As I mentioned in my previous Udemy post Why the Udemy Affiliate Program is so rewarding, I started my Udemy Affiliate journey in September 2011. Udemy’s Affiliate Program pays the affiliate a very competitive commission. You can simultaneously promote education and make some income for you and your family.

In 2012, I received a call from Danielle from Udemy and she asked me about my goals with the Udemy Affiliate Program. At the time I made around $150/month. She asked me how I would feel if I made $1000 per month. I said that I wish to get there one day! And that day came in September 2013 when I made $1660.60!

How did I get to these results?

1. Work hard, be perseverant, raise your goal

udemy-shines-educations-for-all-continuingeducation.meI started slowly and gradually grew my knowledge and my results with the Udemy Affiliate Program.

When you start you may not see many results, but that’s normal. You need to continue, improve your methods, learn from others and work hard. You can put a few hours aside every day to prepare and promote your Udemy deals.

While in the beginning I made under $100/month, after a few months I averaged $150/month. In 2013 my monthly average income went up to $350-$400/month, with a $500 high recently.

As you make your first money, raise your goal to make more. Make your first target $100, then $200, $500, $1000, $1500 and up. The results will follow.

When I got past $500 in September, I knew this was the moment to aim for $1000. Then there were few more days in the month to aim even higher, so I ended up with $1660.60.

2. Make and keep good connections

One of the best practices is creating and maintaining partnership relations.

My first contacts were the great people on Udemy’s Team. They encouraged me, answered my questions and provided me with excellent online promotion tools.

In the beginning, I contacted Udemy instructors to offer to promote their courses. I always got a good response and I kept in touch with many of them. I highly value this great business partnership with Udemy instructors. Now I am contacted by Udemy instructors to promote their courses.

Another idea is to make business partnerships with other people interested in cross-promoting posts and articles.

If you want me to promote your Udemy courses, please contact me on my website.

3. Wise use of social media tools

In September 2013 a change of gears happened. I had some great courses to promote and I got better at using social marketing tools and at timing my promotions.

As you may have noticed, people are increasingly interested in online education. Also September is the “back to school” month, so these Udemy deals were even more appealing! On the other side, August was a slow month considering that many people in the US and Canada take their vacations at that time.

I use Hootsuite for both manual and scheduled posts to all my social media networks. (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.). I also use Instagram for funny marketing posts (photos or video), with the help of my cat Mr. Tom and my daughter’s cat Mr. Charlie. Periodically check your stats reports to see which promotions get the most clicks. For example, you can do this with Hootsuite reports. Adapt your social media campaigns to your audience. Include a variety of course offers to generate more interest. Use keywords in your posts.

4. Be on the Udemy marketing trend wave

See which courses are popular on Udemy and promote them. Udemy shows the popular and new courses on their homepage. Udemy sends newsletters with trending and popular courses to their subscribers. You can get some inspiration from these and you can also adapt your promotions to the current trends.

5. Expand your methods as you grow

While in the beginning I only promoted my courses on Twitter & Facebook, I realized that I needed to generate more traffic and save time to prepare my promotions. Here are some tips to achieve this:

– post your Udemy promotions on your website

– get a custom domain name to easily promote your website

– create a Google+, Facebook or LinkedIn Group

– build a newsletter list with your interested contacts and send a weekly newsletter to your subscribers

– post to all your social media networks

– create a Udemy course of your own and promote it to get more revenue; as I’m gaining more experience, I’m also working on my first Udemy course

– create or use some tools to help you save time for preparing your Udemy deals (Hootsuite, MarketMeSuite, some custom programming)

Wish you good sales for everyone involved in the Udemy Affiliate Program!

About Lucian Mihailescu

lucian_mihailescu_2012_239x199-150x150Lucian is a Computer Programmer with 20+ years of experience. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from University of Bucharest and a background in High School Computer Science Education.

For the past five years, Lucian worked as an Affiliate & Social Media Manager for . Lucian is an expert in PHP & Internet related workshops. He presented many live seminars on location and over the internet, in Romania, Germany and Canada. His preferred subjects: “Working with PHP & MySQL” and “How to use a CMS” (Content Management System). He volunteered for other classes, such as: “Internet basics for Seniors” held in his hometown of Maple Ridge, BC, Canada (Vancouver Area).

Lucian is preparing his soon to be released Udemy course. This course will teach you how to start from zero and earn money as a Udemy Affiliate. The course targets beginners and intermediate affiliates, and includes sections for advanced affiliates.

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