How to Kiss a Woman – A Guide for Men

how to kiss a womanThat first kiss can be a magical part of any new relationship. If you’ve never kissed a girl before, however, you might be feeling a little nervous. Of course, before you can even think about kissing a girl, you’ll have to ask her out. You can find cute ways to do that with this article. If you’ve already snagged a date, you’re ready to start preparing for that kiss. With a little bit of set up and the right technique, you’ll be ready to move on from first kiss to increasing your kissing arsenal. Take a course in dating for men, which even has a section on learning how to kiss.

The Prep Before the Kiss

Just like you prepared for your date , you’ll want to prepare for the kiss too. Many of the tips below can be done during the date to prepare for the kiss. Don’t worry if you’re nervous because everyone is with that first kiss. Take a class to help overcome that dating anxiety.

  • Don’t kiss with a dirty mouth

This doesn’t mean that you have to carry around a toothbrush in your pocket so that you can be prepared to brush your teeth before you lean in for the kiss. It simply means there are certain things you need to avoid so that your breath doesn’t smell when you finally get that kiss. If you went out to dinner, you’ll want to avoid eating something that’s too odorous like onions or garlic. Italian dressing can also smell a little foul when you’re going in for a kiss.

Carry mints or minty gum. Mints will freshen your mouth, and most gums contain a component called xylitol that can help with dental health. Plus, it helps to stimulate saliva flow so your mouth and lips won’t be dry. If you can, stock up on some Colgate Wisps. They fit in your pocket, have a little tiny toothbrush head to get off any embarrassing stains, and they don’t require any water.

Most types also have a toothpick at the end of them so you can get rid of any embarrassing food stuck between your teeth. A quick run to the bathroom won’t seem suspicious at all and will give you a few moments to quickly run that Wisp over your teeth.

  • Flirt it up

Be respectful, but don’t be afraid to flirt. You’ve already gotten her out on that first date so she obviously likes you or is willing to try it out. Use her body language to show you what’s okay and what’s not when you’re flirting. Take a class in body language if you’re not sure how to read unspoken signals. However, a good rule of thumb is that if she’s touching your arm or brushing her fingers against your hand, there’s a chance that it’s okay for you to touch too – but be respectful.

  • Pick the right timing

Your first kiss should be private. Don’t kiss her in the restaurant if you took her out to dinner. Instead, kiss her as you drop her off at her place. Use the kiss as a way of saying goodbye at the end of the date.

  • Ask for it

It might seem a little silly, but asking if you can kiss her will show that you respect her feelings. It will also give you a definite answer as to whether or not she feels comfortable kissing you tonight.

The Kissing Technique

If you’ve never kissed a girl before, you might not know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, there’s no class to teach you how to kiss, but you can try following the technique below for having your first kiss. Learn the secrets of true love with an online class.

You’re going to want to move your face slowly toward hers. This will give her a chance to tell you to wait if she’s not prepared, and you’ll avoid a slap to the face if you didn’t ask if you could kiss her first. Don’t try some kind of pro kissing on the first kiss – just keep it simple. Go for a closed-mouth kiss, and close your eyes just moments before her lips touch yours.

Tilt your head at a different angle than hers. Going in at the same angle will cause the two of you to bump noses instead of meeting lips. Move slowly, and let her lead. If she wants a deeper kiss, you’ll know because she’ll instigate it. Moving too quickly will make you look nervous and inexperienced. Trying to lead will make it look like you just want to get into her pants.

Don’t be afraid to use your hands. Touch her face or the back of her head, and hold her gently around the waist. Don’t be forceful, and don’t pull her flush against you. This is a first kiss, not a bedroom kiss. Also, don’t forget to breathe. Many people do, and some of them even pass out during the kiss. If you can’t find a break to take a quick breath, pull away gently to kiss her cheek or her forehead.

Adding to Your Kissing Arsenal

Once you’ve got the hang of the basics, you can start learning more. The more you kiss, the better you’ll get. With luck, you’ll be kissing the same girl while you learn. Learn how to French kiss, make out, and kiss with passion. As your relationship changes, so will the kiss you give her at the end of the night.

Along with different styles of kissing, you’re going to want to get used to kissing in public. Not every kiss you give her will be in private as the relationship continues.