

The reception rooms are bright and light filled. Clearly that is in part a reaction to the bright colours used in the rooms, but when the sun shines on the seafront, this south facing house will be drenched in sunlight.

Top quality materials are said to have been used throughout the refurbishing, with Italian marble in particular used throughout the property.

The kitchen and dining area is in a contemporary style and is very much the centre of the house.

The kitchen itself features built in appliances with a marble topped island, and provides extensive space to cook, eat or even just chill out as may be required at the time.

The real place for relaxing however, is out the back of the premises.

The rear garden has been laid is a mix of a gravel and “stunning” granite patio. That space alone makes it ideal for summer dining a patio like that without a barbecue would almost be a crime but the garden also has a degree of privacy that perhaps would not have been expected in a property such as this.

The gravel area provides for two car parking spaces if required, accessible via a laneway at the rear of the building.

Part I: Your Website

1Add a hello bar to your website announcing your course and/or offering a discount.

You want to have something that stands out to catch the visitor’s eye. You don’t want to use colors that blend in with the rest of the website. Offering a discount will create an incentive for them to click on the link to go to your course.

2Add an incentive above your email opt-in that’s related to your course (ideally, your opt-in will be above the fold).

Similar to your hello bar, you want something that stands out and provides an incentive for them to opt-in immediately. You can offer a discount to your course, free newsletter, or even a free ebook by opting in. You should also use a call to action button. The second step is to set up an autoresponder sequence that starts with a welcome email (with the incentive that you promised them) and several emails afterwards reminding them to enroll in the course. Check out our Guide to Converting Traffic to Students for examples.

3Include an ad or graphic linking to your course. (Ideally, this would be above the fold.)

You can have multiple ads promoting the different courses you have on Udemy. Seeing the same message several times will help encourage visitors to check out your course page.

4Include a course section on your website that talks about the topics and benefits that your course(s) offers.

If you have multiple courses on Udemy, you have the ability to promote them all here! You should also include your course promo video in this section. Remember to add links to your Udemy course so they can instantly enroll if they are interested!

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.13.08 AM


Have a “Buy now!” option


You should give them the ability to immediately enroll in the course. After watching your course promo video and reading through the course topics and benefits, they should see an option to “Buy now!” They may need to see the same message multiple times before taking action. Therefore, you should have a “buy now” option throughout the sales page. You want to make sure that you will have a good call to action for this. For example: “Learn how to sing karaoke now and get 20% off!” or “Enroll now and save $50!” or “Get started now!” You can check out David Travis’ sales page for an example.




Part II: Your Landing Page

[hybrid of a squeeze and sales page]


1 Create your sales page.


Website hosts like LeadPages will allow you to create a landing page in a cost and time effective manner.



Create an email opt-in above the fold with an incentive.


Since email is the highest converting channel, we want the first message that they see is to opt-in.

The goal of a squeeze page is to squeeze out emails.  You want something that stands out and provides an incentive for them to opt-in. You can offer a discount to your course or even free video lessons by opting in. You should also use a call to action button. For example: “Send Me My Videos” or “Sign me up!”

The second step is to set up an autoresponder sequence that starts with a welcome email (and the incentive that you promised them) and several emails afterwards reminding them to enroll in the course. Check out our Guide to Converting Traffic to Students for examples.



Insert a Promo Video for your Udemy course.


You should look at your course promo video as a sales pitch that shows your audience your teaching style and personality. You want to make sure that you stand out and show how your course differentiates from others. You want to explain who the course is made for, why they should take it, why the course is important, and what they will learn. The course description can be a “make it or break it” factor when determining whether or not to enroll in the course.


Have a “Buy now!” option below the fold.


The goal of a sales page is to get them to buy immediately. After watching your course promo video, they should see an option to “Buy now!” They may need to see the same message multiple times before taking action. Therefore, you should have a “buy now” option throughout the sales page. You want to make sure that you will have a good call to action for this. For example: “Learn how to sing karaoke now and get 20% off!” or “Enroll now and save $50!” or “Get started now!” You can check out David Travis’ sales page for an example.


Include the topics that you will cover in the course and the benefits.


Remember: your landing page is meant to be a sales pitch to a potential student. You should also have a “Buy now!” option below this area.




Include testimonials from your current students.


This will provide “social proof” for your Udemy course. Having testimonials will make you look more credible and knowledgeable.


7 Include a bio of yourself.

A potential student will want to know who is teaching the course. They want to make sure that the instructor is credible, knowledgeable, and appropriate to teach that specific course. You want to include recognitions, accomplishments, and/or expertise to convince them that you will have the ability to deliver quality content in the course.

8Have an email opt-in form at the bottom of the page for those who are not ready to enroll just yet.

There will be times where a visitor may be interested in your course but will feel like it’s not the right time to enroll for whatever reason. The best way to capture this group of people is to create an email opt-in at the bottom to enroll into your newsletter and the option to receive future deals and announcements for future courses. Just like the email opt-in on top of the page, you can then send out autoresponders to continue to remind them to enroll in your course. For an example of an autoresponder sequence, check out our Guide to Converting Traffic to Students.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 5.58.18 PM



So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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