How to Make a Video – The Secrets to Creating Online Video Tutorials to Growing Your Business

start a youtube channelYou want to grow your business. And you know that your customers are just waiting for you, online. You might not know it, but as the internet gets faster, people are expecting to interact with your business and brand with video. Video is a powerful medium for communicating information. You can teach, inform, educate, and inspire when you know how to make a video. It also happens to be a terrific tool for building a client base – if you become an instructor with the right video tutorial platform such as Udemy. Read on to learn how to make a video to grow your business online…

Why Make A Video Course?

These days, entrepreneurs of all stripes are turning to video courses to both educate potential customers and actually win new business. Video courses are extremely powerful for a number of reasons. First of all, when you teach a video course, you build your authority with the viewer. You are the instructor, and the student will see you in a position of high value. And second, you actually share valuable information in your video course. This increases your value in the eyes of your student. Therefore, if you want to engage in upselling at the close of your video course, your student will be primed to buy. Not to mention, when you teach a video course, you become a leader in the eyes of your students. As a leader, you can guide your students to making good choices that will benefit their lives.

How To Make A Video

Now that you understand the importance of a video course in growing your business online, let’s dive into learning exactly how to make a video that will lead to new business for your company. The first step is to understand exactly what you can teach to your students. Once you know what to teach, you need to prepare your slides. You can either use PowerPoint or Keynote for this task. Then, you need to record your screen. Let’s dive into each of these points in greater detail.

What Can You Teach?

Ideally, you should already know the answer to this question. But on the off-chance the answer isn’t rolling off the tip of your tongue, this section will help clarify for you exactly what you should teach. If you are a personal trainer, or a business coach, or a Photoshop expert, then this section is fairly self-explanatory. You teach your area of expertise. If you are an expert at a certain skill, or if you have specialized knowledge in an area of value to people, then teach that.

If you are a business person, then you’ll want to teach something relevant to your business. For example: A person that has a social media company can teach social media to clients. You could have a plumbing company, and you teach a course in how to replace a pipe under your sink, or how to hire the right plumber. The end goal is that you offer material that can benefit the life of your student, and that positions you as the authority on the subject.

Prepare Your Presentation

Now that you know what to teach, you need to prepare your presentation. The presentation is a crucial part of how to make a video, as you will organize your thoughts in an easily digestible format. You will want to first prepare an outline for your presentation, and then fill in your presentation with valuable information and anecdotes. You should focus on a clean, visually appealing style. You don’t want to use too many colors or different fonts, as this can create confusion in the student. On the other hand, you do want your presentation to be well-organized and clean.

Prepare Visual Aids

Text is helpful, but incorporating images and multimedia into your video course often results in increased understanding. Human beings are attracted to the physical form, so you will want to have images and video of people to help send your points home. You want to have perhaps one image per slide, but don’t go crazy and fill up each slide with multiple images. The main goal here is to aid in increased understanding. So please keep that in mind as you prepare your visual aids – they should enhance your presentation rather than distract your students.

Capture Your Screen

Now that you’ve completed the preparation of your presentation, it is time to record your videos. The preferred method for a video course at Udemy is the slide format, with the instructor speaking over the slides. This means that you want to communicate your message both through speech and through the slides. I recommend practicing your presentation a number of times before your actually record it. When you do record your presentation, you will want to know your presentation inside and out. This will help contribute to you demonstrating your subject matter expertise, as you will sound confident regarding not only the material, but also the specifics of your presentation.

Putting It All Together

I highly recommend the platform Udemy for teaching your video course. As an instructor at Udemy, you can not only offer a video course that can grow your business, you can also charge for each person that takes your course. This is therefore a self-funding growth mechanism for your business. Your video course can help you demonstrate your expertise, build your brand, and can actually pre-sell a lot of what you offer. For example, a fitness expert may teach a course in proper nutrition that helps that fitness expert attract students for more in-depth trainings later.

Are you ready to supercharge your business with video trainings that pre-sell your services while delivering significant value to potential clients? If so, don’t wait another second. Sign up as an instructor on Udemy to teach your course and grow your business today.