How to Learn English Quickly

how to learn english quicklyEnglish is classified as a “borrowing” language because its roots like in the mixture of West Germanic and Anglo-Frisian dialects. This consists of Old English and Old Frisian. There is a large difference between Middle English and Old English. The reason had to do with two invasions that took place in the Middle Ages. First, parts of Britain were colonized by people who spoke West Germanic languages in the 8th and 9th centuries A.D. After that, Britain was conquered by the Normans in the 11th century. They spoke Old Norman. These two major events formed the Anglo-Norman language.  Get a head start on learning English by taking this Udemy course, Learn to Speak Fluent English.

By the late 15th century, early Modern English was standardized as a London-based dialect used in government and administration. This helped to make the language more uniform. Today’s modern English, which was established in the 17th century had many vocabulary additions as a result of the industrial revolution. In addition, it is a flexible language, including new words as they rise in popularity.

For example, “selfie” was recently added to the Oxford dictionary in 2013. Furthermore, over 1,000 new words are added to the Oxford Dictionary every year.

Why Should You Learn English?

As it stands, English is currently considered the language of global business. Even though other countries are growing in power, it will be several decades before the worldwide adoption of a new language of global business. That means that English will still be considered the dominant world language for a while.

To illustrate, if you have a Japanese manufacturer, a French buyer and a Mexican supplier working together, more than likely, they will be speaking English. Some professions, such as an airline pilot, require English proficiency regardless of where the pilot is based or from.

Also, learning English helps to expand your employment opportunities. Having the ability to communicate in more than one language, proficiently, makes you more desirable to employers. Not to mention, if you want to work professional-level jobs in the U.S., employers require that you speak about as well as a native.

If you watch movies or television, most of the most popular versions come from America. This means they are written in and spoken in English. Of course, subtitles are added in different countries. However, to truly understand their meaning and even unwritten innuendos, it helps to learn English.

The Internet also plays a significant role in the world’s communication. Right now, most of the world’s most popular websites are originally written in English. It helps to understand the language to fully understand their context. Even with translation options, there are items that do get lost in translation.

If you move to a country that speaks English, predominantly, it will be imperative for you to learn the language. Otherwise, you would become quickly frustrated when you cannot perform simple tasks with ease.

Also, learning English expands your world to new friends, relationships and possibilities. You can meet a vast array of English speaking people that you can communicate with when you speak English. So, now you probably want to determine how to learn English quickly.

These two Udemy courses will help you learn rapidly, 8 Secrets to English Success and An Introduction to English Pronunciation.

Have Passion

For many, speaking English can takes years of trial and error. However, this is because they take the task of learning fairly lightly. If you want to learn English quickly, you need to be obsessed with the language. This means you do not spend 30 minutes a day studying here and there. No, you need to spend at least eight hours a day practicing. Sure, that does sound like much work. It is; there is no question. But, if you want to learn fast, this is the route you have to take. If you need motivation, imagine how quickly your life would change if you could speak English fluently.

Listen and Read

Make an effort to only read English literature and only listen to English-speaking music and media. Before you start speaking, it is crucial to understand how words are said and pronounced. Keep your earphones in your ears at all times and just listen. Read voraciously. Even if you do not comprehend all of the words, keep doing it. Eventually, things will start to fall in place for you. Moreover, you can always start with English children’s books and work your way up to novels.

Do Not Pay Too Much Attention to Grammar, Initially

At some point, you can focus on grammar. Right now, the goal is learn to speak English, naturally. If you spend most of your time figuring out how to memorize English grammar rules, you will get stumped. This is especially true if you are extremely new to the language. Grammar makes you think about how to say what you want to say. You do not have the level of expertise yet to make the right choices. You should just start off with speaking in a form that feels most natural to you.

Positive Reinforcement

The benefits of rewards are numerous. Although, you want to make sure the rewards mean something. So, whenever you reach a milestone, reward yourself. Determine things you enjoy that are not too expensive. To illustrate, if you make it through your first English book, give yourself a break or maybe an outing with friends and family. Perhaps your favorite beverage or clothing item would help. When you correlate rewards with accomplishment, you will reach your goal much more easily and quickly.

Take a Language Course

The good news is with the Internet; you can be a student anywhere in the world. You are no longer held back by physical and traditional classrooms. You can learn English even if you live in a cave, in one of the remotest areas of the world. That is if you have an Internet connection, of course. Also, you get to review classes that may have been particularly difficult for you. In a traditional classroom, you are bound by your notes and your memory. You should also read this Udemy blog, Tips on How to Speak English Like an American. So, go online and find the right English class for you!