How to Improve Vocabulary: 7 Quick Tips

how to improve vocabularyWe all have times when we are at a loss for the right words in a specific situation, looking back and wishing we had said one thing or another. Feeling tongue-tied happens to the best of us. However, there are many methods for ensuring that you can always find the right word at the right time. When you start learning how to improve vocabulary, you realize that the world seems even more bright and hopeful. You open your mind, you might impress others, and you get the results you want. In fact, learning and memorizing the vocabulary of any language is a valuable skill you can learn online quickly and effectively.  Read on to get started!

Ways Having a Good Vocabulary Helps You:

Evoke Intelligence

People love individuals who convey that they take time and make sacrifices to get better educated. We are all given the same number of hours in a day. What makes each of us different is how we choose to spend those hours. When you have a strong vocabulary, people view you as intelligent and well spoken. They might think you have even more knowledge than you actually do. It can lead to respect and admiration. In addition, you can use your learning to help others improve their vocabulary. Big bonus for paying it forward.

Communicate Effectively

Life is all about communication. Your verbal expression is paramount to what happens in your life. Haven’t we all had those days when we wish we expressed ourselves more efficiently? Maybe our boss asked for our suggestions about a project and we were at a loss for words. Then, a co-worker stepped in, and we lost our opportunity to make a valuable contribution. Humans can be judgmental. You are not only judged by your appearance, but by the way you speak, as well.

Increase Your Insights

When you take your words away, you remove your ability to open your mind. You can no longer reason because you do not have the vocabulary needed to do so. If you have a limited vocabulary, it makes it more difficult to break away from old patterns and ways of thinking. Words really are powerful. On the other hand, every new word you learn opens up a new form of thinking. It gives you energy because you start to feel a new sense of self. Moreover, you start to realize how many new doors can open for you, as a result.

Methods for Improving Your Vocabulary:

Make the Time

Remind yourself of the significance of improving your mind’s word list. Set aside time daily or five days a week to learn. Mark in your calendar to help you remember. Life is full of surprises, and you might not always make your commitments. Nonetheless, you are more likely to move forward if you make it a priority.

If having a better memory is what you need, try this course on memorization techniques to help you retain the vocabulary knowledge.

Get Social

Just like traveling, speaking to people helps you to learn more about the world. You get exposed to a wide variety of cultures and occupations, which helps you to learn new words. Each person has their own unique way of expressing themselves. You can take what you have observed and tailor it to however you decide you want to present yourself. In addition, speaking to others helps you to practice your expanded vocabulary too.

how to improve vocabulary

Read Often

Read as much as you can and often. The good news is there are a lot of free books you can get online or on your mobile device. Read classics and contemporary books. If you come across a word you do not understand, highlight or write it down and look it up in the dictionary. Learning one new word can break open the flood gates for others. It also helps to be discerning with what you read. If you feel pressed for time, you can easily learn how to speed read. Try to stick to media that is appropriate for your age level. It is fun to read action/adventure or romance novels, but sometimes it is more beneficial to read educational, non-fiction books and media.

Understand the Language of Your Trade

Whether you work in the tech industry or the fashion industry, there will be a list of jargon to help you communicate more effectively with your co-workers and associates. It is crucial to comprehend this unique language and use it with ease. You will sound more professional and prepared. Also, you might start to find that more of your colleagues pay you attention. You can take it one step further by going beyond any cliches used, as well.

Study the Roots

Many of the roots of English words stem from Greek or Latin. It might get you excited to learn that many of these roots are reusable. So, when you learn the roots, it helps you to understand other words with the same roots. Here is a short list of some common ones:

 Roots                           Meaning                          Uses

-bene- (Latin)             good                                 benefit, benign

-gen- (Latin)                give birth                       gene, generate

-geo- (Greek)               earth                                geography, geology

-path- (Greek)             feel                                    empathy, pathetic

-terr- (Latin)                earth                                terrain, territory


Use your newly learned words in writing speeches, articles, poems and more. You can easily forget them if you do not. So, it helps to learn language that is practical for you. An increased vocabulary will help you exponentially, especially if you are interested in making your writing profitable. You might not believe it, but you can conclusively understand what it takes to write for publication through an expert online course. You can learn more difficult words too, but they are not beneficial if you have no use for them. In addition, find ways to incorporate your increased vocabulary in your conversations with others.

Use Wordplay Games

There are many games that test your strength when it comes to vocabulary. For starters, there is Scrabble and crossword puzzles. When you realize that you get rewarded for learning, it might give you more motivation and incentive to do so. Especially if you play with friends and family members, you may feel your competitive side come out. Not to mention, these types of games put the fun back into learning something new.

It helps to remember that when you start to prioritize learning how to improve your vocabulary, that drastic growth will not happen overnight. However, take a new step every day and review your progress after a month or two. Combining your vocabulary list with understanding conversational English tips and strategies might soon make you a powerhouse in the world of communication. In addition, you might be amazed by your results, on top of how quickly your life has changed.