Learn to Code by Making Games

Learn To Code by Making Games - The Complete Unity Developer

Imagine building your first 3D game alongside other students, under the guidance of a game development pro. Now imagine picking up resume-worthy skills like C# and object oriented programming along the way. Sound interesting? The good news is, it’s been done before – by over 90,000 students.

Whether you’re a gamer with a techie side, interested in building your resume, or just ready to merge hobby with learning, Udemy is now offering the online game development course “Learn to Code by Making Games”. As you create your games, you will learn C#, including Test Driven Development, along with the basics of coding and game development.

Learning C#: The Fun Way

C# is widely considered one of the most valuable programming languages to learn, and doing so doesn’t have to be a struggle. C# was designed to be relatively simple, reading closer to English, making it a great introduction for those new to the coding world. When it comes to game development, C# is the recommended language, with Unity being the primary game engine.

Learn from an Expert

Ben Tristem is a best-selling instructor, game developer, and online entrepreneur. An angel investor with a degree in computing, he fell in love with game development through one of his investments, and now spends his time sharing his passion with others.

The Power of Project-Based Learning

For most of us, true learning happens through hands-on engagement, as opposed to memorizing dry theory. This course will allow you to develop through projects, walking you through the creation of your first games. You will interact directly with the platform, and then be able to re-apply your gained knowledge.

Set Up for a Beginner’s Success

If you’re starting from scratch, that’s wonderful. You don’t need any prior coding or Unity experience to take this course. The course starts from the ground up, allowing you to learn as you go, from principle to practice.

What to Expect

Topics covered in this course include: Basic Scripting, Objects and Classes, How to Load Scenes, Using Static Variables, Playing Background Music, and more. Learn through video lectures, alongside quizzes, projects, and support. You’ll have access to the course forum to discuss projects as you go, as well as support from the instructor.

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