How to Lose Weight in the Face

how to lose weight in the faceThis article contains hints and tips on how to lose weight in the face and how to lose weight all over so that you will look your very best. There are things you can do to make your face look thinner and more attractive.

How to Lose Weight Quickly

When you lose weight, you lose it all over and usually the first place people notice is the weight you’ve lost in your face. Your face will show that you have lost a lot of weight sooner than other parts of the body. So, if you want a thinner face, then you need to lose a little bit of weight.

The latest way to lose weight fast isn’t with dieting, it is by doing sudden bursts of activity. This sudden workout will kick your metabolism up and when that happens you will burn more calories. You will find that you easily drop a lot of pounds fast.

How this weight loss trick works is that you do sudden bursts of activity. You can do this by doing several sets of jumping jacks for about ten minutes a day or you can take up a hobby that requires you to do a big work out. Gardening is a good way to get a great variety of activity. Sometimes you are quietly weeding and other times you’re doing hard labor digging holes and pulling tree roots. Even playing with kids or chasing your pet through the yard is a good way to get these sudden bursts of activity. The key to this way to lose weight is to do this about four days out of the week. The high level of activity needs to be for about ten to twenty minutes at a time and can be as little as once per day.

After about two or three weeks of doing these bursts of high activity you will start to notice that your stomach grumbles in hunger a lot. You will find yourself hungry all the time because your body is burning up fat. Your body always wants to maintain the same weight so it is letting you know that it needs more food in order to stay at your current weight. If you don’t give in and just eat normally then you will start to lose weight.  The stomach grumbling will subside in a day or two.

When you start dropping the pounds, people will remark on how much weight you have lost in your face. Your face is always the first place to show weight loss. Your check bones will look higher and you will look much thinner around the mouth. Your neck will be a lot more trim and your double chin might disappear.

Using Make-Up to Have a Thinner Face

You can use makeup to make your face appear thinner without the trouble of losing weight. Some people are born with a very round face and it doesn’t matter how much weight they lose, they will still have a round, fat looking face. If you want your face to look thinner then you can use makeup and shadowing to give your face a thinner appearance.

The way makeup works to create a thinner look is you use a combination of dark colors and light colors. The darker colors make things look sunken in and the light color makes it appear bigger. So, if you have a dark spot and put white right next to it then it looks like the dark spot goes deeply inward.

Try this makeup trick: use a bronzer that is two shades darker than your skin. Put your normal blush on your cheekbones and brush it back to your ear. Next use the dark bronzer just under that. Use your makeup brush to blend them together so there are no distinct lines, being careful to not mix the colors very much. Now step back from the mirror and you can see how much higher your cheekbones look and how much thinner your face appears.

You can also use this darker bronzer under your chin to make your double chin far less noticeable. This is a trick men have always used, but when they use this trick they grow a beard!  It has the same end result. The darker color makes their neck appear a lot thinner and gives more definition to the face.

To make your nose look smaller you can use the light color, a highlighter, down the bridge of your nose and put a little bit darker color or bronzer on the sides of your nose. This trick will make your nose look thinner.

To make your face appear thinner overall you can really do up your eyes great. By going overboard with your eye makeup, it makes the rest of your face less pronounced and it appears smaller.

Get some professional suggestions from a cosmetologist on your eyebrows. If your eyebrows are more arched then it gives a slimmer appearance to your face by balancing it out. Your face isn’t thinner, but it no longer looks fat because it is properly balanced and it all fits together in a very attractive way.

Your want thick and pronounced eyebrows, not super thin ones. If you use an eyebrow pencil that is one shade darker than your brow color then you will be able to color in any missing spots and smooth them out. You might even want to draw them in a little thicker if you have been over-plucking them or have natural bald spots in them. You can emphasize the arch by putting a little highlighter under the arch on each side to give your eyes that deep set look and show off your great arches.

Use a blush color that has more brown in it than red. Red and pink blushes can make the face look chubby. If you want to make it look like you have lost weight in the face, then go with more of a brown color with your blush. You will have to experiment with the colors over time. You certainly don’t want to look like you’re dead or have dirt on your face, so you need to find one that is darker but not too dark for your skin tone.

How to Lose Weight All Over

If losing weight all over is something you really need to do, then there are some fun ways to get that done. Yoga can be a very relaxing and an enjoyable way to get more activity into your life in order to get into better shape. You can start with a yoga class and learn a little bit at a time until you are able to dedicate a lot of time to it. There are classes that specialize in yoga and weight loss.

Another trick to losing weight doesn’t require any special diet. What you do is just cut the amount of food on your plate in half. If you normally eat a whole sandwich, then cut that sandwich in half. If you normally eat a hamburger, fries and a soda, then get the kid’s meal instead. What you will find is that you very rarely miss that other half of the food. Eating only half of your normal portion is still very satisfying and actually leaves you full. It can be difficult to maintain this psychologically, so you need to have a free zone day. Pick one day of the week where you can eat as much as you want, but keep strict with the reduced portions for the other six days of the week.

A traditional workout program is good for weight loss and for your overall health. Exercise makes your blood flow and you feel healthier and more energetic. You can start doing stretches or maybe just a new walking program for a few minutes every day to start. Soon you will find that the increase in activity will have caused you to drop ten pounds in no time at all.

As a last resort, if you need to lose a hundred pounds or more there are weight loss surgeries you can get. There is the lap band surgery and gastric bypass surgery. Having surgery is an extreme measure and reserved for people whose weight has become life threatening.

How to Have a Thinner Face

How to lose weight in the face is easier than it seems. With a combination of some makeup tricks and a little bit of weight loss, your face will look thinner and more beautiful than ever before. You will have a newer, healthier you in no time at all.