how to make money overnightMaking money is a necessity for every family. Fixed expenses are always present and surprise bills can seemingly come out of nowhere. When times get tough, coming up with extra cash can seem impossible. While it is difficult and every cent of money is earned with hard work, it is possible to make money overnight, or at least very quickly, with side work, selling items or taking on new projects.

Sell Items on EBay

Extra items laying around the house need to be cleaned out, especially if you need money fast. Learn how to sell on EBay in just a few hours. Write descriptions of items that are to be listed for auction, take photos and complete the listing process. Set auction times for just a few days in order to make a quick buck. Post links to items for sale on Craigslist and Facebook as well. Social media is a great tool for selling extra junk around the house.

Ebay is great for selling items that can be flipped too. Some people go to local garage sales, thrift stores, auctions and swap meets where they find antiques, collectibles and in-demand goods to sell online. Some people even flip vehicles! Doing this requires an investment of time and money, but flipping items on EBay can be a great source of primary or secondary income.

Find Day Labor Jobs

Major cities always have day labor employment agencies. This type of work is very nice for anyone who needs to make money fast and lacks computer skills necessary for doing on line work. To apply for jobs like these, write up a quick resume and fill out an application with the employment agency. If writing a resume or filling out an application is a problem, there is assistance available at nearly all agencies. Day labor jobs are quick projects lasting one day to a couple weeks. Jobs pay cash in hand daily. Work may include construction clean up, restaurant work or other manual labor jobs.

Waitress or Bartender Jobs

Bartending and waiting tables can provide a nice cash income. While the work is physically strenuous, tips can be taken home at the end of the shift. Those who are unaccustomed to this type of work my want to start slowly with a part-time position and work up to longer shifts as the body become accustomed to the job. If taking on one of these jobs to earn extra income, invest in an excellent pair of shoes with comfort insoles.

Teach an Online Course

There are several online teaching opportunities available with numerous colleges across the world. The advent of online college courses has opened up the opportunity for qualified individuals to teach online courses from home. Platforms like Udemy also allow academics to create courses using their own curriculums and sell these courses to broad audiences worldwide.

SEO Jobs

Despite what some say, SEO is certainly not dead. However, search engine algorithms are adjusted frequently. Understanding the ins and outs of SEO best practices is very important, so brush up on any recent changes by reviewing the SEOMoz Blog, read Google’s requirements via their developer tools platform or take an SEO course.  Learn about keyword research using free online tools and pick up work with local and national companies locally or online.

To apply for SEO jobs, sign up for freelance accounts on bidding websites like ODesk, Elance, Freelancer and other similar platforms. Completing testing, verification, connecting PayPal and bank accounts and meeting basic requirements may take a few days, but the trouble is definitely worthwhile. There are literally thousands of freelance projects posted on these sites every single day. The opportunities are many and the pay is relatively good. Getting certified in SEO can lead to many more job opportunities, so sign up for a certification course to get started right away.

Transcription Jobs

This is probably the easiest option for people with basic computer skills who can type quickly. To transcribe as a full time profession, specially made play/pause pedals and digital media players are required. However, it is very possible to do transcription work part time without this equipment. Wages are anywhere from $12-$17 per hour to start, though experienced transcriptionists command higher salaries. Apply for these jobs with local medical and legal professionals or online bidding platforms.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Major companies that do business on a state or national level almost always have virtual assistants available 24/7. Virtual assistants help prospective clients make purchasing decisions and help existing clients with basic customer service needs. Much of the work may be performed by doing quick research using company provided databases. At times, simply transferring customers or pointing them in the right direction is all that is needed.

Virtual assistants should have excellent sales and marketing skills and should have a willingness to serve the customer. Apply for these jobs by following job links on company websites or through job search sites, such as or Keep in mind that many of these jobs may be done from a home office.

Delivery Jobs

Freight companies often open up seasonal delivery jobs. Large companies also hire messenger services or delivery services to help them with the logistics of B2B and B2C transactions. A vehicles or some mode of transportation is necessary. These are on-call type positions, so an open schedule is also necessary. Most messengers work through agencies, though it is becoming more common for freelancers to offer their services to companies on a by-the-deliver or contract basis. Though these are high pressure jobs, the pay is great and many customers even tip in cash.

Writing and Blogging

Every popular blog must publish relevant, high quality content in order to stay on the top of web search results. Most major companies contract their writing and blogging needs to professional providers or freelancers, as full-time bloggers aren’t always affordable. Begin finding blogging jobs by creating a few samples. These samples will comprise a writing portfolio, which editors and hiring managers will use as a gauge of talent and appropriateness for their specific genre.

Samples do not have to be published, they just need to be high quality, interesting and relevant enough to catch the employer’s attention. Keep track of how much time it takes to produce one 500 word post and one 1000 word post. Set prices accordingly. Email companies directly or bid for open blogging projects through bidding platforms.

Additionally, marketing writing classes can teach hopeful writers how to sell the client’s products to their customer demographic. Use these skills to create sales pages, website content, landing pages, brochures, magazine adds, press releases, articles and so much more. With the right skill set, writing can be a very challenging and lucrative field. The best part? Projects are relatively easy to find and pay can be daily, if requested in advance.


Investing rarely makes overnight money for inexperienced individuals. However, those in the know can make a pretty penny trading stocks. It is possible to make thousands of dollars per month investing in small start ups or backing individual inventors. Keeping in mind that investing in venture capitalism is a risk, so those without the funds to gamble should steer clear of this sort of activity for short term, quick income. Success can happen, but the probability of making a quick buck is rather low while the risk of losing money is rather high. Only invest in companies who can provide proof of marketing research, have a product that is proven to be in demand and has an established business plan.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping requires a connection with a steady and reliable product provider and very good selling skills. Many online stores are actually storefronts for marketers who send orders directly to their clients so that the ordered products can be drop shipped to customers quickly.

To do this sort of work, start making connections with local business who want to sell online, but do not have the time or skills to do so. Set up a written agreement with them that establishes a commission rate, selling guidelines and outlines the client’s duties as well.

Take professional quality photos of products the clients wants to list online and jot down any specifics about the products. Many clients will provide a manufacturers spec sheet to use as a guideline for creating a product description and sales page. Be sure to do proper branding on the sales page, perform keyword research and optimize the product descriptions so they will appear in high-level positions in search engines. Connect payment method and bank account to the sales page and begin making money overnight!

A Note About Scams

Everyone who does freelance or side work must approach projects with their eyes open. Be aware of warning signs of a scam. Never respond to job offers sent directly to email addresses. If an application was not submitted for the position, it is probably a scam. Additionally, no one gives money away and expects nothing in return. Never trust offers of easy money and be ready to work hard for every dollar earned. Learn more about how to identify scam jobs and how to find work at home jobs to avoid scams and start earning real money quickly.

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