How to Make a Scrapbook – On Paper and Digitally

how to make a scrapbookIf you’re like most families, you probably have boxes and boxes filled with family photos, or you likely have dozens of photo albums flooded with images. However, you might go back through these photo albums or boxes of photos and find yourself forgetting details of the event or wishing you had some place you could jot down some unforgettable memories to share with family and friends. The best way to do this is by creating a scrapbook of your images.

There are two different kinds of scrapbooks you can keep – paper and digital. Both have their benefits and their drawbacks, which will be discussed. You will also learn how to create a paper scrapbook and a digital scrapbook. If you want to take great photos to fill your scrapbooks, learn photography fundamentals with an online course.

How to Create a Paper Scrapbook

Your paper scrapbook begins with just one page, and how you design that page is completely up to you and your creativity. First, you’re going to want to start by collecting your photos and any keepsakes you might have that go along. Make sure that you start with just one memory – a child’s birthday, your wedding, or a graduation. Pick the photos your want, and pick your supplies to coincide with the memory.

If it’s a birthday, you might want to consider using colors from the balloons or themed paper that matches the theme of the party. You will then want to pick out coordinating colors to mount your photos on and leave room for writing. Mount the photos onto the base paper with double-sided tape or glue, and mount the blank paper you will write on as well.

Decorate and accentuate your page with stickers, letters, and add some kind of title. You can look at some example pages to better help you put together an amazing page. When you’re finished, consider keeping your pages in page protectors and some kind of folder. There are scrapbook albums available that come with included page protectors. To keep your scrapbook from becoming to big, consider keeping separate folders for different events or years.

The Pros and Cons of a Paper Scrapbook

  • Pros

If you have a lot of printed photos from years ago, this option will likely be the easiest for storing those photos. It will give you instant access to beautiful pages of memories that you can enjoy over and over again. This is also a great project for people that like to work with their hands because there’s a lot of gluing and putting things together. The only limit is your creativity.

  • Cons

Purchasing the materials can run a little pricey especially once you really get into it. Your paper will run thin, and you’ll have to buy more. Stickers get more and more costly the more detail you want on them. There’s vellum paper with famous quotes and phrases for all kinds of occasions and so much more that you can buy. If you want to see just how much stuff there is involved in scrapbooking, visit your local craft store.

Not only can purchasing the materials get costly, but printing the photos can start to run pretty high too. With new programs being released for smartphones every day, scrapbooks are beginning to become obsolete as programs allow you to share your photos instantly with friends and alter them in any way you like. There are programs out there that even allow you to journal right on your photos.

How to Create a Digital Scrapbook

In this modern day and age, many have turned to their computers, smartphones, and tablets to create digital books to keep their photos in. Since most photos are taken with smartphones these days, it can often be seen as the easier method. There are a great number of programs out there that you can use so here is a short list of just a few of them. If you are an iPhone user, consider taking an online course to become a pro at scrapbooking.

This particular program is available for your computer and gives you all the tools you need to create scrapbooks right on your monitor. If you want extra “materials,” you have to purchase more packs, but they do have free packs available. As an extra bonus, they tend to offer a free photo book so you can print your digital scrapbook creation professionally.

This particular website doesn’t have all the creative tools and materials that MyMemories has, but it does allow you to pick your layout, add your own photos, and input your own words. However, if you’re not too eager to have a scrapbook filled with stickers and other embellishements, these simple and easy-to-customize photo books make it great for technically-challenged people to create beautiful memory books. They have some very beautiful wedding photo books, and if you are interested in taking great photos of family weddings to share, try taking an online course.

This particular Android application wasn’t originally in English, but it is one of the two most highly-rated scrapbooking apps available for Android devices. Within this app, you can purchase additional materials for a small fee, but there is a decent beginning selection of materials available with the free download. You can easily add stickers, text, photo frames, and select different papers to use for the backgrounds.

Like Everybody! Scrapbooking, this app doesn’t appear to have originated in the English language. Though a bit difficult to maneuver, the app allows you to take an image and add to it. You can add more than one photo, add a frame, and add stickers to the photos. However, unlike Everybody! Scrapbooking this particular app doesn’t allow you to create photo albums and is more like separate pages or photos.

The Pros and Cons of a Digital Scrapbook

  • The Pros

One of the great things about a digital scrapbook is that you can have it with you digitally. With a scrapbook app on your phone or tablet, you can easily share your entire scrapbook with friends and family. Most scrapbook apps and computer software has a way to print your scrapbook, which will allow you to have a printed copy of your scrapbook too. Even if the app or computer software doesn’t have a way to print the scrapbook, there is usually some way to export your pages, and you can use a professional program like Shutterfly to print your scrapbook.

  • The Cons

Like a physical scrapbook, purchasing the “materials” for your digital scrapbook can start to get expensive. Many of the applications include a small amount of materials available for free, but most of the items the usual person would want cost a small fee. Another downside to a digital scrapbook is being unable to share it with people who are technologically challenged. Even a simple scrapbook can be too difficult for some technologically challenged people to maneuver.

Final Words

Both paper and digital scrapbooks have their pros and cons, and both can be enjoyable to the creator of the scrapbook. Paper scrapbooks are great to show off in your living room and other places in your house. Your digital scrapbooks are great for sharing with people who can’t visit often, and both will cost money.

If you have some money to spend, creating a scrapbook is a great hobby that can exercise your creativity and relieve some stress from the day. Plus, when you look through the photos and start creating the journal entries to go with them, you will leave memories behind that you can look back at. These memories will stick even as the years pass and the details start to fade, and by looking through your scrapbooks, the events can become just as clear as the day they happened.

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