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Ken Schultz is a professional photographer and Udemy Fellow, with over 500 students enrollled in his EasyDSLR series.  In this Video made specifically for Udemy instructors, ken shows you how a relatively inexpensive Lighting setup can enhance the quality of your Videos and provides tips on lighting setup and correct Exposure.

The inexpensive softboxes used in this video are:

ePhoto VL9026s 2000 Watt Lighting Studio Portrait Kit with Carrying Case with 2 Soft boxes, 2 Light Heads and 10 Fluorescent Bulbs

A much more expensive option (although better quality does not have the multiple bulb feature) is the:

Photoflex StarLite HD/DSLR Video Kit with 1 Starlite QL Head, 1000 watt Tungsten & 150 watt Fluorescent Bulbs, Light Stand & Case

I have a 2 Videos on using DSLR Cameras for HD Video in my EasyDSLR Digital Photography Course: Advanced

For a great instruction on creating a course check out Miguel’s “How to Create an Awesome Online Course”

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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