How to Make Money on eBay Without Selling Anything

how to make money on ebay without selling anythingHow to make money on eBay without selling anything?  That’s ridiculous, right?  Of course you need to sell something in order to make money, don’t you?  Well, no, you don’t. At least you don’t have to sell anything in the traditional sense of selling. There are other ways and that is what this article will show you. It isn’t just eBay, you can use this method to earn money from a great deal of companies and never have to actually sell a product to anyone.

Work a Little and Earn a Lot

With affiliate marketing you can work for a few hours to get your web pages set up and then post it and forget about it and  still make money every day. There are many ways to earn money as an affiliate with eBay and with many other companies. EBay’s affiliate program is named eBay Partner Network.

How affiliate programs work is that you sign up to be an affiliate with eBay, Amazon or another company. The company will have a form you need to fill out so they know who you are and how you plan to market their products for them.

After you are approved you will be given an affiliate number. This special number is to identify you in any click a new customer makes. So, if you have a link to eBay on your website and someone clicks on it then eBay will know that the customer was sent to them by you. This is how all companies’ affiliate programs work. That little account number is your ticket to your goldmine.

Types of Affiliate Programs

There are many types of affiliate programs, but there are two main types. The first type is pay per click. When you belong to the AdSense program with Google you are paid every time someone clicks on an advertisement that shows up on your website. Many affiliate programs have this same program, you are paid for every click. More often, though, an affiliate program will only pay you when the potential customer does something. Most of the time, doing something means buying the product they click on. With eBay, you can also get paid when someone goes to eBay and signs up there.

With larger companies their affiliate programs usually get rather complicated. They will have different payout schedules depending on which category the product purchased is in. This is how the company will attempt to get you to advertise certain categories more than others. Suppose eBay really needs to bump up their traffic in the pet supplies department. They will offer a higher commission to get you to promote that rather than office supplies.

What You Have To Do to Get Rich

In order to make money, you need to drive traffic to the company for which you are an affiliate. So, if you are an affiliate for, then you need to do things on your website that will send people to to buy merchandise.

You can send the traffic in a variety of ways. The most common way is for websites to put up banner ads. The company will usually offer you a great variety of banner ads in various sizes that promote different things. The ads the company offers will usually change every month or at least each season. As they start new promotions you will see banner ads appear for those special promotions like Mother’s Day or a big weekend sale on computers, things like that.

Banner ads will pay in a couple of different ways. Some banner ads will pay a commission on the goods and services the customer purchases while on the website. Some banner ads will pay a fee for every thousand times the banner is shown on your website. There are companies which will pay for both the impressions and also will pay a commission when a sale is made. EBay will pay for both, plus they will pay a bonus when a person signs up for eBay or when a person returns to eBay to buy after a long absence.

The large companies will offer you email ads that you can email to your affiliate mailing list of subscribers. Some companies do not allow this type of advertising and other companies encourage it. Many affiliate marketers stay in touch with thousands of subscribers and email them specials or reviews each week. These emails contain their affiliate links. The marketer’s subscribers become regular, loyal shoppers because the marketer has presented themselves as an expert in a certain genre. The shoppers will wait until they receive that weekly email before they venture out to purchase a computer part or other product that they need. A very popular affiliate marketing technique is to offer weekly discount codes for popular shopping destinations or brands.

Product reviews are another very popular way for bloggers to earn a living. The blogger will write a blog post giving all the details of a particular item that is for sale on eBay or on Amazon. Readers of the blog will see the write up and click on the affiliate link to buy the product. One nice thing about most affiliate programs is that the customer does not have to purchase that particular product that they click on because anything they buy on the company’s website will earn commission. With some companies the affiliate link will create a cookie on the company’s website that will last for as long as a month, so if the customer doesn’t buy today but does tomorrow, the affiliate will still get credit for that sale.

How You Get Paid

For eBay, you will earn a portion of what eBay charges the seller. So, if your affiliate link had a customer go to eBay and buy something then you earn a portion of what eBay charges that seller. EBay is not very generous to sellers these days and the fees are known to be a bit high. So, your portion could be a tidy sum on a more expensive item.

These eBay commission rates are quite good, actually. For instance, right now if the customer you sent buys in the Parts & Accessories category, then you make 70% of the eBay fees to the seller. There are various rates that go as low as 50% for their Media category. The commission structure is set up in such a way that it makes it very much worth sending out emails each week to a list of eager subscribers! Imagine earning 50% of the fees for selling a new car on eBay!

With Amazon, the affiliate fees operate a little bit differently. There are no bonuses for a person signing up for a buying account at Amazon or anything like that. It is a straight commission of the selling price of the product. The exception is when Amazon offers a special bonus for something. Right now Amazon is offer a $2 bonus for every person you cause to sign up for Amazon Prime.

Amazon’s commission is a tiered schedule that starts at 4% of the selling price. The commission percentage goes up depending on how many products were sold that month by the traffic you sent. So, if the people you sent to Amazon with your affiliate links resulted in only 5 products shipped then you will earn only 4% for those products. If 3,200 products were shipped or downloaded that month then you will earn 8.5% for those products sold.

On Amazon’s commission schedule there are a lot of exemptions and special rules and it gets incredibly complicated. It is difficult to know exactly what you are earning sometimes and their reporting system isn’t very clear either.

With an affiliate program with the larger places like eBay or Amazon, they will deposit your earnings every calendar quarter or monthly into your bank account or PayPal account.  With other companies they will usually either send you a check when you request it or let you spend the amount while shopping on their website.

How to Earn Without Selling Anything

If you want to get on board with an affiliate program, you will need to decide if you want to directly email a list of subscribers, write articles on websites or run advertisements on a website. Then you need to decide what kind of website to make. With affiliate programs for eBay and Amazon, their products are so varied that you can create any kind of product link.  It will be easy to match any website content. When you are an affiliate for a smaller company, your links need to match the content you have and that might be a little more difficult.

You should probably take some classes on affiliate marketing or read up on earning money as an affiliate on the Internet to learn more about how to make money on eBay without selling anything. There are a lot of hints and tricks you can use to make a lot of money working this way. The more you know, the more you are going to earn as an affiliate.