how to operate computerIn today’s day and age the computer is a permanent fixture to your home and business. It is your window to a larger world, or a box that confines you. Understanding how to operate a computer correctly and efficiently does not only give you access to all of the information at the ends of the earth, but will open doors for you in your work life, social life, and love life. For this You will need to understand computer essentials.

The essential knowledge on how to operate a computer involves these key components:

Once you have these key components, you have what you need to begin learning to use one the most important social networking devices of the 20th Century. Whether you are a little older, a young child, or a business entrepreneur, you can benefit from learning to use a computer properly and efficiently. To get started first make sure the cord is firmly plugged into the power outlet and you have no loose or unplugged wires. Once you have determined that everything is in order, you can power on the machine. You will see the start-up screen appear and depending on the configuration you may need to enter a provided password, but most likely will be immediately taken to the home screen. The operating system is already installed on most modern computers, but if you have a specific operating system, such as Windows 8, you will need to upload the operating system by inserting a CD or visiting a website. Windows 8 is simple to use, but to understand some of the more important features, you can learn from the pros in a Windows 8 Tutorial. Different operating systems will allow for different program downloads. It is important to research operating systems before you buy so that you know what will fulfill your needs better. To adjust setting of your monitor, you can right-click and blank space on the screen and select properties. Alternately, you can click the start button and choose control panel. Here you will find network settings as well as display and sound options. Most installations will come with a CD or DVD. Once inserted into the drive, the computer will automatically begin the installer and get you on your way. Just follow the easy steps provided. To turn the computer off properly close all programs, then click the start menu and scroll to sign off. Select shut down and wait until the computer shuts down, then turn the speakers and monitor off.

Whether you are a gamer, writer, or researcher, you must learn to use the internet. The internet is the quantitative collection of all information saved by computers onto a network that connects all computers. The Internet is a close approximation of the phenomenon known as collective consciousness. You must pay to connect to the World Wide Web, WWW, and once you do the payment is monthly. Usually it isn’t very expensive, but be sure to shop around. Once you are successfully online you must protect yourself. This virus-protection can also extend to smart-phones and tablets because all electronics are potentially susceptible. To learn more on how to stay protected check out a cyber-shield course. Once you have set up anti virus protection and your internet, you can navigate your browser, the bar at the top of your screen, to an email provider such as where you can learn to communicate on the web! Once you finish registering on a mail server, you can close the internet browser and click the start button again. All of your programs will be located under the ‘all programs’ tab. You will have calculators, free games, microphones, notepad, and other writing software. To learn a basic understanding of computer language and how it can be used to make your life with technology easier, you can take a course where things are simplified for adults and kids alike. It is computer science for beginners and kids. Here things will be broken down step by step until you learn basics in things like SQL, Structured Query Language.  This course is taught by a fifth grader who is very experienced with computers which goes to show how rapidly the world of computers and technology is changing.

Why should I learn how to operate a computer? I don’t need that in my life. If you find yourself thinking this way or asking these questions you must understand that technology doubles every six years. The faster you learn computers the better. A cellphone now, has the computing power and memory of a computer ten years ago. With online entities such as The Cloud, memory is expanded indefinitely. If you ignore computers they will not go away. Where once the cash register was ruled by levers and switches, now exists only touchscreen and computerized inventory systems. Computers can compute amazing amounts of information in mere seconds, outpacing even the deftest of minds. Look around you, you who are viewing this from a computer. In fifteen years it is likely that 90% of what you see will be replaced with computer connected versions of themselves. To learn how to master computers you must understand everything about computers, not just how to check Facebook, email, or play computer games. It is imperative that you become proactive and explore some of the lesser known functions of computers with quality instruction.

What will improve with your knowledge and adeptness on how to operate a computer? You will be more important and integral at any workplace that uses computers and you will understand more about what is going on day to day in and out of the workplace. Many people who take the time to get to know their computers, fall in love, learn to program or build web pages, and create second income online. The web is your source for everything and the importance of learning how to navigate safely will help you, help your loved ones, and keep you connected. So take the time and learn how to properly use the tool that will eventually dominate everyday life.

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