how to improve salesDo you want to sell more of your product? Regardless of what you’re selling, you can use 10 simple marketing techniques to attract more customers, improve your return on investment, and generate more revenue for your business.

From growth hacking to simple A:B testing, these 10 techniques will show you how to improve sales for your online business. Implement one, two, or all 10 to scale up your sales and grow your business.

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Split test different headlines, images, and landing pages

chemistry regentsSplit testing is often the difference between failure and success. If you’re running an online marketing campaign aimed at generating direct sales, it’s vital that you test a variety of different headlines, images, and landing pages to maximize your ROI.

The more you test, the more you’ll learn about why visitors are or aren’t responding to your marketing. Start by testing key elements like your headline, then more on to other elements like sales copy and on-page images once you’ve found a winner.

Have you never performed an A:B test before? Learn the basics of optimizing your landing page for maximum sales with our course, How to Create a High Converting Landing Page.

Use your copy to emphasize benefits instead of features

how to improve salesAre you selling the benefits of your product or the features? Customers tend to buy products because they solve problems in their lives, rather than because they offer great features or new technology.

Whenever you write sales copy, emphasize the benefits your product offers for your target market. Luxury car manufacturers like Rolls Royce and Mercedes Benz rarely talk about their soundproofing technology – instead, they tell customers about how their vehicles are quieter and more comfortable than anything else on the market.

Focusing on the benefits of your product instead of the features is one of the easiest ways to immediately improve your sales. Learn more copywriting tips with Copywriting for Pros.

Offer a special discount or bonus offer for customers

how to improve salesWhile it’s never a good idea to market your product based solely on its price, using a discount can be a great way to temporarily boost sales. Customers respond to deals, and positioning your product as a cost-effective opportunity can improve your sales.

Remember that a discount is only effective if it’s truly special; if your discount isn’t a compelling enough offer, customers aren’t likely to respond to it. If you can’t afford to reduce your pricing, you can also offer special bonuses to make customers more interested in buying your product.

Being able to offer discounts is one of the most important aspects of pricing your product effectively. Learn the secrets to choosing the right price with our course, How to Price Your Product or Service With Confidence.

Use testimonials and logos to make customers trust you

how to improve salesTrust is one of the most important factors for most consumers. If visitors to your website don’t trust you to offer a high quality product or honest pricing, even the most persuasive sales copy or landing page is unlikely to make them customers.

One of the best ways to increase trust is by including testimonials from existing customers on your website. You can also list logos of media companies that have reported on your product or company for an additional boost to your reputation.

Don’t have any testimonials? Learn how to get testimonials from your existing customers and use them effectively in your marketing by enrolling in our Small Business Marketing Basics course.

Test advertising platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads

Facebook Front PageAdvertising platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads can drive thousands of new customers to your website every day. If you aren’t already advertising, you could be throwing away tens of thousands of dollars in potential daily revenue.

Getting started with Adwords and Facebook Ads is simple, and scaling is a breeze once you’re familiar with the basics of each platform. Learn the basics of Adwords with our Adwords for Beginners instructional course.

While Adwords is the ideal platform for making direct sales, Facebook Ads is often the most cost effective platform for generating leads. Learn how Facebook Ads can grow your business with the Learn Facebook Advertising course.

Switch from a short and simple landing page to a sales letter

how to write a synopsisHow long is your landing page? Online consultancy Conversion Rate Experts found that switching from a short landing page to a long-form sales letter increased sales and generated an additional $1 million in annual revenue.

That’s a pretty significant increase. While short and simple landing pages often look better than their long-form counterparts, they may not perform as well. Carry out an A:B test to see which works best for your business – a short or long landing page.

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Instead of selling right away, build a long-term sales funnel

how to improve salesNot every person that reaches your landing page will be prepared to buy something straight away. If you’re selling an expensive product, you’ll need to build trust with your target market before you can start selling your product.

One of the best ways to build trust is by creating a sales funnel and connecting with your customers using email. Over days, weeks, and months, you can warm up your audience to make them more responsive your sales-focused landing page.

Building a sales funnel is one of the most important online marketing tactics. The secrets to designing an ultra-profitable online sales funnel are revealed in Online Sales Funnel for Beginners.

Create an affiliate program to encourage others to sell for you

Cheerful man in office answering the phoneSometimes the most effective way to improve your sales is by letting other people take charge of your sales department. Developing an affiliate program lets you pay out a set commission to third parties that generate leads and sales for you.

Professional affiliates can generate thousands of sales per month for your business, making the process of scaling simple. With the right approach to qualify control and a competitive payout, an affiliate program can supercharge your business’s growth.

Do you need help starting your own affiliate program? Enroll in How to Develop an Affiliate Program to learn the fundamentals of building an affiliate program for your online business that attracts quality affiliates that generate profitable leads.

Use growth hacking techniques to boost customer referrals

microsoft access 2010 tutorialWho says you need to spend money to make money? Using growth hacking tactics, you can inspire your existing customers to refer their friends to your business and increase your sales organically.

Growth hacking is an interesting new marketing strategy used by companies like Dropbox and Airbnb to rapidly expand revenue. From online apps to business-to-business services, growth hacking can be used to grow any company’s sales.

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Reach out to prospects over the phone, in person, or via email

customer service skillsSometimes the oldest marketing tactics can be the most effective. Contact people or companies that you think would be interested in using your product over the phone, via email, or in person and see how they respond to your sales pitch.

Direct marketing is challenging, but the rewards often outweigh the difficulties. If you’re willing to persevere through hundreds of “no” answers, you’ll learn how to convince your prospects to start saying “yes!”

Learn more techniques for improving sales

Do you want to learn other ways to improve your company’s sales? Read our blog post on increasing sales using your website to discover four practical strategies for improving your online conversion rate and growing your business.

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