freelance writing jobsAs a freelance writer myself, I identify with your plight to find the right freelance writing jobs that both challenge you and bring in the bucks. Writing as a profession requires dedication, persistence, and talent. That being said, high quality writers don’t automatically get enough work. There are plenty of college graduates with English and Creative Writing degrees that would agree. The truth is, your talent as a writer isn’t enough to get you work these days. You need to know how to market yourself for freelance writing jobs. In this article, I’ll give you specific techniques for marketing your writing talents, including building your brand, freelance websites, social media, and teaching online video courses through Udemy.


Building Your Brand As A Writer


The first thing you need to do as a budding writer is to establish your brand. Every writer has a unique voice, and in order to be successful, you need to uncover your strengths. Whenever you write a piece, ask for feedback from friends and trusted mentors. They will help you uncover your talents.


Once you know your voice and can articulate it throughout your writings, it is time to go public with your articles. A strong method for demonstrating your voice is through a blog. When you have your own blog, you can post any and all of your writings, and you can categorize them by the topics that matter to you.


If you have a blog about food, for example, then you can build your brand as a writer who is passionate about the culinary world and about bringing joy to your readers through your cooking and reviews of other restaurants.


The important point to remember is that every writer has his or her strengths. Once you have identified those unique strengths, then you can build your brand around them. If your strength is food blogging, then you should be building your brand around your ability to write about food. This is a surefire way to position yourself well when applying to freelance writing jobs.


Develop A Portfolio Of Your Writing Work


Let me ask you a question: if you needed work, would you hire a writer who had no past experience, or no writing samples to send you? Of course not! As a writer, you need to build a portfolio of your work. Compile your absolute best work in a PDF that you can then share with potential clients and even on freelancing websites. I recommend organizing your writing portfolio either by publication (say, The Huffington Post and USA Today) or by category (food, current events, charities). In this way, you demonstrate your writing style and abilities in an organized fashion that showcases your best work to the people in the position to hire you. Your goal in landing freelance writing jobs is to demonstrate that you have the writing chops to deliver for your clients. And a portfolio is a powerful way to demonstrate your capabilities to potential clients.


Constantly Write New Content


As a professional seeking freelance writing jobs, you need to constantly hone your craft. Whether you have paid work or not, you need to consistently write in order to keep your writing capabilities fresh. Good writing comes about as a result of practice. Your writing ability is a muscle just like any other that needs to be consistently exercised. Keep your writing current by consistently writing. In this way, when you do land your next freelance writing job, you’ll be prepared to deliver your content quickly and professionally with brilliant results.

Finding Writing Work Through Freelance Platforms


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention freelance writing jobs platforms such as Elance or Odesk. These platforms are specifically built for freelancers of all stripes to find high quality and high-paying work – whether that work is writing, web design, social media, or graphic design.


As a freelance writer, you will want to create a profile, and fill it out. You improve your odds of being hired if you have a completed profile with links to previous work and descriptions of your past work experience. Again, you don’t want to be a blank slate – the more solid work you have on your profile, the greater the likelihood that you get hired for jobs you apply for. What’s more, if you have a solid profile, you increase the chances that you will be invited for work as well.


Using Social Media To Get Writing Work


While you’re at it, don’t forget that you can improve your chances of getting work greatly by posting regularly on social media. As a blogger myself, I just recently offered to write blog posts for friends of mine with businesses and organizations through a Facebook post. As a result of that post, I have 4 new clients that want to hire me. Do not underestimate the power of your existing social network to bring you new freelance writing jobs.


Not to mention, you should really tie in your social media presence on Facebook and Twitter with your writing experience. If I write a blog post on my personal blog or on another platform, I nearly always share it to Facebook and Twitter. Not to mention, I have seen many professionals use Facebook as a writing platform all on its own. You get immediate engagement from your friends, and helpful feedback that can move your career forward.


How An Online Video Course Can Land You Writing Work


You probably haven’t considered the online video course route, but surprisingly, you can actually earn money from your writing by creating online video courses on the Udemy platform. Allow me to explain. Udemy is an online learning platform where anyone can create courses on a wide variety of subjects. As a freelance writer, you can teach other people how to write, and you earn money for each course. One course teaches how to break into freelance writing with no experience. Another course teaches students creative writing. You can use your writing ability to teach courses where you earn money and build your brand. This can lead to students of your courses becoming impressed with your capabilities. They may just offer you a freelance writing job on the spot.  s


There are a number of ways to market yourself for freelance writing jobs. Build your brand and portfolio, and keep writing! Use social media and freelance platforms, and consider online video courses. If the idea of earning extra income with your writing knowledge and expertise sounds appealing, then sign up to teach on Udemy today.


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